Comic Island Is dedicated to bringing new comic book fans into the wonderful world of Marvel and Dc Comics. We would also like to welcome back anyone that left the comic book world and is looking to get back and find a jumping on point.


The Voices Of Comic Island


2      Whats going on guys, my name is Joey and thanks for taking the time and visiting our ‘ABOUT’ page. I created the Youtube channel in earth 2013 and started with only my laptop mic and the comics that I read. I loved comic books as a child and continue to love them till this day. My goal is to bring together the novice comic book reader and the advanced reader together under the comic island community.

I am 30 years old living in Vancouver in Beautiful British Columbia. I grew up mainly in Canada and I am lucky enough to have a comic book store close to my work place.

I struggled with the fact that I do not have many friends that are interested in comic books. Since creating this channel, I now have my very own community of loyal subscribers that I talk to in a regular basis. If you leave me a thought provoking message, be sure to expect a thought provoking reply.

-Joey N



1My name is Arden DeMarco.  I grew up in Ontario (Canada) and am 25 years old.  I currently live in Waterloo, Ontario.  I studied psychology and later cognitive neuroscience at Wilfrid Laurier University but am currently looking at other career options as I really enjoy working creatively on entertainment oriented content.

I have been a fan of super heroes and other elements of fiction common to comics for as long as I can remember, but only really started reading comics as a teenager.  Since that time I have come to enjoy comics as a true form of art that can be expressive, informative, or sometimes just pure fun.  I joined Comic Island in September 2014 and have really enjoyed making fun videos on a topic I truly adore and would love to work in the industry professionally one day.  Since joining the channel, I have made countless hours of video content with almost 100 videos published as of March 2015.

Outside of comics, I have a love for most media and a true passion for storytelling.  I also enjoy role playing games and have a general love of writing and other ways that people express themselves through art.  In my own work on Comic Island, I take a lot of inspiration from many others, ranging from people on You Tube (e.g. Jimquistion, Chris Stuckman, etc.) to an army of creators, producers and writers from a wide variety of television shows and online content (e.g. Larry Gelbart, Dan Harmon, Joss Whedon, etc.).  That being said, I like giving videos my own spin, always putting content first and occasionally making use of my peculiar sense of humour.

-Arden D