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Amazing Spider-Man Comics #14 Review

Loomworld, the war continues as Spider woman and spider Gwen battles the hounds of the inheritors. Peter Parker and his spider army arrives to lend a helping hand but Spider Gwen demands that she is given space to finish off her battle. The army stands victorious but unfortunately, the inheritors now, have silk in their possession.

Meanwhile, Morlun returns home and announces that their father is now dead. But Jennix reveals that their father is not yet dead, but rather, the essence of lord Solus is in this read crystal. Even though Jennix’s cloning facility has been destroyed, their father is not yet lost.

The spider weaver announces that the army has broken through and is now, on route to the main chamber.

Elsewhere, the spider army has breached the walls but Verna and the twins are waiting. Parker calls on miles morales and his army and thus, the web warriors enters the Frey. Parker leads his splintered team to continue their race to save silk, kaine and baby bengy.

In the ritual chamber, Morlun and Daemos prepares to bleed out baby bengy with a dagger but suddenly, the amazing Spider-Man and the superior Spider-Man stops Morlun from doing the unthinkable.

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The spiders engage the enheritors. The superior Spider-Man gets his extra arms ripped to shreds by Daemos. Mayday Parker is up next to take sweet revenge for her father. Parker calls on his uncle ben for help but unfortunately, spider ben has shown his cowardice and teleports away to safety.

Amazing Spiderman comics #14

The amazing spiderman the and spider totem army in the spiderverse

Outside, the battle rages with the army taking a beating from jennix, the twins and verna. The spider army is losing ground but suddenly, a doorway opens and in comes KARN!! After all these centuries, the prodigal son returns.  The twins are over joyed believing that with the help of their lost brother, they will win this war. But then, karn states: On your side, brother, for eons this family has spurned me, shunned me. Brought me nothing but pain. I renounce my inheritance. The shadows behind the prodigal son enter the light and an army of spider totems along with an inheritor are ready to enter the war. Karn states. From this day forth, I fight on the side of righteous.

Back in the ritual chamber, Morlun fights through the spiders to baby bengy, but then he gets a hoof to the head. We discover that spider ham has switched places with baby bengy and the cowardice of Uncle ben was actually a ruse. Baby bengy is now safe with uncle ben in another reality.

Back outside, even with karn’s help, the spider army is losing. A flash of light brings forth Spider-Man 2099, the lady spider and the Leopardon which brings sweet tears to the Japanese Spider-Man seeing his 50 foot tall robotic sidekick once again.

Back in the ritual chamber, The superior Spider-Man has had enough of this and comes up with his own plan to end the inheritors future. He goes for the spider weaver and slashes him in the throat. This act angers Morlun and peter parker. Parker states: that wasn’t part of the plan. We’re heroes damn it. And heroes don’t kill.

Mayday parker manages to take the essence of lord Solus from Daemos. She now holds the life of Daemos’s father in her hands. For the love of his father, this brings Daemos to his knees. But mayday finally sees the light and decides not to destroy the crystal.  In memory of her father, she will not seek vengeance, only justice.

Morlun, angered by the loss of the spider weaver, viciously attacks peter parker. He begins to suck the life out of parker but the army arrives and prepares to attack the inheritor. Gwen stops the army telling them to stand down, parker has a plan.

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Parker, with his essence leaving him, manages to activate a portal sucking him and Morlun through. They land on earth 3145 the radiation world. Parker has done it; he will sacrifice his life in the radiation devastated world to trap Morlun. But Parker is the hero of this story and he can’t die. Silk sends parker a life line and thus he swings out of this earth and back to loomworld.

Later, Karn has the honour of throwing his siblings into earth 3145, the radiated world. The next to enter is Daemos. But he is confused as to why they would show him and his father mercy. Mayday parker has nothing left to say to this inheritor and throws the Solus crystal in the radiation world for Daemos to go fetch.

The heroes regroup but peter parker, who had a lot of his life essence drained, finally found time to relax in the arms of cindy moon.

Amazing Spider-Man Comics #14 Review

Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the amazing Spider-Man issue 14, the finale to the spider verse. So the biggest question we have now is the end payoff worth the journey? So let’s review this issue first and then we can talk about the entire spider verse. This issue was just awesome and very satisfying, but it’s hard to find a great ending to such a great journey.

Even though it didn’t go the way I thought it would, I still adored this issue. Let’s take a look at a few things that work so well for me. This was the only issue that shows Daemos as more than a brute. We actually see that he has so much love for his father. He surrenders just because mayday stole his father’s essence away from him. And then he goes as far as running head first into the radiation zone to retrieve the crystal that holds his father. Daemos, for me, is the break out star of this issue but it’s a shame because the spiderverse is over.

Amazing Spiderman comics #14

The inheritor Karn in the spider verse

I originally thought that a lot of the spider army would die in this last battle but I don’t think we saw any spider deaths. As far as I know, no one in the spider army died. I would like to see a few deaths just to show some devastation and the chance that the inheritors are winning. Of course we know that the army has karn and the leopardon up their sleeves so we know the inheritors wouldn’t stand much of a chance. So I was hoping for a bit more in the last battle. Its great having Karn turn on his family and I got chills when karn returns home. And then we also got the leopardon back. In an issue with so many personalities, I thought karn got some good screen time but I wanted to see the leopardon kick some ass. That didn’t happen.

Now lets take a look at the spider weaver. From what I understand, he weaves the threads of future and can predict prophesy. He also opens doorways for the inheritors to travel the multiverse. so with him now dead, I guess the inheritors will be stuck in the radiation world. Can they even survive in this world? Obviously they are not dead yet and that being said, it opens the possibility for the inheritors to return one day. And I assume lord Solus would be brought back as well. That was a bit disappointing. I wanted to see some inheritor deaths. Even though mayday did the right thing, I kind of wanted to see her kill Daemos. I know im evil lol.

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O btw, what happened to kaine? We saw him being stabbed through the head by Morlun. Is kaine dead? And now what will happen to the superior Spider-Man? we know he lost his memories and be brought back to his time with only 9 hours gone. Im gunna speculate that the spider army subdues dock ock and mind wipe him and throw him back to his own time lol.

So this is my final thoughts on the spiderverse and this issue. The journey was better than the end. I enjoyed spiderverse so much during the middle. Don’t get me wrong, the end was great but it didn’t tie up any loose ends. But ofcourse we will get epilogue issues for that. I love the spider ham, he was the big humor relief of this event. Im also glad that spider uk didn’t die but at lease give me SOME spider deaths. It felt like the inheritors didn’t stand a chance knowing what the spider army has in their battalion.

Alrighty guys so what did you think about the spiderverse as a whole? Please let me know in the comments below. thank you so much for following my coverage of the spiderverse. If you missed any issues and want to back track, you can find the entire spiderverse reading order checklist on comic the link will be in the description below. and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and I’ll see you next time in the amazing Spider-Man issue 15.

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