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Marvel Comics All New X-Men #35, 36 Comic Review

What’s goin on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the all new x men issue 35 and 36. Ok guys I think I had my fill of the xmen. Issue 35 came out a few weeks back and I had no motivation in reviewing it since nothing really happens. And then this story arc ends in issue 36. I’m seriously dumb founded right now. Brian micheal bendis has done some great things in the past but so far, he hasn’t handled the all new xmen very well. I got so bored of this issue series but I was hoping it would turn 180. Unfortunately I didn’t get what I wanted and after so many bad story arcs, I think I had enough of the all new xmen.

all new x men comic review

all new x men comic review

Let’s take a trip back when the all new xmen was discovered. We got such great story telling and it was super exciting when the beast brought the original 5 from the past to present day so he can show his ex-teammate Cyclops how far he has fallen from grace. That whole story arc was done really well but then following that, we got battle of the atom where they fought against a future version of the brother hood of evil, led by xavior’s son? This was supposed to be the massive xmen event that we should be talking about for years to come. Well it failed, pretty bad.
So following this, the original 5 fought alongside the guardians which were pretty cool. But this story arc titled the trial of jean grey was just bad. Following this, Cyclops left the team. Wow that sucked.
And guess who replaces him on the team roster? X-23. I’m normally a fan of x23 when handled by a good writer but bendis benched her and uses her as a background character. She doesn’t even have much dialog. Why is she even on the team?

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So then we got the future brother hood attacking the all new xmen team again and of course they fail. This horrible attempt at time travel really drained me. But nope, I had faith. So when Morales joined the team and they get blasted off to the ultimate universe, I was like, yes, my investment paid off. And then we got issue 36.
I think you guys know where im going with this. I hate giving bad reviews but as a whole, the all new xmen has continually disappointed me so I got to cancel this series on Comic Island. The good news is that there will be a new series that I will pick up.
The last time I cancelled a series, I stopped batman eternal. I asked you guys which comic series you wanted me to pick up and the justice league was a clear winner. So this is my question for you, which comic series should I pick up? Please let me know in the comments below.

Marvel Comic Books presents the all new xmen issu e35 and 36. Join joey and his review/recap on the all new xmen 35 and 36 comic review.

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