Marvel Super Hero Origins/Bio: Spider-Girl Mayday Parker

Marvel Super Hero Origins/Bio: Spider-Girl (May “Mayday” Parker, MC2)

Marvel Super Hero Origins And Bio Synopsis.

In the alternate future world of Marvel Comics 2, also known as MC2 or Earth-982, May is the child of Peter and Mary Jane Parker.  As a child, she was kidnapped on the orders of the Green Goblin.  She was eventually reunited with her parents by Peter Parker’s clone Kaine.  Later, during his final confrontation with the Green Goblin, Peter lost his leg and chose to retire from super-heroics.

For years, May’s parents kept Peter’s past a secret and hoped their daughter would not inherit her father’s super powers.  But their hopes would not be fulfilled as the girl began to develop powers of her own.  During this time, the Green Goblin’s grandson Normie Osborne sought to redeem his family’s legacy by killing the original Spider-Man.  As Peter left to meet Normie, Mary Jane explains to Mayday her father’s legacy and that he was once Spider-Man.  She finds Ben Reilly’s costume in the attic and manages to stop Normie.

marvel super hero spider girl mayday parker

mayday parker fighting her clone

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As a result of this, May Parker begins to fight crime as Spider-Girl.  Though her parents initially disapprove, worried for her safety, they come to accept her decision and even help her in her crime fighting endeavours, with Peter training her based on his own experiences as Spider-Man.

Spider-Girl has quite a bit of success as a super hero.  She convinces Normie Osborn to reform his ways, and together they co-founded a team of heroes called the New Warriors.  Spider-Girl was briefly depowered, and used a Goblin glider and tech to fight crime.  Eventually she was electrocuted, which restored her powers and granted her a new found control over electromagnetism.

Marvel Super Hero Spider-girl Cont!

marvel super hero spider girl mayday parker

spidergirl’s world is about to end

After a battle with a time travelling thief, Spider-Girl was sent back in time.  Though Spider-Man initially assumes that May is an imposter, he eventually trusts her and they are able to catch the thief.  Spider-Girl would go on to face other villains, like the nearly invincible Black Tarantula, the Savage Six, and Electro’s daughter Aftershock.

Spider-Girl briefly gave up her identity after a near death experience with her era’s Hobgoblin and began to focus on her personal life, running for student council and dating Flash Thompson’s son Gene.  With the blessing of her parents, she eventually resumed her super heroic lifestyle after the Hobgoblin threatened her friends.

After taking up the mantle of Spider-Girl again, May went on to face Carnage, who returned with a new host and kidnapped May’s dad and her baby brother Ben.  Though Carnage was destroyed, baby Ben was rendered temporarily deaf.


May Parker was also eventually revealed to have a clone – a psychotic hybrid specimen that calls herself April.  April enrolled in May’s school under the guise of being her cousin and begins to act as a dangerous vigilante who is not afraid to kill criminals if it means stopping them.  Mayday would eventually sacrifice her own life to save April’s.  Moved by this, April would go on to become a hero of sorts who fights for humanity.  In the end, April travels through time to save May, but at the cost of her own life.  With her return, May begins a relationship with her classmate and close friend Wes.

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Spider-Girl would return as part of the Spider-Verse event.  Morlun’s brother Daemos attacked the Parker family, and despite the best efforts of Spider-Girl, tragically kills both her boyfriend and parents.  She is rescued by other Spider-Men and flees with her brother, swearing revenge on Daemos and joining the other Spider-Men in banding together against the parasitic family hunting them known as the Inheritors.  Baby Ben is eventually captured and revealed to be a vital part of a prophecy where he is known as The Scion.  What the Scion is, and the fate of these two now orphaned siblings, are to be revealed in the rest of the Spider-Verse event.

Spider-Girl does not exist in the mainstream Earth-616 time line of the Marvel Comics Universe.  She was erased from existence and never born as part of the infamous One More Day storyline.  However, recent promotional material hints that she may return in some form as part of the upcoming Secret Wars event.

Spider-Girl has inherited the powers of her father.  As a result, she has increased strength, speed, agility, and equilibrium.  Though about as half as strong as the original Spider-Man, May Parker is considered more agile than her father and has an enhanced spider-sense with is stronger and more specific than the original Spider-Man’s.  May has some regenerative abilities, but not on the same level as her father.  Like her father, May can also stick and crawl on walls, but unlike the original Spider-Man, she must actively concentrate in order to remain stuck on surfaces.  May Parker has also gained the ability to magnetize an object by touching it so it will stick to walls and ceilings.  She can also use this power to propel objects away at high speeds through reverse magnetism.

While technically a mutant, May Parker is largely unconcerned about mutant rights and does not identify herself as a mutant.  However this has not stopped anti-mutant factions like Humanity First and the Sentinels from taking note of this.

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May Parker also uses web-shooters that are based on design of Ben Reilly’s shooters.  They can fire both webbing and metal needles called stingers, though May Parker does not like to use the stingers as she considers them too brutal for her approach to crime fighting.  She occasionally uses some of her father’s spider tracers, but they are not tuned to her spider-sense so she needs a special receiver.  She also has experience using Goblin themed gadgets and a glider.

marvel super hero spider girl mayday parker

mayday parker costume design

May is also well trained in unarmed combat.  She has received training from her father, Elektra, and the twin heroes known as the Ladyhawks.


Marvel Super Hero Spider Girl thoughts

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my origins and bio for Mayday Parker, also known as Spider-Girl.

So this was a fun character to cover.  I’ve known about Spider-Girl for years but never really bothered to read her story myself.  But I was really pleased to see her turn up in Spider-Verse, and really moved by the tragic loss of her parents in that story, enough that it piqued my interest in this character.  So when somebody requested I do an origins/bio for this one, I was pretty excited by the idea and figured it would be fun to cover.

And I was right, this was a fun character to cover.  She reminds me a lot of Spider-Man 2099, and it’s always interesting hearing about the possible future of the various characters in this story, from big names like Peter Parker to smaller roles like Flash Thompson.

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marvel super hero spider girl mayday parker

spidergirl meets peter parker in the spider-verse

That being said, I’m not sure if I would recommend you check out the MC2 comics.  Don’t get me wrong, I like them quite a bit.  They remind me a lot of the tone and enthusiasm of the Silver Age era super heroes quite a bit, but when I’m reading them I can’t help but feel I’m just not part of this target audience.  This comic is aimed for younger readers, particularly girls, and while that’s great, it is pretty obvious when you’re reading it.  So if you aren’t a young girl, the MC2 series may seem a bit too young or too focused on relationships for the average reader.  I mean, it might not be, and you might enjoy MC2, but personally that’s just the impression I get when I’m reading it.

Rather if you want to see more of Spider-Girl I recommend that you check out Spider-Verse or the upcoming Secret Wars event.  Spider-Verse has been a lot of fun and really works well with May Parker, and Secret Wars is looking kind of promising – though we’ll have to see on that one.  If you are interested in Spider-Verse, you should definitely check out Joey’s reviews of the event.  All our recaps and reviews pertaining to Spider-Man can be found in a handy list on our website.  You can find that site’s link in the video description below.

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