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New Comics: Avengers & X-Men AXIS #6 Recap

Apocalypse makes a broadcast to the entire world.  In the last week the X-Men have ejected countless armed forces trying to take back Manhattan.  There have been no casualties until now, but that is about to end.  The X-Men will now outright slaughter any intruders they find.  The mutant nation has been born, and the mutants will no longer stand by and let humans decide their fate.  The X-Men are simply taking what is rightfully theirs, and all humanity can hope to do is persuade the mutants to leave them alone.

Aboard his ship, Apocalypse asks Havok how the world is responding to his message.  Many world leaders are attempting to negotiate with the mutants, but Apocalypse says that they can simply stew in their own terror for now.  By the time humanity will be ready to act, it will be to late.  The mutants have been building a gene bomb, and it will be ready in a matter of hours.

Jean Grey arrives, and says there is a lone intruder outside of the ship.  Mystique has come, so Apocalypse sends her estranged children Rogue and Nightcrawler to confront her.  Mystique begs the former heroes to stop this madness, as they are ruining any hopes of Charles Xavier’s dream of coming to life.  But Rogue and Nightcrawler won’t hear it and begin to viciously attack the mutant.  Rogue flies Mystique high above the city and tries to drop her to her death, but Sabretooth appears and manages to catch her.

They escape, and ironically Sabretooth flees into the very same tunnels that he once slaughtered the Morlocks in years ago.


Over in San Francisco, Tony is hosting a party to celebrate his now widely successful app.  But Matt Murdock arrives and demands an explanation for Tony’s actions.  Though Tony tries to get the hero to just join the party, Matt is in no mood for games, and Tony quickly loses his patience with the hero.  He proves to be a formidable match for Daredevil, and though he is not wearing the armour, Tony has improved his own body enough that he easily can move faster and overpowers Matt, who he throws off of his balcony dismissively.

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In Latveria, Doom begins a speech.  He says that he has been lying to himself about doing what is best for this country.  Doom has used Latveria, and exploited the nation for his own purposes.  He has endangered the country and its people.  But this is about to change.  Doom says he is flawed and imperfect, and reveals his true face to the crowd.  Dr. Doom declares from here on out, Latveria is a democracy.

However, the Scarlet Witch arrives, and begins an attack.  Seeking revenge for the years of manipulation she faced at Doom’s hands, she has come to kill the ruler.  But though Doom now seeks redemption, he is still willing to fight back.  Scarlet Witch attacks the crowd, knowing Doom will be forced to protect them, and the monarch is soon overpowered.  However, as she is about to kill Doom, he disappears.

Quicksilver has saved the monarch at Magneto’s request.  However Scarlet Witch does not take long to find them and saying she expected such treachery, begins to choke her family.


new comics axis #6

axis the superior iron man

In Las Vegas, Thor wins another game of craps.  However Loki arrives and says he thinks that the casino may be letting Thor win.  Loki asks where his brother got all this money anyway, and Thor points to a nearby vault he has broken into.  Loki says he is not sure this is how a casino works, but Thor is happy here and does not want to leave.  Thor soon strikes Loki and demands to know why he is here.  Loki says that he is currently incapable of lying, so as much as it pains him, he is going to tell the truth.  Loki is here to try and help his brother, because he loves him.  Thor has always been there to help Loki, and now Loki wants to return the favour.  But Thor says his love is misplaced, and knocks his brother out the casino.  In the city streets, Loki begs for mercy, but he is saved last minute by the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

 New Comics: Avengers & X-Men #6 Cont!

Back at the Avengers mansion, Loki demands an explanation.  Spider-Man says that the Avengers and X-Men have turned evil, and all the other heroes of Earth have been imprisoned.  When Loki asks if they are all that’s left, Nomad explains that the other villains were also affected by the inversion spell.  Loki then asks if they are suggesting that they bring together those villains again, but Steve says that’s not the case.  The villains have already been gathered.

Shocked, Loki says this might be a bad idea.  But Steve says that sometimes during great turmoil, the only strategy left is the one everybody likes the least.  Loki says that together they may be able to take out his drunken brother, but Sabretooth explains that Thor is not the priority.  He has been in the X-Men’s tower, and knows what they are planning.  In just one hour, the X-Men are going to detonate a gene bomb that will kill every human on Earth.

New Comics: Avengers & X-Men AXIS #6 Recap

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review of Avengers and X-Men: AXIS #6.

So this was another stellar issue of AXIS.   Like the rest of AXIS, this issue is full of great moments and lots of funny jokes.  I really like seeing Sabretooth under the inversion spell.  He behaves very differently, and the best illustration of that is when he encounters Nightcrawler.  Victor remarks that he is sad to see Nighcrawler go dark, and feels that he was Wolverine’s best influence.  That’s really interesting for a character like Sabretooth and I really enjoyed it.


new comics axis #6

entrantress in AXIS

The art is once again remarkably inconsistent.  Some panels are great and others are not very well done at all.  It’s a weird pattern of AXIS, but it has yet to really bother me enough to ruin the story.  There is also a weird inconsistency between issues number five and six.  At the end of the last issue, Apocalypse says he will kill anyone in Manhattan.  But this issue begins with him repeating this demand, and he was apparently just kidding the first time he made that same threat.  It’s a weird choice and definitely threw me off, and though it is a small problem, it happens right at the start of this comic which made things really grating and a bit confusing at first.  But it’s a small problem in an otherwise stellar issue of AXIS.

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And that’s about all I have to say on this comic.  This issue does show how cool some of the effects of the inversion spell are.  I really like seeing this, but I am a little annoyed because I feel like we’re just getting used to seeing these characters in a new light and that by the time the event is over, we won’t see much more of these changed characters as I have a feeling a lot of these changes are going to be undone pretty soon, Which is a shame, because I like the merciless Avengers and X-Men, and I really enjoy the now heroic villains.

This certainly isn’t what I expected for the AXIS event, heck we haven’t even seen the Red Skull in about three issues, but I am certainly enjoying things so far.

Otherwise, I am looking forward to book three of AXIS.  We’re going to get a bit of a break from this event, as the next book won’t be launched until December.  I can’t wait to see what happens next, although I do like how we’re getting a couple weeks without any new issues of the core series.  That will let me catch up on some other videos and content for the channel which I have been forced to put off for some time now.  So expect some cool content coming out pretty soon!


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