Batman Becomes The Greek God Of War. Batman The Merciless #1 Review

Batman the Merciless is another great addition to the many tie ins for DC Comic’s Dark nights metal. It adds more soul to these mysterious evil Batmen from the dark multiverse and this Batman the Merciless shows some charm. As per the wonder woman sigil on his chest, we can already deduce that this Batman the merciless is greatly inspired by Wonder Woman. The heavy armored look was a mystery but after reading Batman the merciless issue 1, it makes perfect sense.

So in his world, the greatest villain is the Greek God Ares. He obtained a new helmet that magnified his powers a hundredfold and it took the heroes of this world 2 years to finally get in front of the god of war. Then the league is presumed to have died and somehow Bruce Wayne picks up Ares helmet and puts it on thinking that it is the only way to defeat the god of war. Now he was warned that the helmet will corrupt mortal men, warned by his love Wonder Woman. Also, wonder woman had just died in his arms so in his grief, he dawns the helmet and cuts off the head of the former god of war. But then Diana wakes up revealing that she only got knocked out by Ares. She tries to convince him to take off the helmet but the corruption went so deep that he killed the Wonder Woman of his world from standing in his way. That is very merciless of him.

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So it’s clear that this Batman turned evil from the helmet which reminded me that we have seen something like this before. During the Darkseid war, Batman sat on the Mobius Chair which turned him into the god of knowledge. He basically gained untold amount of knowledge which warped his mind a slight bit. This is also where he asked who the joker really is and the chair told him that there were three. But at the end, Batman eventually found a way off the chair with the help of Hal Jordan’s green lantern ring and all is well again. But this Batman the merciless probably won’t be turning good anytime soon. We see that he actually removes his helmet and yet, he is still power driven. So now the only thing we can look forward to is the battle between Batman the merciless and our Diana Prince Wonder Woman.

Batman The God Of War. The Merciless #1 DC Metal Tie In

So at this moment, the exciting is fading a bit for me with regards to these dc metal tie ins. This issue plays out the exact same way as batman the murder machine, Batman the dawnbreaker and Batman The red death. I’ll give props to Batman the Drowned because she was in her own sane mind when she accepted the batman who laugh’s offer. But then again, maybe her transformation twisted her mind as well so it’s all just a big mess. Anyway, next up we got Batman the Devastator where Batman gets the Doomsday Virus. This is the only issue where the evil Batman didn’t draw inspiration from one of the justice league but rather, from Doomsday himself. I’m not holding my breath for this one but of course, I set out a mission to cover all of these evil batmen so I’ll be covering it as well.

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