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 marvel comic books – All new xmen 29 Recap:

marvel comic books – The issue begins where the last left off. The rejuvenated x-23 manages to sneak up on the young xavior and stabs him in the gut. This gives Jean the opportunity to blast the brotherhood leader with her new psionic energy. Young xavior looses his control over the stephord sisters and his brotherhood as well. He is now wounded and possibly dieing. The whole team arrives on scene meanwihle Raze darkholme comes to his brother’s aid and attacks x-23.

This allows kid xavior time to use his strong telepathic powers and command the whole x-men team to attack one another. Unbeknownst to him, deadpool takes aim and shoots his former boss. Xavior stops the bullets but looses control over his foes.

The telepaths enter the mindscape to confront kid xavior but he manages to escape their grasp. After regrouping with one another, the heroes discover that raze was not being controlled by xavior …and xorn, believed to be the older jean grey, had disappeared to dust after removing her mask.

All new x-men comic review #29

Seconds later, magic reports in on the whereabouts of their enemy. Our hero tracks him down on the outskirts of the hidden school where the giant ice monster watches guard. Hours later, the ex-brotherhood members are sent back to their own time. But the future beast has one last word to his younger self.

He admits that he made many mistakes and he is unable to rectify that. He asks, no he demands for his younger self to fix these mistakes, or someday, turn into the shell of a man he once was.

The scene jumps to the cage, hidden prison cell for powerful convicts. Director hill is informed that the x-men had dropped off a powerful villain and instructed shield to never remove his power dampener under any circumstance. Arriving to the cell, she notices that the convict looks exactly like Charles xavior.

The convict, in a weakened state, requests for a pen and paper to write a note.  Madripoor, many years from now. The brotherhood meeting gets interrupted by a letter. The note is from xavior himself stating the outcome of a coming battle with the x-men. There are further instructions on how to try again to win.

Present day, angel invites x-23 for an outing in town. Instead of flying, he brings around a motorcycle. The two leaves the hidden school and cyclops is left with wondering if that was his bike that angel just took.

 marvel comic books – All New X-Men #29 Review:


marvel comic books issue 29 Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping all new x-men issue 29. Alright so this ends another chapter on the brotherhoods failed attempt on fighting the x-men. The whole concept of future brotherhood and time travel is starting to annoy me since I honestly don’t think the writers are handling it very well.

I really hope that we move away from this time travel gimmick and get back to the strong roots of the all new x-men team discovering new surprises in their future. so i always try to give you guys a few things i liked and a few things i didn’t like about each review i do but this issue had tons of plot holes and tons of  things i didn’t like.

Lets name a few. So during the battle, kid xavior commands the heroes to attack each other. he seems to have everything under control again until deadpool shoots 3 bullets at him. last i check, Charles xavior had telepathic powers, not telekinetic, so does kid xavior have a bit of telekinetic powers as well? How did he stop the bullets?

This leads me to my next complaint. Next thing we know, the heroes regain control of themselves and corners kid xavior. How did they regain control? I had to go back and read the scene a few times and had to assume the 3 bullets stopped xaviors control over the heroes. This is never good when a scene is this confusing and a reader has to go back and assume something.

all new x-men comic review #29

Alright next  plot hole. The stephord sisters and their hive minds along with jean grey had xavior in the mindscape and he conveniently gets away.

Are they telling us that none of the non-telepathic heroes notices kid xavior and the big hunk of ice walking away? And What the hell happened to xorn? I was expecting to see old jean grey again but after removing the mask, xorn just turns to dust. Quite a disappointing ending in my opinion.

So finally at the end, xavior manages to get a pen and paper to write a note to his other self. And then we jump to the future and another kid xavior receives it.

So, we know that their secret weapon to time travel is future beast. Well how did the imprisoned xavior get the note sent without mccoys help? And now are they telling us that when the brotherhood attacks again, there will be 2 xaviors? 1 guy leading the attack with his brainwashed brotherhood and the other guy with the power dampener held at the cage under shields watch?

Aww man sry guys I gotta say this but after the horrible ending to the trial of jean grey and this brotherhood attack, im seriously loosing interest in all new xmen.

I have limited time during the week to review comics and I can usually get 3 to 4 reviews per week and i always try to target comics with excellent art and captivating story lines so if the all new xmen continues to be a let-down for another couple of issues, i will drop it and start reviewing another comic series that I think you guys would love.

So ofcource this is just my opinion on the issues. What did you think about this  marvel comic books all new x-men issue 29? Did you enjoy it? Or did it leave you with a bad taste in your mouth after you finished reading? Please let me know in the comments below. And as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe and ill see you next time.


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