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Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #9 Recap

In the distant past, Sabretooth is attacking a man.  Though he begs for his life, Victor isn’t one for mercy.  Wolverine tells him to stop, and that there is a better way through the X-Men that can bring out the good in his old enemy.  But Sabretooth says there isn’t any good in him, and kills the man.

In the present, Steve Rogers’ allies have gone mad.  Old and without the Super Soldier serum, Rogers is no match for the new Captain America.  But Sam Wilson realizes too late he is fighting an illusion, and that the real Steve Rogers and the White Skull are escaping through the sewers.  The Skull is devastated by his actions, and so sorry for all he has done.  But he thinks he can fix this.

Outside, the Avengers prepare to round up their prisoners for their executions.  But Wilson says the Skull is escaping and planning on reverting them all, and the Avengers move to intercept him.  Meanwhile, Havok attempts to rescue his wife, but she refuses to forgive Havok, and after discovering that he wasn’t the one who deactivated the bomb, runs away from him.  Apocalypse meanwhile lays on his knees, devastated at his loss and mournful of the potential future he was going to make for the X-Men.  But Deadpool’s head is somehow able to speak, and says that Evan was raised by good people.  Deep down inside of Apocalypse, that good person is still in there.

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On the moon, Loki flees from his rampaging brother.  Thor is furious, and eager for revenge.  Loki comes across Mjolnir, still on the moon at this time.  Loki prays that the inversion spell has truly changed him, and, when Thor finds Loki, he is surprised to find that his brother has indeed become worthy.

Back at the Avengers Mansion, Steve and the White Skull have escaped.  Steve is badly injured, but the White Skull has the memories of the man he once was, and knows what kind of opponent Steve is: a man that always stands up.  As they begin to plan for casting another inversion spell, the Avengers arrive.  They begin a vicious attack on the few remaining heroes until Apocalypse arrives to save the day.  As he holds the Avengers off, Steve and the others make it to the roof.  They are almost stopped by Luke Cage, but Sabretooth and Spider-Man hold him back as the plane takes off.

Marvel Comic Books AXIS #9 Cont!

They nearly escape until Iron Man tears the Quinjet apart.  He nearly has them, swearing he will swarm the world with his Stark Sentinels after what Apocalypse has done.  However, Dr. Doom and the others arrive.  They take Iron Man down, and prepare another inversion spell.  Though the villains are sad to become the terrible people they once were, they are willing to make this sacrifice for the greater good.  As they begin to cast the spell, Iron Man and Havok refuse to accept going back to normal, and fight back, but they are successfully held off.  But Iron Man was ready for this, and manages to shield himself and those around him.

marvel comic book axis #9

apocalypse in axis

On the moon, Loki drops the hammer.  The spell has worked.  Back at the Mansion, everyone recovers from the spell.  Sabretooth, Iron Man, and Havok are the only ones who have not been restored to normal.  Havok manages to capture Janet and flees, while Stark, Doom, and the Red Skull have all disappeared.

In the aftermath of the events of AXIS, the world reels from near disaster.  Though people would have blamed the mutants and the Avengers, before they were returned to normal the villains prepared a tape of themselves taking responsibility for everything, serving as a source of blame in order to maintain the reputation of the X-Men and the Avengers.  Ian and Sam are shocked at this, but Steve says this was their idea, as they knew what true sacrifice means.

Meanwhile, the rest of the hero community has been shifted.  Sabretooth has accepted prison as punishment for his actions over the many years.  Permanently inverted, he prepares for a long and difficult road towards redemption.  But he is sure he can do this, and plans to show his old enemy that he too, can find the spirit of a Wolverine.

Iron Man and Havok also are permanently inverted.  Iron Man plans for his new role in life, while Havok reunites with his brother and the rogue X-Men.  Meanwhile, Deadpool and Evan go on the run, Loki goes on to brag about his escapades with his friend, and Doctor Doom watches over his new prisoner: The Red Skull.  The Avengers Unity Squad is reformed, with Brother Voodoo and Quicksilver joining the team and the Scarlet Witch and Rogue more sure of their place their than ever before, while Peter Parker sets about the difficult task of making a giant Carnage statue in the middle of New York City.

Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #9 Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap and review of Avengers and X-Men: AXIS #9.

And here we are, at the end of AXIS.  And it was one heck of a ride.  I found issue nine to be on par with the rest of the AXIS comics.  The art is once again hit and miss, but the comic makes up for it with some great action and character moments.  To me, there’s enough going on here to enjoy that on the whole I liked and recommend this comic.

Yes, this ending wasn’t very surprising, as a whole lot of stuff went back to normal pretty quick here.  Still, I feel like this event has meaningfully shifted the Marvel community up a bit, and I am pretty excited by some of these changes.  I like the new Unity Squad, and I like the idea of the new Sabretooth, who based on this story might end up becoming the new Wolverine.  That would certainly be unexpected and I would kind of like to see what happens to this character next.

So now let’s talk about the AXIS series as a whole.  I overall enjoyed this crossover.  It felt big and epic, but was also a lot of fun.  I liked that this crossover had a couple good twists in it, and I really enjoyed that this story was actually very different from what we were told it was going to be.  Here I was expecting a story where the Red Skull has made a big, bad team of villains, but instead we got a very interesting take on inverted heroes nearly destroying the world, and the villains being the big heroes for this story.  I was really impressed by AXIS on the whole today and recommend the series.

marvel comic book axis #9

steve rogers captain america and the white skull

For me that worked really well and I have greatly enjoyed just about every single issue of AXIS.  Nine issues is a lot for a crossover but I didn’t feel like there was a lot of wasted time or filler content in the core series, so it really worked for me.  But I think this was also the problem with AXIS.  A lot of people were expecting a big fight with the Red Skull, so when the surprise twist happened, I get why some people would dislike the story.

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Last review I asked people to share what they didn’t like about this story.  I got a lot of helpful comments and explanations, so thanks for that.  But by far the biggest and in my opinion most legitimate complaint was the idea of AXIS not being what was promised.  Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t false advertising, it is merely Marvel leaving out information that would ruin an otherwise very good twist.  That’s good from a storytelling perspective, because it means that the story trumped the needs of marketing, but it does mean that some people are going to get upset for the misdirection.  The same problem happened with Bioshock Infinite and other media where there are big unexpected twists like this.  For some like me, the twist works, and it’s unexpected but also a lot of fun.  But for others who wanted a big fight with the Red Skull, it can be a bit of crushing disappointment.


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