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AXIS: Deadpool #37 Recap

Two criminals walk the streets of New York City on Thanksgiving morning.  They are stopped by Deadpool, who is sporting a new outfit.  Deadpool asks the criminals to stand down, as he is living proof that a man can change his ways.  But the criminals aren’t interested in redemption and attack the mercenary.  Deadpool easily overpowers the criminals and ties them up, leaving the two men very confused.

At Deadpool’s home, the mercenary’s friends and family get ready for Thanksgiving dinner.  Though the family fights, Deadpool has been changed by the inversion spell.  He is apologetic, but it is clear to him that he feels out of place.  Deadpool’s wife Shiklah married a man who wrapped himself in the colour of blood, but now he can’t even stand to carve a turkey.

After dinner, Deadpool and his wife board the subway and begin to argue.   Trapster and Batroc the Leaper are both already on the subway, and are afraid that Deadpool will try to kill them after some bad blood between the villains.  However, Deadpool is no longer interested in revenge and instead offers to help the villains if they get into trouble.

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marvel comic books axis deadpool 37

deadpool white costume after inversion spell

Deadpool then gets a text from a friend of his named Kim.  Kim and his friends were rescued from an experimental program in North Korea by Deadpool and were being taken care of by the X-Men before the events of Genosha.  Kim says that the X-Men are acting very strange and aggressive.  Deadpool realizes that the same spell that let him find peace is also affecting the X-Men, and something is very wrong.

Shiklah is not impressed, but Deadpool leaves to go help Kim and his friends.  At the Jean Grey School, Beast tells Deadpool that Kim and his friends are gone, and slams the door in Wade’s face.  Deadpool knows something is wrong, and breaks into the mansion.

Beast, Storm, and Nightcrawler have all been changed by the inversion spell.  They have trapped Kim and his friends in the Danger Room and plan on killing them.  But Deadpool arrives and asks them to let Kim and the other refugees go.  But they are in no mood to talk.

New Comics: Deadpool #37 Cont!

Deadpool is attacked by the X-Men but he manages to break into the Danger Room.  He finds Kim, and explains to them the situation.  However when they try to escape, they are confronted by the X-Men, who have with them a captive Rachel Summers.

Marvel Comic Books AXIS: Deadpool #37 Recap

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap and review of Deadpool #37!

So this was a fun comic.  I’ve always been ambivalent towards Deadpool’s main series.  I find the humour can be very hit or miss.  That being said, this was a fun comic.  It’s fun to see Deadpool in a new light, and the effects of the inversion spell from his perspective.  I think the art is just stellar, and I love the last page where we see that the X-Men have managed to revert Rachel back to her old Hound form.  That’s pretty cool and just a brutal thing for the X-Men to do.

marvel comic books axis deadpool 37

deadpool confronts the beast

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All told, I enjoyed this issue, but I can’t say I recommend it.  Maybe this has to do with the growing overexposure of Deadpool, and I’m just getting a little sick of this character.  I just don’t think this comic is all that remarkable, personally.  Both the Carnage and Hobgoblin AXIS tie ins are more fun and worth reading than this comic, and you would be better off reading those.   But if you like Deadpool and want more of AXIS, then this is a good comic for you.

Let me know what you think of Deadpool #37 in the comments below.  And, as always, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.

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