Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT #4 Recap/review

Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #4 Review/Recap. Raphael’s Rage


Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #4 Recap

Arkham Asylum, the captured foot ninjas are examined and questioned but they show no sign of normality. When asked for his name, the ninja says that he is of the foot, he has no name. Dr Zaheen, one of the many doctors treating the inmates of Arkham, has been doing this all day questioning multiple captured members of this new foot ninja gang. But she gets the same reply over and over again. On her way out, the doctor is questioned by the clown prince of darkness, the joker. He tells her that there is something fun going on outside these walls. He wont miss out on it. Open the door and maybe he and the doctor can braid each other’s hair. Maybe he will kill a few guards if he is feeling festive. HAHAHAHA. Dr. Zaheen suggests that the orderly up the medicine for this high risk inmate.

Wayne Manor, mikey gets treated to one of the luxuries in the world, pizza, at the expense of Alfred pennyworth. Meanwhile, in the bat cave, Leonardo tests his skills against the dark knight of Gotham. They dodge each other’s attack, no one getting the advantage. Batman gets distracted and Leo takes the opportunity to throw the dark knight to the ground.

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Donny has access to Batman’s super computer and he has been working with the Justice League to find a way to help them from returning to their reptilian form. There isn’t a way to stop their condition except to return home but Cyborg has found a way to slow the effects.

While the turtles and the bat enjoy a rare down time feasting on pizza, Raphael slowly grows in anger. He finally had enough and rips off his arm brace. They are dying and only Raph seems to notice. April and Casey is back home waiting for them. The longer they stay in this world, the chances that they will go home dwindles.

Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #4 Review/Recap. Raphael's Rage

Raph turns to Batman and belittles the caped crusader stating that all he is, is a thrill seeker, some dum rich guy who puts on a costume and punches bad guys because it seems fun. They could have snuck into the portal and went home and shut it down from the other side, but no, they listened to the batman and attacked the facility leading to the shredder detonating and destroying the portal, their only ticket home. This is all because of batman. Raph is done, he isn’t gunna spend any more time lollygagging in this freak circus. He is going do to some real work and find a way to get his family home.

Elsewhere, Ras Al Ghul has partnered with Oroku Saki, the shredder. We discovered that the captured scientist had found an anomaly trapped between two worlds. Shredder could have sent it to Gotham but decided against it because of the risks. But the league of Assassin managed to pinpoint its location and reveal what it is. This is what the shredder needs to burn Gotham to the ground. The machine is activated and the Shredder warns the guards to be careful, He may be dangerous.

His name is Casey Jones. He went through the multiverse to save his friends, and a few ninjas will not be enough to stop his rage.

Elsewhere, in a middle of a torrential downpour, Raphael marches towards Gotham city. The Batmobile pulls forth and the caped crusader asks the turtle to jump in. arriving in Gotham, Batman takes Raphael to the place that shattered his childhood and created the dark knight of Gotham. He takes his friend to crime alley, the place where his parents were gunned down by a mobster. Bruce Wayne made it is mission to fight the in just. He swore he would never allow another family to be broken due to the dirtbags and crime lords of Gotham. He was 8 years old when he lost everything. But Batman didn’t take raph here to guilt him. Instead, Batman sees a family ripped apart by impossible science. He will do everything in his power to send the turtle’s home, and he needs Raphael to help him save a family. Alfred radios in. The trusty butler informs the dark knight that there was an influx of trans-dimensional energy originating from the narrows. The turtles are enrooted, and so, Batman and Raphael now have work to do.

The turtles had commandeered one of the batmobile and drove it right through the building. Here they find their enemy gone, but a familiar face beaten on the ground. You see, Casey Jones traversed reality with 5 canisters of pure mutagen, which can be used to save the turtles from reverting back to their reptilian form. But the Shredder along with the league of Assassins took the canisters. Casey only managed to hear one word before the enemy made their way out the door; Arkham.

Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #4 Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the Batman TMNT crossover issue 4. But before we get into that, for one month, comic island is giving away an exclusive marvel’s collector corps hulk buster funko pop. So if you wanna be entered to win this rare collectible, click the link in the description below, sign up for a free account with GemR and upload 1 image of your collectible. Upload a second image to get a second entry to this contest. Alright guys so let’s get into this review. It feels like the momentum has died a bit in issue 4. There is only 2 more issues left before we create a complete story to this 6 part series so I really hope writer james Tynion picks up the momentum.

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But this isn’t a negative review, this is actually the first time in this story that batman got his 15 minutes of fame. He had to share that spotlight with Raphael of course, but I thought they had such great synergistic power that these two makes a great dynamic duo. Remember guys, batman isn’t a stranger to being a mentor or father figure to an overly angry, highly skilled fighter. Damian wayne probably gave Batman a much harder time than raph ever will.

So at the beginning we see a bit of the joker. We gotta assume that joker will break out of arkham somehow and at the end, we see that the shredder and Ras are bringing the mutagen to the asylum. Imagine that guys, the joker high on mutagen. Kinda reminds me of the batman Arkham games, never played it but loved the art and story.

There was one thing I wanted to see in this issue. Donnatello says that he has been working with the justice league to find a cure. He says he is mainly working with cyborg on this project. So it would be so awesome to see a panel of the 4 turtles and the justice league together. Of course this is a batman TMNT story so having batman’s friends show up would take a bit of the spotlight away from the core heroes. But damn it would be awesome to see that one image of the league and the turtles.

I also really enjoyed that Casey jones came on scene. As you guys may know, Steven Amill, the arrow actor is playing Casey jones in the upcoming turtles movie but let’s take a trip down memory lane. Even though I love Amill and his contributions to Arrow, and the fact that the show is filmed in my home town of Vancouver BC, I still can’t see anyone else play Casey jones except for Elias Koteas. If you guys grew up in my generation, then you would have grown up watching the classic live action turtles movies. I loved these movies and Casey jones was a big part of why I loved it. I would bet a pretty penny that Steven Amill would rock it as Casey Jones but we gotta wait till after the movie to see who played the masked hockey vigilante better.

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