A-Force #3 Comic Book Recap/Review

A-Force #3 Recap/Review – SACRIFICE

A-Force #3 Comic Book Recap

In a strange new domain, the Baroness of Arcadia surveys a ruined city.  Suddenly, she is attacked by Sentinels.  They detect her abnormal genetic status, and when she refuses to turn herself in, the androids attack.  She-Hulk makes short work of one of them, but the fight is cut off when three Thors arrive – Valkyrie, Sif, and Gamora.  The Baroness tries to explain, but Doom’s women aren’t interested in talk.  They attack Jennifer, but She-Hulk makes short work of her assailants and flees back through the portal.

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Inside this gateway, She-Hulk recognizes the magic and discerns its origin is from Arcadia.  There is a traitor in their midst.  Arriving back home, She-Hulk informs A-Force of this, but she finds the three Thors have followed her back to Jennifer’s domain.  Again, the Baroness tries to explain the situation, but Gamora won’t listen.  So Medusa entangles the A-Force and pins them to the ground.  Valkyrie is pleased, but She-Hulk can’t believe that the Inhuman would betray Arcadia.  But Medusa reiterates her threat from earlier – She-Hulk must do her duty, or Medusa will be forced to do it for her.

The Inhuman orders her teammates to run, and forces the Thors back through the portal.  She tells Jennifer to protect Arcadia at all costs, and as Gamora goes through the portal, she successfully hits Medusa with a blast of lightning.  The Inhuman falls to the ground… dead, and, in tears, Captain Marvel flies away.  The Baroness orders A-Force to split up and find the traitor.  They have defied Doom, and everybody knows what is coming.

As the Thor Corps close in on the small island of Arcadia, Storm creates a fog across the island to hide her fellow Arcadians.  While She-Hulk begins to form a plan, Nico tells the Baroness that the new girl has an idea.  The cosmic entity begins to sprout spatial energy and utters one command to the women who have shown her kindness – hide.

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A-Force #3 Comic Book Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of A-Force #3.

Okay, so we have another A-Force issue.  Yay!  I don’t know what else to say, really.  The art works, the writing works, why, even little things like the pacing, tone, and lettering all serve to tell a solid story and A-Force is proving to be a high quality tie-in for Secret Wars.

There’s nothing remarkable about this comic, really, and it does feel a little short.  But cool moments keep this comic interesting, like Medusa’s sacrifice or the ending with the girl, who’s name is Singularity, by the way, but I don’t think they’ve used that in the comic yet.  And I do think the art does a lot in selling a story I might not enjoy in the hands of a less talented creative team.  So it is a good comic and one I do recommend overall.

A-Force #3 Recap/Review – SACRIFICE

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I really hope they keep the idea of this team going forward.  I wasn’t sure what an all female Avengers team would be like.   It’s a little weird of an idea by itself, feeling like it is one of those “Rah, rah!  Girl Power!” kind of things, but thus far I have found that A-Force is enjoyable and features a lot of characters I like.  Hopefully, the team or the idea of A-Force will somehow survive Secret Wars.  We’ll see, as I couldn’t find any information on this one way or another, but I am, at this point, eager to get more than just five issues of the team.


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