Batman #9 Comic Book Review/Recap

Batman #9 – I am Suicide, Part One

Batman #9 Comic Book Recap

He remembers being four… he remembers being ten, and fourteen… he remembers being twenty-one.  He remembers fighting for life during this time, every day, when the tide came in.  He struggled for air as leeches and crabs devoured him. And all he ever wanted in those days, all he ever hoped for, was to stop.  For his body to give in.  For something in him to not care anymore, and surrender.  He never did.  Eventually, he turned to venom.  It helped with the screams.  But those days are over.  Bane has stopped.  He has something new – a villain known as Psycho-Pirate.  This man can take away the screams.  He can tell Bane that he is strong, and is always able to stop.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne watches over a girl named Claire, also known as Gotham Girl.  She is not well, but without Psycho-Pirate, she cannot be helped.  Bruce orders Duke and Alfred to watch over her.  He’s going out, and won’t be back for some time.  He’s accepting Amanda Waller’s offer to get Psycho-Pirate back, and even though Alfred calls the plan psychotic, Bruce only cares about helping the girl.

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            Arkham.  A place I’ve filled.  Today is different though.  Today I’m taking four patients out, for a mission.  The deal with Amanda Waller allows this, although Jermiah Arkham is none too pleased about letting one of them go free, given the extent of the prisoner’s crimes.  Jim is here to facilitate things, and I doubt he likes this any better.  It doesn’t matter what they want, though.  I have a mission.  Nothing will stop me.

Batman #9 – I am Suicide, Part One

The first member of my squad is Arnold Wesker.  Eight counts of murder; sentenced to life without parole.  The first to call himself the Ventriloquist.  I make him the standard offer – preferential treatment in exchange for participation.  The chance for exercise, and to see the sun once again.  Wesker is afraid… his puppet always told him what to do.  But Scarface is gone.  I tell Wesker he has to make the decisions now.  With a disturbing smile, he agrees to the offer.

Next up is Turner, the Bronze Tiger. Two counts of manslaughter.  Sentenced to twenty years without parole.  Graduate of the League of Assassins, member of several intelligence agencies.  He re-soundly beats me.  He’s fast.  It’s been too long.  Time to get him out of here.

We then approach Jewlee, no known real name.  Four counts of murder; sentenced to life without parole.  She has been catatonic since her lover, “Punch” disappeared.  I have a feeling that’s all about to change.  Jim Gordon is right-handed, but this imposter lit his pipe with his left hand when we got here.  I had my contacts check and the real Gordon is home – asleep and drugged.  I have to admire the lengths Punch went to rescue his girl.  He’d do anything to get to her… and they will do anything to get out.

Then there’s the last.  Jeremiah is furious, and says he can’t allow this.  He says some crimes are too terrible to overlook. Look around, at the Asylum I’ve filled.  Do you really want to tell me what I can’t do?


            I’ve been thinking lately.  About you and me.  You might be the only one who understands what I’m doing here.  Bane has something I want.  I will take it.  I will do what needs to be done.  I will never stop.  And you’re going to help me.

            Selina Kyle.  Catwoman.  Two hundred and thirty seven counts of murder.  Sentenced to death by lethal injection.

Batman #9 Comic Book Review

Yeah, for better or worse, I just can’t help myself.  I’m picking up another Batman series for now, because I keep hearing things about this title, and man, was I not let down by it.  I am Suicide promises to be a big story arc for Batman, and things kick of here with a rather solid start.

There’s a lot in this little issue, from the awesome little Bane intro we get, to the small and subtle reference to the Legion of Superheroes this mysterious Arkham inmate draws in her cell’s window.  No sure what that Legion symbol means, although we know Rebirth is bringing the futuristic back into their continuity so that little cameo is likely to hint at things to come.  But all that feels like window dressing to the meat of this story, which is a great little sequence of Batman assembling his own Suicide Squad as part of this unspecified deal with Amanda Waller.

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Now this part, which really is the bulk of the comic, is just so cool.  We see a couple of familiar faces and some new, but all of them were interesting.  However, I think we can all agree that the best one of all was saved for last with Selina.  I love the little reference writer Tom King snuck in to the Killing Joke with the whole, “I’ve been thinking about you and me,” line.  And that bombshell of two hundred and thirty-seven counts of murder was pretty surprising.  I assumed that I was missing some reference to a weird Batman story I hadn’t read, but no, from what I can tell, this is new information.

What this means and what Catwoman did is thus a mystery, as far as I know, and should be very interesting going forward in this story.  Plus, I do like Catwoman, kind of.  When she’s done well she’s a great pseudo-ally to Batman, but that really depends on when she’s done well, which I find rare.  That being said, after reading this comic, I have plenty of faith in Tom King’s ability to deliver on this.

But the most compelling aspect of this issue has to be the very idea behind it.  Not only is Batman going up against Bane with a squad of super villains in tow, which is awesome to begin with, this comic also confirms something I had suspected for some time.  See, in a month and a half, we’re going to have the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad crossover drop, the plot of which is that the League basically find out about the Squad and set out to shut it down, understandably not at all approving of villains running around and killing people, even for sanctioned reasons.  That’s fair, but one thing I was wondering was like, sure, I get most of the League not knowing about this, but Batman, no, Batman definitely knows about the Suicide Squad.  And indeed, he does.  He’s even getting his own iteration of the team!

This bit of information is going to be very, very important when the Justice League actually gets into conflict with the Suicide Squad.  So this story is probably going to be worth your time for the payoff we will get later, alone.  But setting all that aside, it’s still a great piece.  A fun read, with some excellent art Mikel Janin and June Chung do some great work pencilling and colouring this story, respectively, and overall a polished, well made Batman comic.  Highly recommended.

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