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Superman/Batman #17 Recap: Unusual Suspects

Lex Luthor lays on the ground, unable to move and badly injured.  His armour has shorted out and is electrocuting him, and the people around him can’t get close enough to help.  Luckily, Superman arrives on the scene and tears Luthor’s armour apart.  Lex is saved, but Superman thinks he is behind all of this.  But it seems Luthor doesn’t know anything about the attacks, and says that one of the few people he knows on the planet who could puncture his armour, Superman is one of them.  Soon Lex begins to investigate the latest attack.  The other man shot was General Ahmad, a leader in the Khandaq Peace Process.  His death will mean twenty more years of war in the country.  The woman shot was Glory Miau, a pop music icon whose death will crush the spirit of an entire generation.

Superman does what he can to deal with these losses, and then meets up with Batman.  They start to think about possible suspects, and Superman has an idea.  The two heroes travel to the STAR labs Level Seven Containment facility at the bottom of the North Atlantic, where they are greeted by a Dr. Kapoor.  Though the prisoner housed here is secured, the two want to talk to him.  The doctor agrees to take them to visit Hector Hammond.  Hector is intrigued by Superman’s problem, but he wants a memory first.  Batman says he will do it, as they can’t risk him getting control of Superman.

new comics superman batman 17 comic review

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Dr. Kapoor questions what sort of training The Dark Knight has, but he simply replies “I’m Batman.”  The doctor still thinks this is a bad idea, but agrees to remove the telepathic protection on Batman for three seconds.  Hector absorbs Batman’s memory of The Joker, and is quite amused.

He agrees to help Superman and begins to scan the globe.  Only one person on the planet is capable of this evil and has the intelligence and ability to do all of this.  Though Superman assumes it is Lex Luthor, Hector says this one feels quite alien in nature…

On a rooftop in Metropolis, a SWAT team is confronting the assassin Lobo.  As the situation quickly escalates, Superman arrives on the scene and begins to attack Lobo.  The assassin launches several smart bullets at Superman, but Clark is able to dodge the bullets and lead them straight at Lobo.  Clark is enraged and demands to know why Lobo attacked all these people, but Lobo says he didn’t do this.  Superman doesn’t believe the assassin, but Batman says that the bullets Lobo just used don’t match the ones used earlier.  Lobo was just looking to get his hands on the gun used for the assassination.  The assassin then offers his services to Superman, who tells him to get the hell off of Earth.

Superman/Batman #17 Comic Book Cont! 

Lobo replies “Make me,” to which Superman quickly obliges.  In space, a voice tells Superman to look down on Earth one last time, and get ready to see who will burn next.  Currently, Batman and Superman have allies and contacts defending Clark’s loved ones.  Only one person remains unprotected, because, as Batman explains to Lois Lane, they are going to need bait.

Superman/Batman #17 Comic Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island.  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of Batman/Superman #17.

So last issue I had quite a bit of fun with the idea of there being a new villain in play, and so far that’s shaping up to be the case.  I was a bit worried when the new Lobo showed up, but it looks like it’s not him and that’s good, because Lobo isn’t exactly my favourite character, and this new version of him feels just as tired and dated as the old Lobo.

new comics superman batman 17 comic review

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Otherwise, I really liked the moments between Superman and Luthor in this issue.  That was some nicely handled tension, reflecting the fact they are both working together on the Justice League, but still enemies and rivals at the core.

I also enjoyed a lot of other little moments in the comic, like this panel.  What’s the answer to any question people have regarding Batman’s abilities?  I’m Batman!  That’s just great.  And in spite of my misgivings over Lobo, he did have some great moments and lines in this comic.  Like, this part where he is launched into space is awesome!

Overall this is a good but not exactly memorable issue of Batman Superman.  I feel like two much of this was buildup and filler, and I want to see some actual stuff happen.  Hopefully next issue will be something a little more substantial.

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