Amazing Spider-Man Comics #8. New Comics Review/Recap

Amazing Spider-Man Comics #8. Comic Review On Youtube

Amazing Spider-Man Comics #8. New Comics Recap

The issue begins where the last issue left off. Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man battles a gigantic kree monster named Dr Minerva. After taking down the Kree monster, Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel retake the cocoon from the henchmen. But they are not yet safe. Dr. Minerva attacks again, but while the battle ensues, the cocoon begins to hatch into a baby. Spider-Man elects Ms. Marvel to play baby sitter as he engage the kree monster. While on the run, Ms. Marvel get shot from behind.

Half a dozen henchmen now have their rifles aimed at her. They demand to confiscate the baby. But suddenly, one of their own shoots them with his sonic blaster knocking them out cold. He removes his mask and states ‘I signed on to snatch a cocoon. Didn’t know there was a baby in it. Event I got limits. Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel deduces that the Kree Empire does not know that this one Kree is here on earth. Spider-Man cleverly radios into avenger’s tower asking Jarvis to send a broadcast into Kree space announcing that Dr Minerva is here on earth. With those words, the Dr Minerva departs swearing vengeance on spidy and Ms. Marvel.

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Amazing Spiderman Comics Cont!

The fact studio, Cindy moon is called to meet with Natalie Long one of the head honcho’s of the studio. Ms. Long discusses how she wants this new Silk vigilante to be theirs like how the daily bugle has Spider-Man. But Ms. Long points out how Silk’s costume appears to be tacky. Suddenly, the radio announces 2 masked crimes in progress. 1 of which, Spider-Man is already on the scene. Ms. Long turns and notices that Cindy has disappeared.

Moments later, Silk webs herself up again and begins to chase the suspect. She manages to catch the Ringer, a Z list villain. Silk steps into the light donning a new costume design. Natalie Long approaches and asks what inspired it. Silk swings off while stating: Felt like time for a change, In a lot of different ways.

St Lukes Roosevelt Hospital, after returning the child to her parents, Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel says their farewells.  Ms. Marvel rushes back to the classes she missed for a team up with the amazing Spider-Man. He turns to the henchmen and states: Now, what to do about you. The henchmen explain his difficulties with obtaining a job especially with a criminal record. His only way to make ends meet is to offer his skills and services for a fee. Spider-Man identifies the man as Clayton Cole and offers a business card from Parker industries.

The scene jumps to Parker Industries; Mr. Cole is welcomed as the newest employee under Peter Parker’s company.

Earth 982, the creature Daemos has got Mayday parker subdued by the neck. After saying his farewells, Peter Parker, with only 1 good leg, rushes in to engage Daemos offering his daughter much needed time to escape. MJ instructs Mayday to take her baby brother Benjamin to safety. MJ will not let her husband go down alone so she rushes in to his aid. Seconds after fleeing her burnt down house, a portal opens and a Spider-Man from the multiverse appears informing her to bring ben and depart with them. She demands their assistance in helping her father but the Spider-Man informs her that he can only detect 2 spider totems: her and her brothers.

amazing spiderman comics

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Daemon appears from the burnt down house and tells Mayday that he will find her and devour her and her brother. But before the portal shuts, mayday promises that she will avenge her family, even if she has to break every vow she was taught, she will kill him.

Amazing Spider-Man Comics #8. New Comics Review

Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the amazing Spider-Man issue 8. Wholly cow this issue was really heavy.  I feel like I just saw shaw shank redemption but without the happy ending. But before I get into that, lets rewind to the beginning and discuss what I really like about this issue, which is a lot.

So the fight with the Kree monster Dr Minerva is done. It ended weird so I didn’t care too much for that. But I love the chemistry between ms marvel and Spider-Man. In pop culture, Spider-Man is shown to be the newbie teaming up with veteran fighters such as the avengers or the x-men, similar to how he is portrayed in the ultimate Spider-Man tv series. So I love it when spidy teams up with a totally new heroine who isn’t shy about getting her geek on during the team up.

So the terrigan cocoon hatched into a baby. I hope that baby comes back to play an important role later on or I would feel like this whole ms marvel and spidy adventure was just a filler.

Ok so we get to see Clayton Cole again. He is clash from the 5 part issue series learning to crawl. I gotta be honest guys, I didn’t pick up those 5 issues. So I got some catching up to do after this video. But I did a quick wiki on Clayton Cole and discovered that he was a young man that went to all of Spider-Man’s show back in the days when Spider-Man wrestled and did things for money to help out his aunt may. With his superior intellect, Cole managed to design himself some tech and donning a costume that closely resembles that of Spider-Man’s. I think he is such a great addition to Parker industries and I love a redemption story. If peter keeps this up, parker industries can rival that of Alchemax, figures crossed.

Alright lets discus Silk’s costume. I didn’t like the original at first but I eventually grew attached. So introducing a new costume so soon is very strange in my opinion. If she was to change costume, I would like to have that done in maybe 6 months or so. But let’s put that aside for a moment and take a look at the design. I really like the webbing. The black around the arm and legs gives the costume some definition. I don’t like the mouth cover though. I know her original costume had a mouth cover as well but I give that costume design a break since she was held in a prison for most of her life. But this time, she has time to think and design her costume. Speaking about that, she came up with this new design while swinging from the studio to the diamond district. That’s fast! The mouth cover makes her look very ninja like, which is fine. But it also makes her look a bit villainous. Maybe that’s why I don’t like it.

amazing spiderman comics 8

Silk in her new costume design

Ok so there are 3 stories in this issue. The last story is with Mayday parker. Wholly cow I don’t know what to say. Dan Slott has warned us about spider deaths but this is only the edge of spider-verse. I was not ready for my heart strings to be pulled like this. This image here is the most heart breaking scene. The iconic relationship between MJ and parker ends with him saying I love you. Ok let’s think positively now. Mayday will see many incarnations of her father again. I would love to have mayday meet the 616 parker and MJ. I would love to see how MJ responds to seeing their child from a parallel earth. O ya we also got Benjamin, another spider totem. This is my second wish to Dan Slott. Please show me an incarnation of Benjamin as a full fledge Spider-Man, and NOT kill him off.

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