Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies #4 Recap/Review

Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies #4 Recap/Review – They’re HERE

Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies #4 Recap

Surrounded by gruesome mixes of Ultron and zombie, Hank Pym shares his plan.  He believes that the android is using Ionic Energy to combine the organic and the inorganic.  Ultron must have used the three men who stand before him to perfect this process, which gives Hank a valuable opportunity to exploit this to their benefit.  The zombified robots have a hive mind, and Pym believes he can use it to take control of the attacking forces.  But this plan will require a sacrifice of all three men.  It will cost them everything, but save Salvation.

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After a moment of quiet, Jim Hammond asks what they need to do.  Hank says he will need to adjust the ionic shield to turn it into a beacon, so all he needs is some time.  He suggests if there is anyone they want to say goodbye to, they should do so.

Outside of the dome, Magneto is impressed.  He asks what Ultron feels right now, which confuses the android.  He isn’t even certain if he can experience emotion and he certainly doesn’t experience physical changes in the body relative to his mental state like humans do.  In turn, Ultron asks what his ally feels as one of the undead.  Magneto answers that all he feels now is hunger.  Though today, he also feels excited.  Not for the glory of conquest, but in anticipation of all those wonderful people he’s about to eat.

Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies #4 Recap/Review – They're HERE

Meanwhile, the three men say goodbye to their loved ones.  Agatha is the most accepting, as she always knew their time together would be brief thanks to the Vision’s ageless body.  The tragedy is that she’s the one that has to outlive him.  Iron Cross on the other hand is devastated at this news, and refuses to accept this.  Wonder Man tells her that this is his duty, and though he’s scared too, there’s no other choice.  Finally, Jim Hammond has one request of Ryoko – if it’s a boy, he’d like the baby to be named Steve – in honour of the bravest man the Human Torch has ever known.  But the love of his life refuses to do so.  If it’s a boy, she’s naming him after the bravest man she’s ever known.

Hank continues his work, reflecting on his time in the town of Timely.  This quaint place was lacking in technology, but Hank had a vision of what the place could be – a place of wonders and marvels.  One particular idea always fascinated him – that of a clockwork man.  He sought Adamantium from another domain.  Pym was unclear as to the metal’s origins, as his buyer refused to say, but Doom does not like this metal crossing the borders of Battleworld, fearing it would upset the balance between these areas.  So Hank found himself banished over the wall and stuck in this mess.  The Vision asks how much longer, and Hank says he is only minutes away.  But it’s too late.  They’ve made it through the barrier.

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A slaughter begins as many residents of Sanctuary are devoured alive.  The heroes hold the line and protect the civilians, but they are easily overwhelmed.  Before Hank can activate the beacon, a zombie attacks the man.  Luckily, he is saved by his onetime love Janet, who has finally found Pym.  He activates the beacon, and the three heroes move in to make use of it.  Hank thanks his friends, and apologizes for not having a better plan.  But the Vision says it isn’t the end, not for the people they love.  And that’s all that matters.  He and Wonder Man enter the beacon, but before Jim Hammond can go, the Iron Cross stops him.  There have been too many goodbyes today, and Hank Pym altered the woman’s cybernetics so she can be with Simon.

And so it was.  The bright beautiful light attracted the attention of the humans briefly, but for the cyborgs… it was permanent.  And as for Ultron himself… well it turns out he was no better than a clockwork man.

Later, Janet comes to see Hank, and asks what he is building.  He replies that he isn’t making anything, and is just working on cleaning up.  He asks her if she wants to help, to which she smiles.  Meanwhile, Ryoko asks what they want to name the child now that Jim survived.  He replies that he loves her, which to be fair, is a terrible name.

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Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies #4 Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review of Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies #4.

Hmm… so that was… interesting, I guess.  You know, I do like that this story spends its time on it’s characters, and I really do like this comics art.  But I will restate there is very little actual conflict between Zombie and Ultron in this issue or the entire tie-in, which is a problem.  It’s wrong to title your comics incorrectly because it means that the reader doesn’t get what they expect.

This comic feels rushed, and has a couple of mistakes in it that suggest a lack of proper editing.  On top of that, this ending is a literal deus ex machina, where a god arises from this machine and saves the day at last minute.  And while I do appreciate a good old fashioned zombie slaughter fest, I just don’t get what this story was supposed to be.

Was this comic supposed to be light-hearted action?  Then why bother with all the heavy-handed emotional scenes?  Was it meant to be intense horror?  Then how are we supposed to take these Kroenenberg monsters seriously?  Or was this a character driven drama?  Well the character work in this story is excellent so I guess that’s this story’s genre.  I just don’t understand why you’d do that in a comic called Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies.  I don’t get this story’s purpose, other than to just push out a story with an easy to sell title.

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Disappointing is the word and feeling I keep coming back to.  I feel let down by this comic.  It could have been fun or suspenseful but I really feel like this comic was a really weak ending that makes the whole tie-in feel like a bit of a waste of time.  While it does have some great moments with the main characters, and even little things like Hank getting adamantium from Wolverine’s skeleton, the flaws of this comic outweigh the strengths and overall, I don’t recommend this issue.  There’s many other better comics which feature the Marvel Zombies in them, and you’d be better off with those.  Ah well, with one tie-in done, it will give me more opportunities to cover other stuff going forward, and I’m looking forward to it.

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