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AXIS: Hobgoblin #3 Recap

The issue begins with the mayor proclaiming today to be Hobgoblin Day, celebrating the rise of New York’s greatest new hero, the Hobgoblin.  Robert Kingsley eagerly begins his speech, apparently unaware that his minion Missile Mate has made a deal with the Goblin King and has planned a trap for the ceremony.  With the villains the Hobgoblin abandoned, and an amnesiac Lily Hollister, the Goblin King is certain he will get his revenge on Robert Kingsley.

As Kingsley delivers his speech, Missile Mate is waiting to confirm that Kingsley is indeed here.  When the Hobgoblin takes off his mask, Missile Mate strikes with a flaming sword, but is surprised to find it is just a hologram.  Kingsley was expecting such treachery, and the Goblin King and  his villains begin to fight.  A brawl erupts as the two goblins battle, and the Hobgoblin says that the Goblin King is trying too hard to be like Norman Osborne.  Kingsley decides to help the king be more like the original Green Goblin by impaling him with a glider.  He then reveals that Lily was acting as a double agent, and warned him about the attack.

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But Missile Mate has one more trick up his sleeve.  He has prepared a detonator which will trigger explosives attached to the badges of the Hobgoblin’s heroes.  Kingsley says this was clever, but he knows how to get out of this, and suddenly kills all the minions himself.  Missile Mate is shocked and surrenders, and when the police arrive, the Hobgoblin shows this was all another ruse using holograms, and the heroes are fine.

Marvel Comic Book AXIS: Hobgoblin #3 Cont!

Steve Rogers appears on the scene, and says that he does indeed believe that the Hobgoblin has changed.  He states that Queen Cat will lead his team of heroes now, and offers the former villain a new job: a position on the Avengers, which Kingsley eagerly accepts.

AXIS: Hobgoblin #3 Review

Hello, and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of AXIS: Hobgoblin #3.

So for those of you who saw my review of Carnage’s AXIS tie in will know that I enjoyed that series quite a bit, but found issue three a bit lacking.  The ending felt rushed and I couldn’t help but feel after reading it a sentiment of “that’s it?” to the story.

I guess this is the cost of having mini series that are only three issues long, because I do feel the same way about this issue of Hobgoblin.  Number three maintains the same level of quality in terms of art, but the comedy isn’t as strong as it was in issues two and three.  Everything is just kind of wrapped up here nicely, and there isn’t much to this comic book itself.

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But like the Carnage tie in, I did enjoy the Hobgoblin’s story collectively.  It was a lot of fun and a pretty interesting take on the Hobgoblin.      A commenter actually mentioned how this series was written by Kevin Shinick, who is a writer for Robot Chicken.  It shows, as there really is some good jokes here.  I like the idea that at this point, so many people have been the Hobgoblin; it’s actually hard to pin the crimes on one person.

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But overall issue three still falls a little flat for me.  I recommend you only get this if you can get it as a collected bundle with the other Hobgoblin comics, or if you can get it on the cheap, because while it is a nice ending, it doesn’t hold up very well on its own.

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