Batman The Devastator Takes On Superman In Dark Nights Metal #3

So I didn’t have high expectations for this event until I saw the jaw dropping image of the evil Batmen. I missed out on covering issue 1 and 2 but it isn’t too late for issue 3. And if time permits, I hope I can get in the entire tie ins as well because damn I’m loving these awesome origin stories: Batman the red death, the murder machine and the Dawnbreaker, give me more!

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Dark Nights: Metal #3 Comic Review

So lets take a look at this issue and how it stacks up to the rest. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo shows us again as to why they are a perfect match when it comes to writer and artist but it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. The story is progressing along but there was a bit of exposition. After going into the pocket multiverse, superman gets caught up on what has been going on during his 7 day coma. There was quite a lot of dialog to read through. Normally I would say that this comic is getting a bit too wordy but its Scott Snyder – he is the man with a plan so I have to say that the dialog is important. But the thing is that you have to be invested in the story. If you are a casual reader than ya, this issue has gotta be one of the wordiest issues so far in DC Metal.

This issue also puts Superman in the driver seat. Snyder and Capullo got lots of history with Batman so the previous issue shines a bright light on our dark knight detective so it is a breath of fresh air to have someone else on the driver’s seat.

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So Superman gets waken by Wonder Woman after 7 days from being chained onto a pillar and being used as an energy source for Barbatos. He finds out that his family got taken and met the same fate as these other people chained to the battery tower so he flies off to Gotham to fight Barbatos head on but instead, he gets rammed by Batman the devastator. The Batman who laughs confirms that this Devastator is Batman whom injected himself with the doomsday virus to take out an out of control Superman from his dark earth. Batman the devastator doesn’t have memorable dialog but that’s ok. We get that fix from our new favorite evil batman – the Batman who laughs.

Following their battle, Flash takes superman to safety. Then after their meeting in the pocket dimension, superman heads to his fortress uses the Anti-Monitor’s antenna to get himself to the dark multiverse to save his friend. But then it turns out to be a trap set by Barbatos to get Superman in the right spot in the vast dark multiverse.  Superman is the real battery that Barbatos needs to set his plan.

There is just so much doom and gloom in this issue and the stakes are over the roof high. Batman and superman are trapped. Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Green Lantern along with Nightwing, Dr Fate, Mr Terrific and Damian are the resistance. And let’s not forget about Deathstroke. He came out of nowhere but his promethium sword might just be what the heroes need to tip the scales of war.

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Deathstroke In DC Metal?

Speaking about weapons, in a Dark Nights metal tie in: Green lantern issue 32, we discovered that Nth Metal can hurt these evil beings from the dark multiverse. Damian Wayne got hit but he forces the arrow through him to kill one of the evil Robins belonging to the batman who laughs. So we now know Nth metal is a weakness for these guys. Too bad it is super rare.

So this story struggles from every major story event that causes worldwide chaos. We know that the heroes will win. Even the civilians turned to batteries and strange minions will be turned back to normal. The only question is – how will the good guys triumph? What’s on my mind following every major event is – how is this story going to effect the heroes moving forward? How will it affect the DC universe? If Dark Nights Metal can answer some of these questions and change the status quo then I am relieved. Right now the beginning is awesome, the middle is super fun but how will it end?

UP NEXT: Batman Becomes The Evil Green Lantern

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