Action Comics #966 Comic Book Review/Recap

Action Comics #966. Return To The Daily Planet.

Action Comics #966 Comic Book Recap (Script)

Uptown metropolis, Superman spends a night out with his boy. Clark intends to test out the limits of Jon’s power. The first task is his super vision. Jon focuses and successfully sees into outer space at a satellite. Clark is proud but Jon has a long way to go. He still doesn’t have x ray vision but at this stage, it is unclear as to what powers he will inherit from his father. Superman and Super son races home where Clark is surprise to see that Jon’s speed got tremendously better.

Jon is proud that he beat his father. He calls to his mother but nobody is home. Clark tells his son that his mom is at the Daily Planet chasing down a lead. Jon should get use to Lois not being around. There is a chance that Lois will return to work but that isn’t a bad thing. Jon will always have the love of his mom and dad.

Action Comics #966. Return To The Daily Planet.

Lois Lane’s apartment, an angered superwoman demands answers: Who are you? Why do you look like her?

Lois will not reveal herself so she tells the super powered woman that she is not the Lois Lane that lives in this apartment but she is Lois Lane and she is here to help.

Superwoman clues in. The woman before her resembles her Lois but older, much like the new superman. Superwoman demands to speak to Clark. This statement surprises Lois. This woman spoke with Superman? Lois reaches for her back pocket phone to dial home. Superman got the message and in a matter of seconds, the man of steel presents himself.

‘STEP BACK’, superman shouts.

Superwoman takes down her solar flare revealing her identity. Lana explains how she got her powers and how her Lois Lane died. The situation calms down enough for Lois to try out the password on her doppelgangers computer.

The monitor turns on revealing a message from Lois Lane to Lois Lane. The Lois of this world explains how she got her powers. But with these new abilities comes with tremendous headaches and nosebleeds. Things are getting worse and no doctor can help her. Lois fears that she is destined to die the same way her superman died. The two Lois’s have never met but she feels a bond as if they were sisters. So Lois Lane asks Lois Lane for a favor: to continue her book in honor of their superman. But also her father needs his little girl. There’s also Perry, Jimmy and Lucy.

The message ends and Lana confirms that the Lois Lane from this world is truly dead. Lana fears for her life. She also wonders about the new Clark Kent. Superman confirms that this civilian is not her superman reborn. This man is truly a mystery.

Lois and Clark returns home where Jon awaits. The kid is happy that his mom is back and he even says that it is ok if Lois goes back to work at the planet. Jon rushes upstairs giving the tired parents a few moments to talk. They talked for hours. They agree that they want to do right by this world’s Lois Lane. They also agree that the daily planet needs a Lois Lane. She longs for the day when she can return to being a reporter in the best company in the best city in the world. And she can do this without hurting anyone.

The next day, Lois Lane returns to the Daily Planet. It feels odd that she is taking over a dead woman’s life. But she owes it to both the superwoman to make sure everyone is taken care of. And also, this gives her the opportunity to learn more about her partner, Clark Kent.

Luthor is also an anomaly. Lois approaches her new boss stating that she will do his interview but she will not hold anything back. She will treat him like any politician or dictator and subject him to everything in her reporter’s arsenal.

Lex Luthor is pleasantly surprised and states: I wouldn’t have it any other way, in fact, I look forward to it.

Outside the city, the man in the red baseball cap opens a doorway to the abyss. A behemoth emerges from the gateway. The man transforms to his true form. He states: This Criminal, this murderer of epic proportion will die.

Action Comics #966 Comic Book Review

This issue is very much like last issue where the main star is Lois Lane. The question now becomes, how many issues can you handle Lois Lane as the center focus role before it gets boring? To be clear, this issue is perfectly fine for a side character to take center stage but for a comic called ACTION COMICS, I want a bit more action in it.

Action comics kicked off with a bang during the beginning of DC Rebirth by pitting Superman against Doomsday. That was really epic but it has been 2 issues so far where there isn’t any action but instead, it sets up the stage for when Lois Lane will take over her dead doppelgangers position as the reporter for the Daily Planet.

If we stop and think about it, there was nothing new that excited me about this issue. Yes, it’s revealed that the dead Lois knows about her doppelganger and we learn a bit more of Jon’s true powers. But there isn’t anything that we already don’t know. Last issue was great because it set up the stage for Lois’s return to the Daily Planet but this issue felt a bit bland.

Even the ending felt a bit weird. So there’s this mysterious man in a baseball cap that made the geneticron building vanish and now he opens a doorway for his friend to walk through. We still see a mini planet Apokalips with the house of El sigil in the middle but this time, from what he says, we can safely assume that these two guys are from Apokalips and they are after Lex Luthor. Well guys, get in line. Luthor probably has a hoard of blood thirsty villains lined up around the corner. Speaking of Luthor, what ever happened to his new body guard Captain Cold? I actually enjoyed their dynamic but ever since DC rebirth, I haven’t heard from him yet. I haven’t checked out any Flash comics so maybe he returned to terrorizing the Flash.

The best part about this comic was at the beginning. I love this father son relationship and I wouldn’t want any other writer to handle their father son relationship than Dan Jurgens and Peter Tomasi.

The one thing that was absent in this comic is Mr. Oz and the civilian Clark Kent. Yes Clark got a mention but I want his mystery to move forward a bit faster. I fear that if he doesn’t get much face time then he will be forgotten by us fans. I doubt this will happen though but what do you think? Is the story moving too slow for you right now? Or is it just fine?

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