Batman TMNT #3 Comic Book Review/Recap

Batman TMNT #3 Review/Recap. Epic Team-up!


Batman TMNT #3 Comic Book Recap

The iceberg Lounge, Cobblepot has lent his services to the shredder and finally, their work has paid off, shredder’s inter-dimensional portal machine is finished. It’s time that the foot clan goes home. But the Armoured samurai isn’t interested in just going home. There isn’t any reason why the foot clan cannot rule 2 cities, and the shredder looks forward to seeing more of Gotham. Cobblepot is shocked. He thought that the shredder only wanted to go home. The shredder will not accept any insubordination. The penguin belongs to the foot clan now. The shredder warns his feathered friend: Do not forget that.

Batman TMNT #3 Review/Recap. Epic Team-up! Shredder And The Penguin

Shredder demands that Dr. Khan, the kidnapped scientist specializing in inter-dimensional travel, be brought forth to activate the machine.

Elsewhere, Dr, Khan is awoken by the foot clan. This poor, beaten man hasn’t slept for days. He is overworked and his stomach growls from lack of nutrition. But the clan is relentless in their cruelty. It is time to activate the machine, doctor.


Batman came out of the shadows and the two guards paid the price for being in his way. The dark knight informs the scientist that there is a boat waiting for him just down the corridor. The man inside will take him back to the city. Dr Khan tells batman that he cannot do this alone.

Batman replies: Who said i was alone?

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Back at the iceberg lounge, the shredder awaits for Dr. Khan. But his patience wears thin. Something is wrong. Raphael leads the charge and attacks the first ninja he can see. As always, his brothers got his back but this time, the turtles enter the fray with the bat at their side.

Wayne Manor, two hours earlier, Batman has made headway in this mysterious foot clan case. The final piece that would create an inter-dimensional portal has been stolen. Gotham’s power supply is being funneled to the penguin’s iceberg lounge. Batman must move fast but wait, the silent alarms within the Batcave has been triggered. Someone is down there.

The batcave, Michelangelo enjoys his dino ride while Donatello basks in the heavenly tech that is this place. But Raphael is bothered. He informs Leonardo that no sane man would ever build a place like this, or dresses up like a bat to fight like a vigilante, or even build a car resembling his bat fetish. Batman heard enough. He appears out of the darkness and throws Raphael into the bat-mobile. Leo gets thrown soon after but the turtles regroup. Batman demands answers: HOW DID YOU GET INTO THIS CAVE?

Donny attempts to talk for his brothers but master splinter enters the conversation. The turtles stand down allowing splinter to explain their predicament. He informs their dark knight host that there is a darkness that plagues their world; The Shredder and his foot clan. After a deadly battle with the foot clan, master splinter and his four sons nearly tasted victory, until a trans-dimensional being known as Krang came. This being teleported the foot clan along with him and his sons to another world. They emerge in this city and they discovered that the shredder had kidnapped a scientist that built him a portal to get back to their world. Batman heard enough and he made up his mind. Pack up, we attack the iceberg lounge tonight.

Present day, our heroes are well on their way to taking down the foot ninjas. But the shredder remains elusive. Shredder can see that his master plan is slipping through his fingers. He will not win the day. If he cannot win, then he will not lose.


He did the unthinkable and destroys his only ticket home. But wait, Batman sent the man who built the machine to safety, he sent Dr Khan back to the city. Wrong, Alfred radios in informing the dark knight that Dr Khan is dead. There must have been some form of sub-dermal bomb implanted in the doctor’s skull. The only man whose capable of rebuilding this machine is dead. Hope is lost.

Raphael can’t hold in his anger. YOU CANT DO THIS he yells as he leaps towards the shredder, but the armored samurai sees an opening and slashes Raphael.

And with that, the shredder fires his grappling gun and escapes the burning building. The turtles are defeated. A brother is down and their only way of getting home is gone. If they stay in this world, they will revert back to what they were before the mutagen. As smart as he is, even the dark knight detective cannot see a way to help his new friends.

The shredder’s master plan didn’t work out but no matter, the turtles and the rat will soon be out of his hair. He will not be going home any longer, his numbers are depleted, but he will rebuild and this city will be his.

But wait, this copter is no longer piloted by his men. It is commandeered by the league of assassins, and Ras Al Ghul has a proposition for his new partner.

Batman TMNT #3 Comic Book Recap

Whats goin on guys welcome to comic island. My name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the batman teenage mutant ninja turtle’s issue 3. So this is just another awesome issue and things are getting very heated up.

So let’s start off with how this issue stands up to issue 1 and 2. The momentum has already been built. Last issue we saw the turtles square off with batman. That was a quick fight. I wanted more but in this issue, the inevitable happens and we see Batman teaming up with the turtles to take on the foot clan. The one thing im getting a bit disappointed in is that I feel like the turtles are overshadowing Batman. This is starting to look like a turtle’s comic book with Batman as the sidekick. Blasphemy you say? Lol well lets take a look at how awesome and entertaining the turtles are. First we got Mikey riding Batman’s stuffed T-Rex. Lol that’s just awesome. And I must admit, I love the banter between Raph and Leo during the batcave scene. And then when Alfred walks in with a shotgun, and mikey thinks that Alfred is a robot butler, that’s just comedic gold. During the big fight, Leo accidentally refers to Batman as Sir and then Raphael calls him out on that. Again we see such deep relationships between these two brothers and I love that.

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And we cant forget to mention that the turtles biggest villain is giving Batman a run for his money. So ya, as of right now, this comic book have a big spotlight on the turtles and batman is just the side dish. Im not getting much from Batman but you know what, that’s ok, because the cliff hanger ending has a huge Batman villain. Ras Al Ghul is here at last. So it looks like we will see a teamup between the two villains. But the foot clan is decimated. We don’t know how many members are left or maybe it’s just the shredder now. There might be a chance that bebop and rock steady are in Gotham but I wouldn’t count on that.

But these are just my opinion on this comic book. What do you think? Is batman being overshadowed by the turtles? Or am I just crazy? Please let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe and I’ll see you next time in another comic island video.


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