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New Comics: Amazing Spider-Man Comics #10 Recap

Earth 1610, the issue begins with Verna and her forces preparing to kill Miles Morales and Jessica Drew. Suddenly, the Superior Spider Army arrives and takes out the lackeys. The Superior Spider-Man demands that the two spiders come with them. Spider punk states: you heard the big man: Spider up or die. The spider army departs leaving a very pissed off Verna swearing vengeance on miles and Jessica.

Earth 13, the safe zone, The spider army is distributed and carefully selected in order to find the inheritors and bring them to the safe zone in for the cosmic Spider-Man to take care of business. Silk requests to join in the mission but is firmly denied. The spider heroes enter the portal but unfortunately, silk sneaks in right before the portal close up behind her.

Earth 90214, the future and the home world of Spider-Man 2099, the spider army exits the portal, greeted by the superior spider army. Ashley Barton announces the arrival of the other spider army. The superior Spider-Man has finally met the Amazing Spider-Man. Spider-Man Last Stand confirms that the leader of this superior spider army is in fact from earth 616. The Amazing Spider-Man got his confirmation but instead of confronting dock ock, he stays, for now.

Amazing Spiderman Comics #10 Cont!

After months of research, the superior spider announces a new device that can clock their scent from the inheritors. But there is a problem, Silk and Kaine’s scent is off the charts and the clocking device will not work on them. Suddenly, after a flash of lightning, Daemos has arrived. But the superior spider is read. He states, Team, like I trained you, Attack! Long range opens fire followed up with the melee attackers going straight for the vital organs. At the end, Daemos does not stand a chance and he is declaired dead. But the amazing spider remembers that when he killed Morlun, the body should crumble into dust. Last Stand Spider prepares to deliver vital information but suddenly, from behind, Daemos Snaps his neck. The twins along with Daemos as arrived and round 2 is about to begin.

Reiley and Kaine notices that the dead Daemos is still dead on the floor. They deduce that cloning is in play and along with Jessica Drew from 1610; they depart to the clone Daemos’s last location.

new comics spiderverse amazing spiderman comics 10

the spider army

The Amazing Spider-Man takes time out of the battle between spider and inheritor to retrieve vial information from spider last stand. We discover that the mysterious Spider last stand is actually Ezekiel from a world where his Peter Parker had died and he took up the mantle of Spider-Man.  Ezekiel informs the amazing spider that only 3 spider totems are vital to the mission, the Scion, the other and the bride.

Without notice, silk snatches the teleporter away from the amazing spider. Because of her tagging along which caused the inheritor attack, she will now drew them away keeping the spider army safe. The amazing spider prepares to follow her but the Spider woman and the noir spider takes his place to follow silk and keep her safe.

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While the inheritors are distracted, the main team takes the Daemos body and retreats back into the safe zone.

Earth 13, the safe zone. The broken spider army returns home. They declare that Spider-Man last stand did not make it. Suddenly, 616 parker experiences his spider sense flaring. The superior spider the time for talking is over. Don’t you get it? This is war. And from this point on, I’m in Charge.

New Comics: Amazing Spider-Man Comics Review

Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, I am super excited to bring yo my review of the amazing Spider-Man issue 10. Wholly cow there’s just so many things I want to go over so let’s start at the beginning. This issue starts off running. I don’t think there was ever a dull moment.

Let’s jump right into the good stuff. The superior Spider-Man is back. I love how dock ock’s spider army gives him so much respect. The introduction of spider punk is awesome and he seems to be totally loyal to dock ock. And then we got Ashley Barton pretty much referring to dock ock as boss. He is clearly the main leader of his group. But then we got leader figures in the other spider army as well. But I will get into that a bit later. Right now it’s all about the superior Spider-Man. So this issue is a very important one, and what I mean by that is this mark the very first time that the superior spider man would meet the amazing Spider-Man in the flesh. We saw them fight before but that was in parkers subconscious. Now they are standing side by side. Can you imagine what would happen if they get into a vicious brawl? If parker damages dock ock’s body then how would that effect his current body, since it is the same body but ones from the past and ones from the future. Damn my mind hurts a bit lol. O btw, another thing I wanna point out is the upgraded spider arms coming out of dock ock’s back. They closely resemble real spider arms and I love this new design. Ok so the last thing I want to point out is something that you guys should keep in mind because I believe this little fact will come up later. Ok so in this issue, dock ock admits that he spent months developing this new clocking tech. Well his time away from the present didn’t reach a year yet and for the sake of this argument, let’s say it has been 2 months, 60 days. Well back in issue 19, dock ock returns home. He states that he has only been gone for 9 hours. 9 hours. Did Dan slot made a mistake? Was spider-verse not planned until long after the release of issue 19? Or is there more than 1 dock ock roaming the multiverse? Well last stand Spider-Man did mention that the superior spider is from 616 so that discredits all my speculation. So maybe marvel is trying to sweep this minor error under the rug. Who knows! But it’s always fun to speculate.

new comics spiderverse amazing spiderman 10

So even though we got some sweet spider fighting action, we also got a few very comedic scenes. I love the small banter between spider monkey and spider ham. It must be tuff being the only two hybrid arachnid/animal hero.  I also love how during the spider army meeting, silk starts eyeballing all the spider heroes like she is looking for her next one night stand. She then notices Kaine the scarlet spider having a very alluring scent. But then this leads me into a new discovery. So I thought I understood the plot but then now we discover that not all spider heroes were born equal. Each one emits a different level of scent and silk along with Kaine has a stronger amount of scent compared to their other counterparts. Ezekiel calls silk the spider bride and Kaine the Other. So who’s the Scion? I love this new plot development and I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

So this brings me to my next topic of discussion. Some of the most popular theories on this Spider-Man last stand is that he is uncle ben, or an older peter parker, or some even speculate that he is Ben Reily from a different dimension. But we got a huge curveball; this is Ezekiel from a timeline where his parker died and he took up the mantle of Spider-Man. I love this new development and I love how he took charge of his spider army it’s a shame he didn’t make it though. Spider UK is also a leader figure so it was awesome to see the superior spider and spider UK start arguing over leadership decisions.

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Ok so the spider army is now broken up. We got ben Reiley, Kaine, and Jessica drew from 1610 going off on their own adventure which leads into Scarlet Spiders Issue 1. We got silk, spider woman and Spider-Man noir running off on their own adventure which leads into spider woman issue 1. And finally we will see the main team in Spider-Man 2099 issue 6.

Now this spider-verse story is getting pretty big. I have covered every single issue except for 1 which was last week’s spider-verse team up. I skipped over it due to time constraints but just for you just I’ll give you a very quick review and recap. Part 1 shows last stand Spider-Man and spider ham rescuing and recruiting ben Reily into the spider army. They meet Cosmic Spider-Man in the safe zone at the end. Part 2 shows the 6 armed Spider-Man and Spider-Man noir curing this dimension’s peter parker of the spider powers effectively turning him back into a normal human being so now he is safe from the inheritors. Yup, that’s it. not much for plot development so I skipped over it. the issue felt more like an edge of spider verse issue than part of the main story arc. But there ya go. Now you are all caught up lol.

Alright guys, this video is getting a bit long so ill go over a few more points. We got spider last stand. Where is Peni Parker the mecha spiderman? Is this guy Aaron Aikman? Or maybe he was the cyborg Spider-Man. Hay look; the lady spider is now part of the army.

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