A-Force #5 Comic Book Recap/Review

A-Force #5 Recap/Review – Arcadia’s darkest hour.

A-Force #5 Comic Book Recap/Review

In the vast oceans of our world, isolated from the forbidden nations of Battleworld – there is an island.  Arcadia is red roofs and friendly dogs, green hills and water blue as heartache.  It is bells at dawn and bells at dusk, rising towers of stone and silver, clay and chrome.  It is its people – the good, the bad, and all the rest of us.  Heroes, and villains.  Family, and friends.  In the shadow of the shield, with the sun on the sea – there is an island.  And tonight, it will fall.

The shield is broken.  The dead are coming through.  But Gamora says to let them come.  Arcadia will answer.

A-Force #5 Recap/Review – Arcadia's darkest hour

As they into the domain, all hell breaks loose.  Many characters, including Kate Bishop,Angela, and even Molly Hayes all fight off the undead.  When Mary Jane is almost devoured alive, she is saved at last minute by the friendly neighborhood Spider-Gwen!  The people of Arcadia are badly outnumbered, and Black Bolt is eaten alive.  But many others are putting up a good fight.  Suddenly, the Megalodon, now zombified, leaps out of the ocean behind Niko.

The witch prepares to take it down, lamenting all she is lost, when Singularity saves the young woman.  Her saviour says this is bad.  But A-Force has taught her many things.  To smile, to fight.  To feel and to give.  To forgive.  She drops Niko off with their friends, and flies towards the zombies.  She draws the undead in to a massive gravity field… and says goodbye.

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With Arcadia saved, the people rejoice, while A-Force mourns those they have lost.  The next day, Loki is taken away by the Thors, while She-Hulk is to be let off with a warning.  Her punishment is the lives of those lost in recent days.  That is the price of Arcadia’s freedom.  But Jennifer is already painfully aware of that cost.

Two days later, Arcadia begins to rebuild, but Niko is now abandoned and alone.  She-Hulk comes by to visit, and comforts the young woman.  Medusa lived on in Singularity, and now, the memories of both women will go on in A-Force.  She takes Nico, and tells her that together, they will make Arcadia into a true paradise worthy of it’s people.

In the endless tides of space, between galaxies that shine like diamonds and pearls – threaded with twisting nebulas and sewn, bright and burning, with falling stars… there is a girl.  She is sweetness and courage, defiance and sacrifice, giving and forgiving… the little thing on which all our lives once hinged.  A heroine, forever, and for always.  And wherever, whenever, who and whatever she is, or was, or chooses for herself to be… in the heart of that girl… there is an island.

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A-Force #5 Comic Book Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review of A-Force #5.

Well this was a blast.  I really enjoyed this ending.  Considering all we’ve seen of Marvel Zombies, it’s quite impressive that we managed to have one of their best appearances so late in Secret Wars.  But yeah, this was great.  Considering how many cameos were in this comic, it was an impressive, epic piece, with lots of great art and excellent storytelling.  Overall, I enjoyed and would recommend this comic.

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Let me know what you guys think of this explosive finale in the comments section below.  Though I might spend some time on a few other Secret Wars tie-ins, this is it of the weekly stuff.  Overall though, I have found these to be quite impressive.  The premise of Secret Wars lent itself well to a lot of creative tie-ins and cool comics, and I’m happy for comics like this.  So yeah, a big thanks to the creative team behind A-Force.  You should check this one out for yourself and support these fantastic writers and artists.  And don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.
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