Justice League Versus Suicide Squad Complete Reading Order checklist

Get ready for DC rebirth’s first major event. Amanda Waller’s dirty little secret isn’t much of a secret anymore. The Justice league found out about her Task Force X and they don’t like the idea of sending violent and unstable criminals into war zones to fight for the greater good. This December, get ready for the Justice League Versus the Suicide Squad. Join Comic Island as we cover this major DC Comics event at the end of 2016.

justice league vs suicide squad complete reading order checklist

If you do not have a comic book store near home then I recommend finding DC’s Justice League VS Suicide Squad Comic Book on Amazon. The price would be the same, sometimes cheaper, than a comic book store and I highly recommend getting a premium Amazon account to avoid the shipping fees.

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Justice League VS Suicide Squad Complete Reading Order Checklist:

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Justice League Vs Suicide Squad The Complete Story

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