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Marvel Comic Books Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #8 Recap

In Apocalypse’s Ship, Spider-Man stands as humanity’s last hope.  The hero is having trouble deciphering the Celestial language the gene bomb is coded in and is about to resort to brute force, when the now heroic Carnage arrives.

Cletus knows there is only one thing that will hold the bomb back and it is Carnage himself.  The symbiote envelops the bomb and Spider-Man, shocked at all this, prepares to leave.  Carnage has one final request – he wants a giant statue built in his honour, made out of gold, jewels, and rhinestones, have it wrapped with the Confederate Flag and placed in the middle of New York City, with the song Free Bird constantly playing.  Spider-Man reluctantly agrees to the promise and flees, while Carnage begins to sing Free Bird, and the gene bomb explodes.


Outside the X-Men are confused.  The gene bomb went off, but something is wrong.  Spider-Man arrives and says that he just saw the worst person he ever knew do the noblest thing he has ever seen, and laments the loss of Carnage.  But the X-Men are unfazed and knock Spider-Man down.  Before they can kill him, the corrupted Avengers arrive, and both teams of former heroes immediately begin to use lethal force.

Thor brutally attacks Apocalypse, and also, handles the Absorbing Man, Cyclops, and Havok. Loki and Amora agree to do something heroic to stop their old enemy, and share a kiss.  Together, these two manage to taunt Thor and pull him through a portal to the moon.  Thor swears he will kill his abomination of a brother for all this.

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marvel comic books axis reading order checklist

Meanwhile, in the Avengers mansion, Steve Rogers and his son Ian look on at the grim situation.  The loyal Avengers butler Jarvis arrives, and says that he might know of a way to stop them.


At the battle Apocalypse easily handles the corrupted Hulk and Mystique, before he is badly damaged by the Absorbing Man, who has absorbed the Celestial killing properties of Thor’s axe.

 Marvel Comic Books AXIS #8 Cont!

Elsewhere, in Latveria, the Scarlet Witch has set about destroying the small country.  Quicksilver and Magneto plea with her to stop, but the witch is not interested in mercy.  Fortunately, Doctor Doom returns, with Brother Voodoo to help.  The magician’s twin brother, a spirit named Daniel Drumm, quickly possesses the Scarlet Witch, and manages to hold her madness back.

Magneto demands to know what is going on, and Doctor Doom explains that he made a Faustian pact with a demigod to resurrect Doctor Voodoo and his brother, as they were the only ones who could control the Scarlet Witch, who, given the dire situation, will be needed very soon.

The battle in New York City rages on, but Iron Man arrives on the scene and takes down Havok.  He explains to Sam Wilson that it is likely that Jarvis used a cloaking device to hide the Red Skull, and they can find him in Stark Tower.

As they race off, Storm tries to stop them, and Tony stays behind while Sam Wilson goes to the tower.  Inside, Sam cannot believe his eyes, as he finds the elderly Steve Rogers in an armored Captain America suit, with the Red Skull in tow.

Marvel Comic Books Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #8 Recap

Hello and welcome to Comic Island.  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of Avengers and X-Men: AXIS #8.

So those of you who have been following my coverage of this event are likely to know what my opinion of this issue was.  Once again I really like the story and the unique treatment of Marvel’s characters happening here.  I also really like the humour in this story, and the art, while good, is still this crossover’s weak point as it can be very inconsistent.  There are some problems with this comics pacing and there are a few silly moments here, but only the whole this was another great issue of AXIS.

marvel comic books axis reading order checklist

Most of the time spent here involved the now heroic villains taking on both the Avengers and X-Men.  These fight scenes were great and just reflected the total chaos of the situation.  It is a pretty unique and fun twist that I’ve really had a lot of fun with, and overall I am still enjoying the AXIS series.

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So I was pretty surprised to find that a lot of people have been really disliking this event.  Many other reviewers and comic book fans seem to really hate this series, and I’m having a hard time seeing why.

This story to me has a been a lot of fun, and while the art has been problematic throughout the entire run, it’s never been bad enough to detract away from all the awesome little moments and this big epic tale which has been full of unexpected twists and turns.  So to be honest, I’m not really sure what everybody’s problem with AXIS is.

I do know a lot of people are upset about the whole thing with Magneto not being Scarlet Witch’s father, but I just don’t share that rage either.  For one thing, like I said in the last review it fits with the back story of these characters, as from what I understand it’s not like Magneto raised them from birth or had anything to do with them until they were older.

And Marvel has every right to do this.  Of course they are just making things so they conform to the movie universe a bit better, but again, I approve of this as it will make things easier for the general public, who is only going to know of these two as Inhuman characters.  So this move will make new comers and those not familiar with the comics having an easier time understanding these two in the comics.  That makes them and the Avengers much more accessible, and I really like this choice.  I just don’t see how these two being Inhuman or mutant really matters, and so long as Marvel is telling fun stories they can be secret alien robots for all I care.

So if somebody wants to explain what’s wrong with AXIS to me in the comments section, I am all ears.  Because otherwise, I’m probably just going to look at the haters of this story as part of the usual segment of fans who get hysterical any time there is any sort of change in the Marvel or DC universe.  Change is life guys, it’s how stories move forward, and we shouldn’t just make assumptions or write off change as hollow when Marvel hasn’t even had a chance to show the effects of the change.  For example, I was sceptical when they announced Lady Thor, but I’ve actually come to really enjoy her story so far and it’s shaping up to be one of Marvel’s best current ongoing titles.

But I digress.  It’s fine if you don’t like AXIS, I’m just surprised at how little other people seem to be enjoying it, and just how much I’m enjoying it myself.

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