Amazing Spider-Man #18 Comic Review/Recap

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Amazing Spider-Man #18 Comic Recap

Parker Industries, after a fierce battle, the ghost has the upper hand and has put down a guard and is about to finish off Sajani. But Spider-Man intervenes and grabs his assistant by means of webbing and brings her out of harm’s way.  But this setback wouldn’t slow down the ghost. He follows up by throwing mini bombs at our hero which causes the grown to crumble beneath him.

Elsewhere in the building, the rest of parker’s employees have found safe haven thanks to Dock ocks robot. Clayton Cole stands in amazement at all of the spider suits that parker had built for the web crawler. Because of his super villain background, clayton Cole is elected by anna maria to dawn a suit to come to the aid of Spider-Man. Cole chose the sonic suit used to fight off symbiotes and anna maria picks up Spider-Man’s web shooters.

Meanwhile, the ghost has regained the upper hand and has pinned down Spider-Man. he also has explosive devices, ready to level parker industries. Suddenly, a sonic sound blast knocks the ghost off his feet, followed by maria blasting the villain with webbing.  The villain is subdued but the building is still highly unstable.

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Moments later, anna maria, clayton Cole and the robot, with a webbed up ghost, escapes the unstable building. Soon after, parker, along with Sajani and the security guard stumbles out. Sajani is furious at Parker because he did not heed her warnings and he lied to her about continuing his development of spider gear. But parker isn’t the only one with secrets. Anna confesses that she along with Sajani has been working on their nanotech research. Everything is on the table and parker is unable to get mad. While they continue to argue and banter, the rest of parker industries crumble to the ground.

Peter attempts to rally his employees to increase moral. We’re thinkers! Innovators, there’s no problem we can’t solve, right?

Hours later, peter returns to his aunt’s condo but finds the place ransacked. No blood was spilled but there was clearly a struggle. Nothing was taken, this was personal. Wait one thing is definitely missing.

amazing spider-man 18 comic review/recap

Elsewhere, the black cat has repossessed an item that once belonged to her. She also has aunt may, Jameson senior and a woman who purchased the black cat’s items at the auction. The black cat explains how her items held her prisoner. With gasoline and a match, she is now, gunna set herself free.

Moments later, Spider-Man arrives in the nick of time to save the 3 civilians. He yells out for help from the black cat but she will not aid in something she created. before disappearing, Felicia hardy warns Spider-Man that she is in control of her fate now. And if anyone gets in the way of that, they will be gone too.

Spider-Man manages to save the day and rescues the captives while black cat returns to her lair. in front of her followers, she announces her triumph and welcomes anyone to stand by her. But if you cross the cat, luck will never be by your side.


Amazing Spider-Man #18 Comic Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the amazing Spider-Man issue 18. So yup, after everything that’s happened during the spiderverse, and before that, the superior Spider-Man, we got some low key issues that shows us the great relationships parker has with the people around him. If you are looking for great action and high steaks, you won’t find it in this issue. The greatest damage is to parker industries, that’s pretty big. Peter had to borrow quite a lot of money from Jameson senior to start this business and now it’s all gone. Obviously insurance will cover it but this this is a huge setback for peter.

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We get more of Sajani getting mad at peter and even more of Anna covering for him. But I really like the fact that Clayton Cole went heroic with one of Spider-Man’s suits. This could be a huge set up for him; I think if things work out well, Cole could be a second Spider-Man if peter is ever too busy with personal life or running his corporation. Its up to the writers to tell us if Cole would know Spider-Man’s identity but as always, this is all speculation on my part.

Another  thing that stood out in this issue is dock ock’s robot. Anna is still surprised on what the robot can do. So this is another huge speculation: what if dock ock downloaded his consciousness into the robot and one day, we can see the rise of the superior Spider-Man?  I don’t think that’s gunna happen but never say never in the world of comics right?

Ya as you guys may know, I’m not a fan of black cat. The sinister 6 couldn’t take down Spider-Man. cat and electro couldn’t take down Spider-Man. now, the cat has a bunch of z list villains on her side. Nope, im not buying it. we always know that the hero will win but at lease with morlun, there was a real threat. And dock ock actually killed Spider-Man…sort of.

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