10 SDCC 2017 Television Shows That Matters! pt 2

5. Gifted

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X-Men spin off Gifted looks so good. The trailer was very well executed. The mutant hate factor sets the stage but the soul of the show centers around a family whose out to protect their children who they just learnt are mutants. What tugs more on the feels is that the dad captures and imprisons mutants for a living.

But the kicker is that the family we follow has the last name Strucker. This last name is notorious to one of Hydra’s leader Baron Von Strucker so could this family be his decedents?

We also get more fan favorites Blink, Thunderbird, Eclipse and the daughter of the Master of Magnetism himself. This is a show with HUGE potential. If they ever bring in x-men A class heroes and villains, I would die happy.



4. Stranger things

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This show caught me off guard. I only watched it because people keep talking about it. And then I couldn’t stop watching it. Remember those times when there weren’t any new videos from me for weeks at a time? You can blame Stranger things for it. I binge watched the hell out of this show so its no surprise when I say that I was super stoked for the trailer. And oh man did it deliver. The problem with child actors and actresses is that they grow up too fast so the directors have to pump out these stories ASAP. That means great things for us fans. The last Demigorgon is gone and this new monster looks to be even more intimidating than the last. Will still is connected to the upside down somehow and we of course get the return of eleven.

3. Westworld

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Westworld is a show that you must watch more than once to fully understand. Or you can do what I did and watch it till the end, discover the twist ending and rewatch it from the beginning again. So if you have never seen the first season of westworld, you are doing yourself a disservice. Check out season 1 and thank your lucky stars that Season 2 will start soon.

2. The Flash

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The last season of the flash ended with the speed force claiming Barry Allen. This teaser trailer appears to take place in episode 1 where the gang encounters a new foe they cant handle. So of course Cisco develops a device to bring Barry Allen back to central city. Then we get a shot of who we believe to be the flash running towards salvation. But it seems all too predictable. What I would rather see is for Barry Allen to be MIA for a little bit and this new Flash to be from a parallel earth. Help the team or create more Chaos? Let the righters decide.

1. The 100

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The 100 hundred was a show I had to watch with my wife since I’m making her watch too many of my super hero shows. But man did it surprise me. I’ve never been at the edge of my seat more than this show. Every season the hero group faces an impossible challenge and somehow they come out of it somewhat OK. Ohh and there are deaths. Much like Game Of Thrones, they arnt afraid to kill off characters but the main ones seem to be exempt from this rule. So ya, there I said it, I am excited for the next season of the 100.

Alright so there I said it. There are so many more trailers I didn’t get a chance to discuss because, well frankly, I wasn’t as excited to see – some of them being Legends of tomorrow, Arrow, Gotham, Supergirl and supernatural.
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