Action Comics #960 Comic Book Review/Recap

Action Comics #960. Arrival Of The Princess.

Action Comics #960 Comic Book Recap

The civilian Clark Kent found himself in a very peculiar situation. He was looking for the saviour but instead he found the creature of doom. Doomsday raises his mighty fist to smash Clark Kent but Wonder Woman arrives in the nick of time to rescue the civilian.

Out of harm’s way, Diana demands for Clark to get to safety, but still, the man would not leave a story this big.

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Superman blew out of the ground to re-engage the monster. He relentlessly beats his foe with an intensity that would match the flash’s speed force.

The creature grabs hold of superman but Wonder Woman intervenes. It is now a two on one fight. Diana believes that superman is responsible for his non-powered doppelganger’s presence but the superman is as shocked as she was at the civilian’s involvement. But they got much more important things to take care of so superman picks up a bus and rams it directly into Doomsday.

Elsewhere, after a proud cheer, the son of superman accidentally broke the window and the tv.  Luckily, there is still a signal to their television. The broadcaster announces that the monster somehow disappeared.

Back at metropolis, the heroes regroup. After superman’s last attack, Doomsday vanished. Superman knows that this is a strange move for the monster. But the people of the city are safe and Luthor las returned. He looks to the civilian Clark Kent then he looks to Superman. Luthor demands answers.

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Superman explains that doomsday is the ultimate being able to survive anything. After 250 000 years of evolution, Doomsday is trained to hate all life especially kryptonian. At this same time, Lois figured it out. Not only can doomsday sense Kryptonians, he hunts them! Superman now realizes why Doomsday left he battle: Jon!

The man of steel races back home whiles his wife and son drives away from metropolis. Lois and Jon didn’t get far before the arrival of Superman and Wonder Woman. The family is reunited and wonder woman could not be happier. But Lois understands that this wonder woman shared a romance with her superman. Diana’s heart is true and she can feel the love in this family. Her love is gone and she made peace with that. Diana guards the area to give the family some time to chat.

Clark holds his family tight. As a father, he needs to stay. What is more important than family? But Lois will not allow it. as hard as it is for her, she knows that superman belongs to the world, and right now, the world needs a hero more than ever.

It sounded like an explosion and Jon is first to see Doomsday and Wonder Woman engaging in a battle to the death. The last son of Krypton is needed. This world’s wonder woman came to his aid, now; it’s time to return the favor.

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Action Comics #960 Comic Book Review

What’s going on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and thank you so much for watching our coverage of action comics issue 960. So the fight is still ongoing between doomsday and superman. But this time, wonder woman replaces super-Lex. I’m starting to feel that the battle is dragging a bit. So what redeemed this issue was the interaction between the supporting cast. Epic battles are great but if we don’t care about the characters then interest could be lost fast. But this issue is a nice reminder as to why I like superman so much. The relationship with his family is what works best in this issue but the interaction between Lois and Diana is pure awesome-juice.

These few pages were what made this issue great for me. So lets take a closer look. We can feel how superman has the weight of the world on his shoulders. He has a battle between the wellbeing of his family and his responsibilities to the world. This isn’t even his world but one superman is dead and he is compelled to fill the void new 52 superman left behind.

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Writer Dan Jurgens did a great job incorporating the relationship between superman, his son and wife while at the same time, pays a nice respect to the new 52 relationship between superman and wonder woman. Combined with the improvement in art, I got to recommend that you pick up this issue for your collection.

After covering dc rebirth, I knew I wanted to start following superman but I had a choice between action comics and his self-titled series. I chose action comics because I love narrating the action but that would mean that I miss out on the developing relationship between superman and his son. Well this issue gave me a bit of that and I’m super glad. I’m not saying that his self-titled series lack action: If you are following it then you know a certain character is back and we get to see Jon in the spotlight more than he does in action comics. So I recommend checking out his self-titled series as well.

Mr. Oz is again present in this issue. It’s getting either creepy or annoying that we aren’t shown any more clues about who he truly is or his purpose. So right now, I lost interest in his appearance.

I thought once the battle subsides a bit, we get answers as to why there is a non-powered Clark Kent running around thinking he is only a reporter. But he barely got any lines in so I felt this issue was lacking in that department. The momentum is high right now and there are a lot of unanswered questions so I hope we get answers soon before some of us fans start to lose interest.

Oh and I also wanted to point out how Luthor is acting a bit out of character. Yes we got a bit more banter between Luthor and superman but when superman flies off to find his family, I would assume it’s in Luthor’s personality to chase down superman and follow through till the end. I Know this is a much different Luthor than post Crisis Luthor but still, he isn’t the type to do clean up after a huge battle. I hope there is an explanation to this in the next issue but, he isn’t on the cover art for action comics issue 961 so I ain’t holding my breath.

So the last thing I wanted to point out is that it’s very refreshing knowing that this event isn’t a world ending catastrophe. Ahem, im looking at you Justice League. It makes sense that Wonder Woman came to help and I’m ok with Batman not being there because, well, he has Gotham to deal with. And it’s also day time so he’s probably sleeping.

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