Action Comics #959 Comic Book Review/Recap

Action Comics #959  Clark Kent Meets Clark White.

Action Comics #959 Comic Book Recap

When she first heard of doomsday, he was only another monster that needed to be stopped, until, this creature ripped through the Justice league without breaking a sweat. The battle between her husband and this monster ended in disaster. The day was won but her love paid the ultimate price. Clark came back to her a few months later. Now despite the fact that they are in a new world, this monster is here, and its happening all over again. But things are slightly different now. She can’t be there for Clark because her child needs his her. Jon demands answers of how the last fight ended. Lois can’t tell her son that his father died fighting the same creature. But she does allow him some time to check on his father’s progress.

Metropolis, the civilians normally stand their ground because, Superman will save the day. But today is different. It is a warzone and everyone is evacuating the city. Jimmy yells at his pal Clark to fly over there. But Clark is persistent. He informs Olson that he isn’t Superman. He never had powers and he is just a normal human being. Superman is fighting alongside Luthor. They are clearly two different people. Jimmy can’t force Clark’s hand so, he prays that the heroes of metropolis can stop this rampaging creature.

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Elsewhere, Luthor is exhausted crawling away from his attacker. But Superman has returned. He tackles Doomsday and gives it everything he’s got. Superman knows what is at risk so, he makes every punch count, but, will it be enough to stop a catastrophic force of monstrosity?

Doomsday now got civilians in his crosshairs, but superman relentlessly attacks his foe. He tackles doomsday into the sewers. Superman doesn’t like it, but one of his greatest villains is actually helping him clear the area of the bystanders. Luthor has been an invaluable source of aid in this warzone.

The civilian Clark Kent got too close and falls into the sewers. His arm is busted so he can’t climb out. Superman sees Clark Kent and says that he will do everything he can to get this man to safety.

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Clark demands a talk with superman. He says that they have met before. But Superman doesn’t know what this man is talking about. He agrees that they both need answers but after the threat has been immobilized.

With the help of Apocalyptian Technology, the mother box, Luthor’s armor repaired itself and he is ready to brawl. But Superman demands for Luthor to save the civilians. A few words were exchanged but Superman won the argument. Luthor will comply, for now.

Superman re-engages the creature while Luthor takes the civilian Clark Kent to safety. A bus arrives to take the injured out of the city. Luthor suggest for Kent to get in, but the reporter won’t miss out on the story of the year. SuperLex is a bit baffled. Does this man truly think that he is only Clark Kent?

Back in the sewers, a battle of titans continues. Superman knows to not let Doomsday in close, so he throws the creature to the wall and releases a devastating amount of solar beam directly at Doomsday. The creature is pinned down, but he found a gas line.

An explosion left behind a crater the size of a small island. The civilian Clark Kent found himself separated from his group. He sees a shadow. Superman? No, it is Doomsday!

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Action Comics #959 Comic Book Review

What’s going on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping action comics issue 959. Its 3 for 3 so far, every issue has been very suspenseful and an overall fun ride. The art has improved quite a bit as well. The artist for the last two issues is gone and we got Tyler Kirkham as the new artist for action comics. I don’t know if I’ve seen his work before but so far, its very impressive. A great story and average art will be a-thumbs up in my books but a great story with great art makes me feel good about covering this story. But am I jumping the gun here? We know that superman will come out victorious because the series just restarted after rebirth and my prediction is that Doomsday is just a warm up villain for something more deadly.

With all the action going on, it’s easy to forget the side characters. I mentioned this before in one of my reviews. The best thing about Superman is his supporting cast. This issue, Lois and Jon stole the show for me. Without the first few pages, I would say that this fight is a bit long. But at the beginning, Lois brings us back to the time that Doomsday killed Superman and how she felt through all of that. Imagine being in her shoes now: her husband fighting the same monster that killed him last time. But now she has a son that is asking a ton of questions. If she tells him the truth that the creature killed his father the last time the fought, then Jon would probably fly towards the fight to try and help his dad.

As of right now we don’t know the extent of Jon’s powers, so it will be cool to see him learn it and hopefully we get a few new ones as well.

Ok we move onto the scene where superman gets a bit of chatting time with the civilian Clark Kent. Im actually baffled by this. The civilian says that superman saved him and sent him into hiding months before. There is a connection between the civilian and ‘a’ superman but I don’t think its from this superman. So my best guess is that he remembers new 52 superman and he doesn’t know that the hero is dead. But the question remains: where did he come from and why does he think he’s Clark Kent? You can’t have a Clark Kent without superman. They are one and the same. So maybe implanted memories of a clone? That would be the easy way out so I’m really hoping DC will find a better way of explaining this man’s existence.

Ok got to wrap this up so I’ll go over a few things that worked well for me. Superman mentions superdoom. I love continuity and I really enjoy little references like this. It connects all the past stories that we invested our time in so its almost like DC is recognising us for that and I like it.

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The relationship between Clark Kent and Luthor is getting really interesting. There is always this unstable relationship between the two but in this case, Superman sees Luthor as evil, but we know that Luthor is trying to do good by his sister. There will be another fight between these two guys but for now, they gotta team up against doomsday and I love this new direction DC is taking with one of their most iconic villains.

O btw, moving forward, just to avoid confusion, im going to refer to pre new 52 superman as Clark White. In the miniseries, Clark and Lois kept their first name but they changed their last name from Kent and Lane to white: probably in honor of their boss Perry White. So their son is now Jon White.

ok so that’s all the time I have left for now. I found a window in my schedule to rapidly shoot out these reviews and now we are caught up. So now I want to hear from you. What do you think about DC’s rebirth so far?

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