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Earth 3145, after the shocking reveal that uncle Ben is this earth’s spider totem, we discover that he has hid in the bunker ever since a bomb prematurely blew up this world. To the superior Spider-Man’s surprise, the bomb that laid waste to this earth was built by this world’s incarnation of doctor octopus. After the loss of his nephew peter and his wife may by the hands of the emerald elf, Benjamin parker is now a shadow of a great man that he once was.

While the spider army engage in conversation, silk and spider Gwen decides to teleport away to Loomworld to rescue Spiderwoman. The spider-man of India begins to feel inferior compared to all of his other incarnations but spider UK consoles him offering much needed courage to this young hero.

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The conversation shifts from uncle ben to the scrolls that Spiderwoman had sent to her teammates. The superior Spider-Man activates his personal hologram butler Anna Maria in an attempt to decipher the unreadable text but unfortunately the hologram yielded inconclusive results. 616 Spider-Man, the true peter parker, recognises Anna Maria and mentions her name. This fact shocks the superior Spider-Man to the bones. He now knows that he is indeed the past form and the present Spider-Man stands right in front of him. He now knows that he would evidently lose to Peter parker.

In a turn of fate, Anya the spider girl is successful in reading the scroll. We discover that the spiders would be the key to ending the inheritors reign. But that win would not come to past till a thousand years from now.  That gives the inheritors a thousand years to end the spider totems. We further discover that in order to stop future spider totem births, the inheritors need the blood of the other the scion and the bride. After performing a ritual that would most likely end the 3 spider totems lives, no further spider totems would be born in the multiverse, which would result in securing the future of the inheritors.

The inheritors got Bengy but fortunately for the spider army, they do not have silk or Kaine. After radioing silk, the army discovers that she is now on Loomworld, the home world of the inheritors.

Earth 802, Jennix’s cloning facility has been destroyed and the scarlet spiders have fulfilled their mission. But the price is too high and the scarlet spider ben reilly is now dead. Strucken by grief, Kaine Parker teleports to Loomworld to avenge his fallen brother, leaving the black widow behind.

Earth 001, Loomworld, The inheritors have detected the overpowering scent of Kaine and Silk. Lord Solus gives the command and the greatest hunt of all for the inheritors begins.

spiderverse amazing spiderman comics 13

silk and spider gwen teleporting to loomworld

Back on earth 3145, Anya has a plan B in mind and takes a small battalion of spider totems to see her plan through.  After discovering that Kaine has also arrived on Loomworld, Spider-Man radios into every single member of the spider army to converge on the inheritor’s home planet. This is it, all hands on deck. The inheritors have Bengy in custody and the scion plus the bride have gone to the enemy lines without backup.  Spider man 2099 receives the distress call but needs 5 more minutes to finish something that could change the tides of battle. Black widow has commandeered jennix’s facilities and informs the team that they can freely radio each other without fear of jennix listening in. But she is stranded and needs someone to pick her up. Suddenly, miles Morales and his web warriors resume radio contact and has offered the black widow a ride to fight in a battle that could very well be their last.

Lookmorld, a pissed off Kaine arrives with the inheritor family waiting for him. He transforms into a hulking Man spider and takes out a few inheritors. Lord Solus has waited centuries for this battle, he has never felt more alive. But before he can take his first shot, Kaine strikes the inheritor father down. Stricken by grief by the death of his father, Morlun incapacitates Kaine. Even with the death of his father, Morlun MUST continue the ritual to secure the legacy of his family.

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Elsewhere on Loomworld, Verna and her hounds of Goblins have discovered the location of Spiderwoman silk and spider Gwen. The inheritor twins arrive as well and the battle to claim the bride begins.

Back on earth 3145, Uncle ben is needed to join the army but because of his failures, he feels incompetent. Peter unsuccessfully tries to motivate his uncle from this earth. But in a twist of fate, the superior Spider-Man achieves his goals and wins over uncle ben. He now suits up to join the army in a war to save the spider-verse.

Amazing Spider-Man Comics #13 Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and oh my god we got the amazing Spider-Man issue 13 to talk about. Seriously guys, it is like Christmas morning every single time an amazing Spider-Man issue gets released. So let’s dive right into what world so well for me. Take a look at the cover art: this beautiful art piece perfectly portrays what the feel of the issue will be about.  Even though we can’t see any spider totem’s face, and knowing what they went through in the safe zone, I can already feel the tension and desperation and I love it.

So we continue right after the huge cliff hanger from last issue and we get to know this universe’s uncle ben. Obviously nothing is surprising, he is the spider totem of this earth and his family got killed by the emerald elf aka the green goblin. Btw I love that change of name. So we now have a very depressed uncle ben that could be seen as useless but what was super shocking after we discover his past was the fact that in this earth, dock ock caused the end of this world. Peter parker is always the star of the show but I love this little bit of revelation. I can only imagine what’s going on in dock ock’s mind. But as you may know, this isn’t the end of the superior Spider-Man in this issue. We will get into more dock ock discussion in a bit.

spiderverse amazing spiderman comics 13

Spiderman from india and Spider UK

But right now, let’s discus the prophesy. I don’t know much about Anya the spider girl so I have no clue as to how she deciphers the scrolls. But we now know what the inheritors know. They plan on sacrificing the 3 spider totems to stop new spider totems from ever being born in the multiverse, and its up to parker and his spider army to see to it that they fail. If I had long nails, I would have bitten them off long ago, lol this is getting too exciting.

So let’s entertain the idea of the inheritors winning the war and there is now no more new spider totems being born. What are they gunna eat? Jennix has a point when he was trying to preserve the totems by cloning them. So from my understanding, in the marvel universe, there are animal totems that the inheritors must feed off to survive.,  Black panther being one of them. I guess they will remove 1 food source from their diet to ensure their survival. Ok I’ll buy that.  Now what I DON’T buy is the fact that Kaine took out lord Solus that easily. We know cosmic Spider-Man to be a GOD and he lost to Solus. We have to assume that once lord Solus left the safe zone, he lost the enigma force that gave cosmic Spider-Man those godly powers.

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So that makes it a bit fairer but from the looks of it, lord Solus got punctured through the body and fell dead. Obviously he couldn’t be cloned anymore thanks to the scarlet spiders but, still, I wanted a bit more from that battle. But then again, I have speculated that morlun would be the last inheritor to die so we will have to wait and see what happens next.

So I wanna go over a few quick points that I liked and didn’t like in this issue before discussing my favourite part.

Take a look at this flashback scene. The image of uncle ben walking away from his suit thrown in a trash bin is iconic in the world of Spider-Man. We saw this in so many Spider-Man promo images. Miles went through the same thing. It seems like if you wanna be a Spider-Man, you gotta have a time in your life where you would give up the suit by throwing it in the dumpster in some rainy ally lol.

So the scene with Spider-Man from India and spider UK felt like a filler. We never saw much of india Spider-Man after he was recruited by the superior Spider-Man. The scene felt like a character build up but it is now so late in the Spider-Verse that I don’t care. Character build up should have been saved for the edge of Spider-Verse or an earlier issue. But they CAN redeem this scene by giving the Spider-Man of india a pivitol role at the end.

Ok finally we have reached the good stuff. Dock ock now knows the truth and that he will lose at the end. Wholy cow I got Goosebumps when I was reading through that part. But then we see dock ock do something totally unexpected. He was successful in motivating uncle ben to dawn the spider suit and join the army. I honestly never thought I would see this happen. I know that the superior would have to work with the amazing Spider-Man but this scene blew my mind. Chalk one up for the superior Spider-Man fans. After a scene like this, I would assume that the superior Spider-Man is now a fan favourite. I know how controversial the superior Spider-Man’s run is. You either like love him or you don’t. so this is my question for you, if you didn’t like the superior Spider-Man, did this issue change your mind?

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