Action Comics #964 Comic Book Review/Recap

Action Comics #964. Clark Kent Revealed?

Action Comics #964 Comic Book Recap

In an undisclosed location, high on the mountain tops, Superman returns home and he has company. The man of steel brought Clark Kent to his fortress for a little QnA. Superman calls on his AI to bring out a device that is able reveal the truth. The globe of Revelation will be used to confirm Clark Kent’s story.

Clark doesn’t like this. He is basically going to go through another lie detector test. He doesn’t understand why superman will not trust him: the man of steel wants to tell Clark everything, that he is Clark Kent. That Superman and Clark Kent are one in the same. But superman holds his tongue. A quick x-ray scan informs superman that Clark’s arm is truly broken. His heart rate is high, he is cold. This cannot be the dead superman reborn, this man is truly mortal.

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Clark is hesitant to touch the orb, but superman explains that this device will find a persons deepest memories, their honest feelings, desires and true past. Clark was not aware that he was signing up for this level of invasiveness. What if he refuse?

Superman states that this is his decision and he has the right to say no. but there will be mysteries that will go unanswered. Clark Kent made up his mind and he touches the orb.

We discover that a gas leak killed his biological parents. The Kents adopted him. He grew up surrounded with love. Not just by the Kent’s but his friends Lana Lang and Pete Ross as well. But collage called and then after that, the big city is next. Clark got a job at the Daily planet and worked with Perry White, Jimmy Olsen and of course, Lois Lane.

He had a good life but then everything went upside down shortly after he went digging into Genetecron. Superman, the other superman, said that his life was in danger. He offered to take his place. The plan was to let the world think that Clark Kent and Superman were one and the same, at least until they took down Geneticron. But then superman lost his powers. Shortly after, he died. This is when Clark Kent decided to leave the cabin and return to metropolis.

Our hero scans his guest for super powers. The results indicate that Clark Kent does not have any meta human abilities in him. Finger prints and retina scans all match Superman but the genetic makeup is obviously different.

Superman stops the session but now, Clark wants answers. What gives superman the right to pry into Clark’s life? Who is superman and why won’t he accept the reporter as a mild mannered man from Smallville Kansas?

Superman wants to explain everything but he can’t. If there is a chance that exposing him can put Lois and Jon in harm’s way then his lips are sealed. He informs the reporter that he is superman. He may not be the superman everybody knew but he is still superman. He needs Clark to tell the world that he is a friend that he is here to help. Superman gives Clark a watch that emits a frequency that he can here from anywhere in the world. If Clark needs help, superman will be there as soon as he can.

Action Comics #964. Clark Kent Revealed?

Kelex, superman’s AI interrupts their meeting. The AI brings up a feed from Geneticron’s security cams. It appears that the mysterious company held doomsday and at least one other before the gunmen broke in and unleashed the monster.

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This is not good. Superman needs to return to metropolis. He returns to his city with Clark Kent but what they find is something they cannot explain: The entire Geneticron building is gone.

Jimmy Olsen is on site. He informs the man of steel and the reporter that there was a flash of light in the morning. A moment after, the building was just gone.

The mysteries are piling up. Is everything connected somehow? Superman intends to find out.

Days later, Clark Kent sends out his article: My day with superman. He tells the public that superman is dead. This man is not their superman but he represents everything that their superman stood for. The world is a dangerous place. Evil lurks around every corner. Metropolis and the entire world will need their greatest hero. We all do.

Elsewhere, a man enters a motel room. He sees the house of El sigil surrounded by apocalypse. He states: The path is clear, the only answer is death.

Action Comics #964 Comic Book Recap

This issue is what I was waiting for all week, the long awaited meeting between post crisis superman and the civilian Clark Kent. We got a lot of information so let’s jump into what stood out for me in this issue.

Like I had assumed, this Clark Kent truly believes that he is only a human. There are a few inconsistencies such as his memories with Lana Lang and Pete Ross. Obviously we know that this Clark Kent has false memories but there is a side of me that actually want to believe him. I know it is ridiculous but what if, and this is a big what if, in the new 52, Clark Kent is actually human and the new 52 superman was a construct created by Mr. Oz. at this point, Mr. Oz is so mysterious and he seems to have an unlimited amount of power. His line to post crisis superman says that nothing is what it seems, so I’m shooting in the dark here because this mystery is building up to be something that could rock the internet.

The action in action comics 964 is non-existent but that’s ok. I love the scene with where Superman gave Clark the watch he normally gives to Jimmy. Then he says keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Superman seem to have gained Clark’s trust but obviously Superman still has all his walls up or else he would have told Clark his side of the story. I would love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation if it ever happens.

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The mystery surrounding Geneticron gets even more mysterious. I left out this part in my narration so I’ll explain it now. A quarter way through the issue, we got a guy in a red baseball cap placing a device onto the Geneticron building. Then, when Superman and Clark return to the site, the entire building is gone. And then the final page shows the guy walking into what appears to be a motel room. We see the house of El Sigil engraved into a mini planet that looks exactly like the planet Apokolips. This is very interesting because as of right now, we don’t exactly know who rules Apokolips. Luthor is known to be the ruler of Apokolips but we never got an issue showing the people of the planet accepting him as their ruler. He seems to be too busy with Earth to be on Apokolips so I think we can rule him out.  Has High Father finally taken over Apokolips? Darksied is currently reborn as a child and he is with Grail, he daughter, now his foster mom. Yup it’s pretty complicated.

The final thing that stood out in this issue is the article that Clark Kent released: A day with Superman. This is such a well written article and I can’t give too much away so I highly recommend you check out this issue for yourself.

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