Action Comics #957 Comic Book Review/Recap

Action Comics #957 Return To Doom.

Action Comics #957 Comic Book Recap

Metropolis, the cops got their hands full today. Metro police got the gunmen pinned down but they got hostages. Lives are at risk and the police are still waiting for a negotiator or special crimes unit to arrive. But inside the building, four heavily armed gunmen are ready to go to war with the law. The light goes off and the house of El sigil is all they see before everything went black. Moments later, Luthor emerges from the building with the unconscious gunmen. Everything is under control, he informs the police.

Upstate, Clark and his family are just starting to settle in to their new home when the tv comes on. Lex Luthor has announced that their superman is dead. But metropolis will still have a protector, because Lex Luthor will be their superman. Clark did not think twice. He leaps into action and dawns the classic red and blue. With his son cheering him on, Clark flies off to the city because, Metropolis needs a real superman.

Metropolis, Luthor continues his announcement to the world that he will be replacing the man of steel. But suddenly, the real steel arrives. Luthor is in disbelief. Superman is dead. This superman appears older, wiser, and more confident. Clark demands for the return of the red cape and the removal of his house sigil from Luthor’s armor. But the billionaire smirks at his foe. Well, Clark will remove it himself.

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The armor’s defence activates and sends an enormous jolt of energy into the body of Clark. He has been provoked so Clark attacks the billionaire while his wife and son watch the action from home.

Meanwhile, on the streets below, Jimmy Olson observes the fight of the day between two men who claims to be superman, but then man resembling his pal Clark marches by stating that HE is the real deal.

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This amuses Luthor even further, two men claiming to be a dead man.

Above the battle between supers, a few gunmen escaped with their prize, but the coffin begins to rattle. It explodes with whatever it is inside raging towards the street. Luthor halts his attack on the man of steel and Clark Kent is in disbelief. This cannot be. Doomsday has returned.

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Action Comics #957 Comic Book Review

What’s going on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping action comics issue 957. So the first issue of action comics after rebirth returns to its original number system. That is cool. But will the hint of nostalgia be good enough to get a ‘thumbs up’? That would be a definitive yes. This issue was as good as I hoped it would be and a bit more. So let’s go over a few things that really worked for me.

Clark Kent is still trying to find his way in this new world but everything is slightly off. We know how much of a villain HIS Lex Luthor is but this Luthor is a bit different. As mentioned in my other reviews, Luthor has been somewhat of an anti-hero ever since Forever evil. He hasn’t done anything to prove us that he is still a villain and if you watched my review of justice league issue #52, then you will know that THIS new 52 Luthor is actually trying to do right. Even Clark couldn’t dig up any dirt on this Luthor. Luthor probably kills less people than the punisher and the red hood. For example, this scene where he takes out the gunmen: put either red hood or the punisher in Luthor’s place and we will see dead bodies. Sure we can argue that Luthor is using the unconscious gunmen to further his goal of becoming the new superman, but his intentions of being a quote unquote hero are legit. But that’s not how Superman sees it.

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I love this little scene where we see Clark shave his beard with a piece of glass. Nice little homage to the question: how does superman shave? And this also serves as the moment pre new 52 superman lost his beard. Up until then, we got a dead new 52 superman with armor and the pre new 52 superman with a beard and sporting a black body suit. But now he got rid of the beard and got back the original suit minus the red undies.

This issue also marks the first meeting between these two. But I love this little twist where we see another guy claiming to be Clark Kent. He doesn’t exhibit any form of kryptonian power so a clone maybe? There’s a bit of potential in a great twist story with this Clark being here but then we get thrown for another curve ball as the final page shows us the return of Doomsday. One of the very first superman story arcs I read was the death of superman and this image of doomsday with the green suit and one hand tied behind his back is pure awesome. This is the only guy that can say he truly defeated superman. This doomsday doesn’t have his hands tied but hey, that’s ok. At lease we didn’t get super-doom again. Now if DC found a way to reintroduce super boy prime, I would die happy.

So we covered everything including the awesome cliff hanger but we haven’t mentioned this mysterious man. From DC rebirth one shot, we found out that his name is Mr. oz who I believe is actually Ozymandias, from the watchmen franchise. Somehow Mr. oz is able to watch everyone, including Lois and Jon. We assume he knows about Doomsday, and my guess is that he or castrated the release of Doomsday. DC is building up a big reveal for mr oz that could shake the internet so im very excited for that. But these are just my opinions. What did you think about action comic’s issue 957?

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