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After taking Bengy from mayday parker, Morlun commands the spider weaver to open a doorway to take him out of this reality. The Spider girl gives it her all to rescue her brother but she is outmatched by this inheritor. She screams in horror as the portal closes in front of her. Morlun and Bengy have left the battlefield.

Spider UK radios into the 616 Spider-Man screaming for help. Luckily for the spider army, peter parker and the spider girls has returned with backup. They have recruited Spider-Man Japan and he brought his toy, 50 foot tall mechanized robot now charges at lord Solus. But even the gigantic robot is no match for the inheritor father who’s juiced up on the cosmic Spider-Man. but it achieved its mission and gave the spider army enough time to retreat and regroup. Spider-Man commands the spider army to retreat but unfortunately Spider-Man Japan has stayed behind with his robot to see the mission through. Mayday Parker reluctantly departs with her army leaving Bengy behind. Parker states: if he’s out there, I swear we will find him .but it’s not safe for us here anymore. Lord Solus states: wrong spider totem, it’s not safe for you anywhere.

marvel comic books amazing spiderman 12

Spiderman From Japan and his Robot

Back on earth 3145, even though it hurts to breath in this reality, it appears that the inheritors cannot even enter unless they want to risk their lives. Silk webs herself up for insulation and begins to trek forward in search for shelter.

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Earth 8847, the spider army arrives at a random world with dinosaurs as the dominant species. Seconds later, Spider-Man japan teleports in. he luckily evaded death but his robot didn’t fare so well. Spider woman checks in with the army and informs her comrades that she has infiltrated the inheritor’s kingdom while impersonating a house maid. Spider-Man states which is too convenient. Her conversation is cut short as the spider weaver grabs her attention. He states: almost as if it were all planned. As part of some grand design.

Peter Parker now checks in with miles Morales and discovers that Morales has gained a few more soldiers for the army.

Amazing Spider-Man Comics #12 Cont!

Spider-Man 2099 makes contact and we discover that Daemos is subdued by an electromagnetic field and his cloned body is being worked on by Miguel and the lady spider. But their conversation has been interrupted by Lord Jennix. The inheritor explains how he has been listening in on their whole conversation the entire time. It was child’s play. But now, Jennix must intervene. He relays their position to his sister and within seconds, Verna and her hounds appear. She sends her hounds to attack. The two sides engage in a vicious battle but the spider army is losing to Verna’s hounds.

Back on loomworld, we discover that the weaver has been enslaved by the inheritors for ages. But the weaver has performed minor acts of defiance. He gives the spider woman 2 scrolls which detail the prophecies of the other the scion and the bride. But before their conversation is interrupted, he tells her that there is something else in the scrolls. Around the corner, Morlun gives Bengy, the scion, to Brix for safe keeping. Jessica makes her appearance but Morlun notices that her posture and body language is a bit different than normal.

Back on earth 8847, parker receives the scrolls that spider woman had sent. But in the heat of battle, he does not know what to do. He begins to second guess his leadership abilities. Suddenly, silk radios and gives the army the coordinates to her location, a place she knows that the inheritors could not go to.

The doorway opens and the army departs. But this time, Verna does not dare to give chase. She states: fools, let’s see how long they last in 3145.

Arriving on location, the army feels the radiation first hand. But silk has left them clues on where to find her. They arrive at Ezekiel’s bunker. As the doors open, silk is first to greet her comrades. She informs parker that the spider totem of THIS world is already inside when she got here. The light turns on and Uncle Ben arrives to greet his nephew.

Amazing Spider-Man Comics #12 Review

Whats going on guys, welcome to Comic Island. My name is joey and today, we finally got another Spider-Verse issue. The amazing Spider-Man issue 12 starts right after cosmic Spider-Man got killed and morlun took possession of baby Bengy.

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So as always, I just want to dive into the cliff hanger but before we get ahead our ourselves, lets rewind to the beginning and we can discuss what worked and what didn’t work.

marvel comic books amazing spiderman 12

spiderwoman receives the Scrolls from the Spider Weaver

The situation at camp went from bad to worse now that the army lost the scion. I had a feeling that this would happen but I wanted more in this issue. I wanted to know Bengy’s role in the Spider-Verse. And ofcourse we got silk as the bride, and kaine as the other. We still don’t know much about their role. All we know now is that the weaver is plotting to take down his jailors. But that we knew already. So now, the spider army has access to some juicy information on the prophecy that details Bengy silk and kaine’s role in all of this. We also learn that there’s a bit more information on the scrolls. I hope that reveal will knock our socks off.

Next up, we got the Japanese Spider-Man and his gigantic robot. If I’m correct, this Spider-Man had his own live action tv series a few decades ago. This was before my time so I can’t tell you much about it but I just love knowing that we are getting a bunch more Spider-Man moving forward. Speaking about new spidermen, we are now introduced to this short black and white Spider-Man, cowboy Spider-Man and these 2 other guys that i don’t recognise, and of course Japanese Spider-Man with his tower sized robot. I have no clue who this little Japanese Spider-Man is and this is my first time looking at a cowboy themed Spider-Man. These 2 are a bit hard for me to recognise. But I love the talking spider mobile lol.

O btw, remembers the Spider-Man from the ultimate Spider-Man tv show? I love this little part where he yells, web warrior’s away. This is obviously alluding to the current ultimate tv show web warriors. If you haven’t check this out yet, I highly recommend it. It is so good.

So before I give you my thoughts on the last panel, I wanna show you the cover art one more time. I gotta say, this is the most creepy cover art for the Spider-Verse yet. I can recognise most of the spider heads except for these 4. If you guys know which spider men they are then please share your knowledge in the comments below. And take a look at Karn, he is still relevant lol. Im still rooting for him to turn on his family at the end. Maybe karn will be a new antihero? Marvel I hope you are listening to this hint hint wink wink lol.

Ok Finally, we arrive at the cliff hanger. In this reality, uncle ben is a spider totem. Im gunna go on a limb and say that his peter parker is dead. So just to give you some back story on this reveal, the guys at bleeding cool stated that the reveal of Uncle ben at the end if the amazing Spider-Man issue 12 will break the internet. Er…..i got to admit that I was shocked and got chills because we haven’t seen uncle ben yet but did it break the internet? Well it was better than Kim kardasian’s nude pictures, that’s for sure but the question is, did it break the internet? In my honest opinion, it did not. And this is my reason as to why. We are dealing with multi universal travel. So I would expect to see different incarnations of Spider-Man. But of course I expect to see different incarnations of his family and friends as well. so was it too farfetched to imagine an uncle ben with spider powers? Not really. Don’t get me wrong, I love his appearance. But it didn’t break the internet in my opinion.

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You know what would break the internet? Let’s rewind, I don’t know, 10 years ago? Do you remember the very last episode of the 90’s Spider-Man tv show? Well he dealt with multiversal travel as well. Guess what happens at the end: he meets Stan Lee. STAN LEE! If the final reveal was stan lee instead of uncle ben then I would die from nerdgasm lol. Anyway, im just gunna leave you with that thought to marinate in your mind.

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