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Doomsday Clock (2017)

The massive/successful event DC Rebirth has completed its first year. But there are a lot of unanswered questions such as who stole 10 years from everybody? The watchman’s Dr. Manhattan is involved somehow and DC’s Doomsday Clock promises to bring this popular godly watchman character into the fold.

Dark Nights: Metal (2017)

Get ready for a ride so crazy that it will change the face of the DC Multiverse. Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder once again join forces to bring a tale 10 years in the making. Dark Nights Metal will change the landscape of the DC universe as we know it. Join the Justice League along with a plethora of other super heroes and super villains as we dig deep into the unknown call the Dark multiverse.

VenomVerse (2017)

Venom is the flavor of the month. Coming hot off the heels of SpiderVerse, Venomverse promises to give you some of your favorite heroes and villains in Venom Symbiote form. VenomVerse also promises to give you venomized version of characters you never knew you wanted or needed. Gwenom-pool?

Secret Empire (2017)

A living cosmic cube has turned the heroic Captain America Steve Rogers into a Hydra Sleeper agent. Join Comic Island as we cover Marvel’s Epic event for 2017 in Secret Empire!

Justice League VS Suicide Squad (2016)

The Justice League discovers Amanda Waller’s Task Force X. They aren’t happy that their tax money is funding a Suicide Squad. Get ready for DC Rebirth’s first epic event!

Civil War II (2016)

A new inhuman with visions of the future splits the super human community in half pitting Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) against fan favorite Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Robin War (2015)

Gotham is in ruins due to Batman/Bruce Wayne’s¬†disappearance. The Court Of Owls have resurfaced to take back the city. It will take more than the original 3 proteges of Batman to take on the court. It will require a new generation of Robins.

Darkseid War (2015)

The Anti-Monitor is back and he is after the Dark God Darkseid. Earth is their battleground and the Justice League are powerless to stop them. Discover what happens and follow Comic Island as we cover the Justice League Darkseid War.

Secret Wars (2015)

Marvel’s Mega Event for 2015 will be the Secret Wars. the ultimate and 616 reality will be amalgamating to form a new world. Is this Marvel’s version of DC Comics new 52? Discover how this will play out in Marvel’s Secret Wars.

Convergence (2015)

2015 will all be about the Convergence. Brainiac is up to his old tricks again as he collects multiple cities from across the multiverse and pits the heroes and villains into a battle to the death to see who will win and who will loose. This event promises to END the new 52 as we see our favorite heroes and villains from different eras in the world of DC comics.

Spider-Verse (2014)

Spider-Man faces an old foe that he believes to be dead. Morlun has returned and is seeking vengeance on Spiderman from earth 616 and all spider totems from across the multiverse. Peter Parker will team up with the superior spiderman, Spider Gwen, Mayday Parker, Peter Porker, and spiderman 2099 along with many other spiderman incarnations from across the Multiverse to battle Morlun and his family of Inheritors.

Marvel’s AXIS (2014)

An old enemy has returned. The Red Skull has stolen Charles Xavior’s brain and implanted it onto himself. Now the Red Skull has Xavior’s power of telepathy. the X-Men and the Avengers must put their differences aside in order to combat this new threat: The Red OnSlaught!

Death Of Wolverine (2014)

2014 will be the year that wolverine will die. After loosing his healing factor, Logan struggles to cope without a power that he has relied on for many years. Discover his journey through life and his downfall.

Original Sin (2014)

The watcher has been shot. Someone has stolen his eyes. And now, every single secret that the Watcher hid is now revealed to the world. Who killed the watcher? Who took his eyes? Discover his secrets in Original Sin.

Forever Evil (2013)

Dc Comic Books presents a story arc that pits the crime syndicate with Lex Luthor and his team of Villains. The Justice League are defeated and only Luthor and his Anti Villains can save or destroy the world.

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