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New Comics Amazing Spider-Man Comics #11 Recap

Earth 13, the safe zone, peter parker squares off against the superior Spider-Man. 616 peter declares that HE is the leader, not the superior Spider-Man. Dock ock offers a challenge to Parker to take the lead which results in a punch to the face courtesy of the amazing Spider-Man. If the argument cannot be solved diplomatically, then a fight it is. The two engage in battle while the other spider heroes places their bets on who would win.

During the battle, parker discovers that dock ock believes that he is the future and that the amazing Spider-Man is from the past. Using this fact to his advantage, parker surrenders and the superior Spider-Man stops his attack deciding that it would not be in his favour to damage his past self. During the confusion, parker throws a right hook, knocking the superior Spider-Man out of consciousness. Parker states: killings not the answer, it never is, we need to do better. That’s why IM in charge.

Earth 13989, Karn has killed another spider totem. But his desire to return home and regain his father’s approval, grows more and more with every spider totem kill.

Meanwhile, at the inheritor home, Lord Solus, the father of the inheritors, has a talk with his treasured son, Morlun. At this point, even lord Solus knows about Morlun’s fear of one specific spider totem. Morlun corrects him stating that all he is concerned about is the prophecy of the other, the scion and the bride. Lord Solus states: gather your brother Jennix, we’ve played with these totems long enough. It is time to crush their last hope.

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Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy

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Back in the safe zone, the amazing Spider-Man offers a helping hand to the superior Spider-Man who just woke up from a knockout punch. 616 parker admits that he WILL require the guidance of the superior Spider-Man in order to win this war. Pleased with the statement, dock Ock decides to fold in and assist his new teammates. 616 parker enters his role as a leader and begins to delegate orders to his spider army. He sends spider girl and spider Gwen to assist Spider-Man noir and retrieve spider woman. He then sends Miles Morales and a younger peter parker off to other worlds to recruit more spider heroes to fight for the spider-verse. Before 616 parker departs with the spider girls, he chooses Spider UK as the temporary leader until the true leader returns.

Earth 67, the two young spider men hunts down their target in the daily bugle building. This story will be continued in the spider verse team up issue 2

Amazing Spiderman Comics #11 Cont!

Back on earth 13, a spine chilling spider sense is felt through all of the spider heroes. Seconds later, Morlun, Jennix and the father, lord Solus has arrived. Morlun takes out a spider hero while Jennix makes a quick meal out of Spider monkey. Cosmic Spider-Man has enough and unleashes a devastating blast at Jennix effectively turning the inheritor to dust.

Meanwhile, in earth 802, Jennix is reborn with all memory attached. Instead of returning to earth 13 to reengage in the battle, Jennix commands his scientists to continue their tasks, because for Jennix, there is still much work to do.

Back on earth 13, the cosmic Spider-Man now turns his sights onto lord Solus. The two engage in a battle of gods effectively making the rest of the spider heroes too weak to even jump in to help. Cosmic spider prepares another blast but Lord Solus grabs him by the head and begins to make a meal out of the most powerful spider hero in the spider army. To shock to even move, the spider army watches on as all hope fades from their bones. Morlun marches up to mayday parker and, just like that, he grabs baby Benjamin. Morlun states, I have it father, the scion is ours!

New Comics Amazing Spider-Man Comics #11 Review

What’s goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the amazing Spider-Man issue 11. Ok let me start by saying that I just loved this issue. I have grown fond of so many spider heroes, even though I told myself not to. So watching certain spider heroes die was just heart breaking. And as you can see, things are going to get a whole lot worse before it can get better.

So let’s go over what made this issue so good for me. So at the beginning, we got treated to a much anticipated fight between peter parker and his younger self with dock ock in control. I think so many of us wanted to watch this battle. Of course peter comes out victorious but was it bad of me to want the superior Spider-Man to win? Lol. And how about the other spider heroes placing bets on who would win? That was such a clever touch of comic relief.

So after peter won, we finally get to see him embrace his role as leader of the spider army. I love how he started giving commands to everyone and even dock Ock falls in line. I didn’t see that coming.

comic island new comics amazing spiderman 11

amazing spiderman vs superior spiderman

O ya, I forgot to mention, this issue fixes another one of my concerns. What if dock Ock realizes that the 616 peter is his older self? But then we find out that he is so arrogant that he never stops to think of that scenario and he believes that this whole spider verse event happened in the past. What he doesn’t realize, and what parker is keeping from him, is that this event is indeed happening in the future. Well that’s just awkward lol.

So during this scene, I also got what I wanted and that’s gwen and peter having a small moment. I know this might not be one of the craziest events in this issue but I like to stop and appreciate the little things as often as I can because spider verse is just nuts right now.

OK so lets get into the crazy final pages of this issue. Karn is still relevant and is still seeking redemption by killing spider totems. What if we got a Spider-Man that can get through to Karn and have him turn on his interitor family. This has happened before in that nicalodedion show Avatar the last air bender, where we see prince zuko turn from the main villain in season 1 to joining the protagonist team to fight against his father. So I think it would be so cool if Karn does the exact same thing.

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We also got the father’s name who’s revealed to be lord Solus. I couldn’t believe that they would travel to the safe zone but at the back of my mind, the inheritors wouldn’t come here unless they mean business. And of course we now know what happens next. The most powerful Spider-Man is now dead. Wholly cow, what’s gunna happen to the spider army now? Im assuming during the battle, 616 parker is in Spider-Man noir’s dimension. Spider UK doesn’t know what to do and the superior Spider-Man is stumped as well. I honestly don’t know how the spider army can recuperate from this. They don’t have a safe ground anymore. They got to keep moving to stay safe. So in order to win Im guessing the spider army gotta find a way to unlock the potential of the spider bride who is silk, the other, who is Kaine, and finally we discover that the scion is baby Benjamin. This is a huge cliff-hanger but my biggest shock moment is when cosmic Spider-Man dies. I cant get over that.

Ok guys, so I think I rambled on long enough. So here’s a few quick things I noticed in this issue. We finally see the mecha Spider-Man ever since the edge of spider verse series. take a look at this spider girl. Let’s call her spider porn: Leaves nothing to the imagination. We also learned that after the inheritors die, they get reborn, so this is how Morlun found his way back to llife after his death at the hands of 616 parker.

Ok so next up is the spider verse team up issue 2 which will be released in a few days from this video.

So this is my question for you. How do you feel about cosmic Spider-Mans death? Are you disappointed in the way that he died? Or did it make sense that lord Solus had that much power to kill him? I personally loved this curveball tactic. I’m pretty much sitting at the edge of my seat, waiting for the next issue.

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