Action Comics #958 Comic Book Review/Recap

    Action Comics #958. Super Brawl Time

Action Comics #958 Comic Book Recap

Metropolis, Jimmy Olson has the best seat in the house as he witnesses Clark Kent, Superman, Doomsday and super-lex all in the same place at the same time. Doomsday strikes at Luthor giving Superman the chance to charge directly at the new foe. Meanwhile, Mr. Oz watches the event unfold behind the scene.

Uptown, Lois and her boy can see through the broadcast that a new villain is attacking Luthor and Superman. Lois is concerned. She has seen that creature before. Jon sees a civilian that looks just like his father. Everything is just so confusing for Lois and she breaks down in tears.

Action Comics #958 doomsday

Back at the center of the brawl, Superman fights with all of his might. This isn’t a cyborg or a hologram. It smells fights and growls just like the doomsday that ended the man of steel. But this doomsday is faster, more vicious than the one he once fought. Superman is losing. But suddenly, Lex Luthor gets between the dog and his bone. Luthor came to the aid of the man of steel. This gives Superman another chance. He tackles Doomsday and brings the fight to outer space where no more collateral damage can be caused. But Doomsday stops him in mid-air. The two fall towards earth while exchanging titanic blows to one another. Collateral damage is unavoidable as Superman gets flung straight into a news copter. A train holding innocent bystanders get derailed and hurled towards the pavement but superman saves the day. His hands are tied so, its time for Luthor to test his metal. He converges upon the creature giving everything he got which allows his comrade to save the train.

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The passengers safely escape the damaged train but superman took too long away from what’s important.

With his apocalyptian armor ripped, Luthor is beaten. Superman won’t make it in time but Mr. Oz isn’t giving up hope. Mr. Oz waits for Superman’s next move, because this will determine what this mysterious man will do next.

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Action Comics #958 Comic Book Review

What’s going on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and thank you for watching my review and recap of action comic’s issue 958.

This issue, much like last issue, came running out of the barn. These last two issues have been a non-stop action packed ride. Last issue, we got the first meeting between Luthor and old superman plus an awesome brawl but this issue got them teaming up against a much more deadlier foe. Luthor doesn’t know what a doomsday is but Superman sure as hell does. This is the guy that killed Superman in his previous world. But this version of Doomsday is more vicious, fast and smart. Luthor is learning this the really hard way.

At its core, this issue gave me two wonderful scenes. First: the rematch of the century between Doomsday and superman. Superman is a lot more wiser than when he last fought Doomsday and even Doomsday is depicted as being faster, more savage and shows a bit of intelligence.

Second: we got a rare occurrence where we see Luthor coming to the aid of Superman. This brings a tear to my eye.

But we got two un-answered questions that keep me at the edge of my seat screaming for more. First mystery is of this hooded man who I assume is Mr. Oz. his intention and purpose is still a huge mystery so I hope his reveal is well worth it.

Second mystery is of this powerless Clark Kent who got sent to this chaos as a reporter but is actually doing very little reporting. He doesn’t show any powers at all as well. Jimmy is screaming at him to go help the heroes as superman but Clark said he did it to survive and that it’s not him, it was never him.

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This better not be a clone with implanted memory. DC, you are better than this. Please don’t bring us a clone.

So lets discuss the ending scene before we close up this video. Luthor is about to get crushed but we know the odds of him getting hospitalized is slim to none right now. So let’s assume Superman saves the day and Luthor escapes. He can’t get outclassed by someone he sees as a phony. But if history repeats itself, then this superman run will be cut very short. But I highly doubt that superman will be leaving anytime soon. The one thing I’m disappointed in is the fact that this doomsday is just used as a plot development to move the story further. He isn’t the big bad boss but just a warm up boss. So ya, I would like to see Doomsday get beat but I am not holding my breath. And we all know that superman will leave unscathed because last issue places this event in continuity by showing us clark shaving his beard. That means this battle with doomsday takes place before the events in justice league rebirth and in his self-titled series.

So the biggest question is, will we get more details on Mr. Oz’s purpose? What do you think?

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