A-Force #2 Comic Recap/Review

A-Force #2 Recap/Review – A-Force vs. Conflict Resolution


A-Force #2 Comic Recap

On the island of Arcadia, A-Force stands on the shore, waiting for Namor and his companions to return.  Deep under the ocean, they have found the source of the Megalodon – a vast portal of unknown origin.  As the entry site collapses, Namor and the others flee, and barely escape in the resulting explosion.  The Atlanteans are okay, but the portal is gone.

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The next day, at the house of Loki, Nico Minoru is showing the new girl around her house.  The witch begins to groom her new friend’s hair.  The mysterious stranger has yet to reveal her name, but she seems friendly and interested in Nico’s past.  Suddenly, Loki enters the room to bring her adoptive daughter her breakfast.  The mother figure was worried as Nico didn’t come home after America was exiled, but she understands.  We all grieve in different ways.  She asks if Nico conjured her new friend, and the witch admits that she found her.  Loki states they must tell the Baroness, which upsets her ward after what their leader did to America.

But Loki knows they must leave this decision to A-Force, and so they take the girl to She-Hulk.  The mysterious stranger takes an interest in Dazzler, while Medusa begins to forcibly inspect the girl.  The others are surprised that this new person could fall from the sky, as everyone knows there is nothing beyond Battleworld.  Suddenly, a portal opens up over the team.  A massive Sentinel appears, and attacks them.  The new girl is fascinated by this, and winds up nearly getting crushed by by the robot, while Dazzler is badly injured by the attacker’s energy beams.  The giant robot then hurls a massive monument at A-Force and some civilians, so the new girl teleports Dazzler and the noncombatants safely away from the battle.

A-Force regroups and strikes out at the Sentinel, and the new girl saves Dazzler once more after she is flung by the giant robot.  She-Hulk then grabs the monument and says it is time to finish this fight.  Medusa holds the Sentinel down, She-Hulk hurls the structure straight through the robot’s chest, and Captain Marvel knocks the robot’s head clean off.  With the battle over, the A-Force gather together once more.  Medusa claims this new girl must be responsible for all of this.  The portals only appeared when she arrived, and they must be stopped for the sake of Arcadia.  The Inhuman says that if She-Hulk doesn’t do her job, than Medusa will have step in.

A-Force #2 Recap/Review: A-Force vs. Conflict Resolution

But the Baroness knows better than to just jump to conclusions.  They have no idea if this girl has anything to do with these portals, and She-Hulk will not assign blame without proof.  So Jennifer, Dazzler, and Captain Marvel will go through the portal and investigate it together.  But the new girl stops the Baroness.  She-Hulk is confused, until the young woman ties a ribbon to her arm.  Surprised, She-Hulk says thank you and goes through the portal.

On the other side of the rift, the Baroness finds a version of New York City in ruins.

A-Force #2 Comic Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review of A-Force #2.

So, this review should be pretty straightforward.  Everything I liked about A-Force carried over into this story.  I like the characters and the tone of this comic.  It stands apart from the rest of Battleworld, featuring lush colours, a light-hearted tone, and a general focus on fun.  It’s hard to find faults in a comic that is thoroughly entertaining as this one from start to finish.  Now, this wasn’t as good as the first issue, as I didn’t find it quite as exciting or as endearing as #1, but that’s okay, because this was still good.

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It was a well balanced issue on the whole.  I like the details of this comic, as once again there are plenty of little cameos and moments that make this comic fun.  With a solid action scene and some good character development, I’m left feeling eager for what comes next and am looking forward to the next issues.  I recommend you check out A-Force #2 for yourself.   Let me know what you think of the comics, and, as always, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.

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