Batman TMNT #6 Comic Book Review/Recap

Batman TMNT ReviewRecap #6 Epic Finale!

Batman TMNT #6 Comic Book Recap

Arkham Asylum, the mutated villains engage upon their pray, the dark knight and his son. But Batman has fought these villains before and he knows them well. Batman begins with taking down Bane. Harley Quinn falls to the boy wonder. But poison Ivy offers a distraction for Mr. Freeze to blast batman with his cold gun.

The bat cave, Alfred and the turtles can see that batman and robin are in dire need of backup. But Casey Jones warns his friends that the trans-dimensional machine is ready and they have to go now. The turtles are faced with a dilemma: they have a way to get back home, but if they leave, they are condemning the dark knight to a death sentence. The machine will activate any second. The turtles need to decide, but either way, Casey is going in, with our without his friends.

Back at Arkham, Batman is trapped in an ice prison, so he orders Robin to leave. Damian Wayne isn’t the type to run from a fight but he reluctantly flees the scene, for now.

Batman TMNT ReviewRecap #6 Epic Finale!

Ra’s Al Ghul and the shredder finally show themselves. Ra’s announces that with the mutagen, he can finally destroy Gotham city and the rest of the world. Reborn in its ashes will be an entire world ripe for the taking. The shredder is disappointed; he expected more of a fight from the warrior clad in black.

A ninja brings news that the police forces surrounding the asylum has tripped. Seconds later, Raphael leaps into the scene followed by his brothers and master Splinter. The turtles made their decision, they will stay to defend Gotham and their new ally. The turtles engage their foe and Mickey is the first to take out the polar bear. Ra’s and the shredder prepares for a fight but suddenly, Batman returns to the chaos with the intimidator suit, with upgrades. The shredder engages the dark knight in a fight to the death. But even with this new suit, Batman wont win a two on one fight. Master splinter will take on the mutated villains allowing his sons to plow through some ninjas to aid their friend.

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It’s a four on one fight between the demon’s head and the turtles and still, Ra’s al Ghul holds his own. Batman is free to challenge the shredder. They exchange blow for blow, with no one taking on the advantage. Shredder calls for his mutated villains BUT they are all knocked out by Splinter. He approaches his nemesis and with one blow, Master splinter knocks out Oroku Saki, the shredder. Ra’s Al Ghul’s plans are failing. He calls for the league of assassins to converge upon Arkham but Damian returns. The son of the Bat states that he has disarmed the entire league with the help of the GCPD. Its over Ra’s, you lost!


Victory is secured but the leader of the assassins disappears into the smokescreen. But what now? Casey has gone home and the turtles will still be turned back to what they were before the mutagen.


Casey came back with help. You see, once Casey returned back home, he, along with April o’Neal, with the help of their scientist friend, began working on another portal. There was a chance that they would be teleported into the abyss of nothingness but they took that risk. Their risk paid off. But the portal will only be opened for 20 minutes. So, they get to work. Before returning home, the turtles took every foot clan member and of course the shredder with them. Raphael is the last one to step through and he offers his mask to show his gratitude to the dark knight.

Batman TMNT #6 Comic Book Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the batman TMNT teenage mutant ninja turtles crossover issue 6. So that’s it, everything wrapped up nicely and, well, that’s it. My fear came true; the journey was more enjoyable than the end, kind of like another comic series. But what can I say. I wasn’t completely disappointed, there were some cool moments but I was expecting a bit more. A few more wow factors or maybe a possible lead to a second part to this comic series. The addition of April O’Neal was a nice touch but as I mentioned in my previous review, a lot of characters weren’t necessary and the same goes for her.

Casey Jones is a fan favorite but I felt that this comic didn’t do him any favors. Let’s look back on his role in this series: Casey came and brought the mutagen, got beat up and lost the mutagen, mutagen used as a weapon to beef up the villains (Thanks Casey) and then he urges the turtles to return with him with the backup pocket teleporter he brought. So the turtles didn’t go and he left them without a solid plan of returning to Gotham. But then yay, he returns with the help of April and a scientist from their world to offer the turtles a way to get back home. Yeeaaaa, this comic series makes him look heroic, then selfish and at the end, he is the reluctant hero.

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But the fight between the shredder and Batman was what saved this issue for me. The art was just awesome especially on this panel showing the two duking it out. I can go without the intimidator suit though. What’s the point of putting on batman emblems with the 4 colors of the turtles? And think about this: does batman need a high-tech suit of armor to go toe to toe with the shredder? This comic sure thinks he does. I would rather he use the suit to take down the entire mutated villains. We can also be treated to some cool gadgets as well but instead, we see batman launching his shell backpack to stun the shredder? Sigh!

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