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Batman/Superman #16 Comic Review

At the Metropolis City Center Hospital, a man arrives in a cab.  A man arrives and says he has a new idea, but his friend is annoying.  The man replies that the world is changing, and this is a job for Superman.

As the two friends entertain sick children in the hospital, Superman, Krypto, Supergirl, and Steel are rescuing a pod of orcas.  The whales are freed and happily move through the water.

In an instant, something hits one of the orcas and instantly kills it.  Superman can only deflect the shock-wave.  As everyone including the whales stands in shock, three more attacks are made, and Kyrpto, Steel, and Supergirl are all hit by a mysterious enemy.

Though badly injured, Superman’s friends and family are fine, but whatever attacked them was too fast for even Superman to see.

At the hospital, something flies through the wall, and the man dressed as Superman has been hit by the bullet.  Not wanting to scare the children, he excuses himself, and collapses out in the hallway.

In response to all this, Superman and Batman meet up.  Batman remarks that today Superman is acting different.  Not wanting to exchange pleasantries, Clark gets right down to business, which worries Bruce Wayne.  They investigate the hospital, where a child says that he saw the man who was shot had a bug right in his chest in addition to all the blood.

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The two heroes regroup at the Batcave and discuss possible sources of the attack.  Lex Luthor, Hector Hammond, and Cyborg Superman are all considered as possibilities, but Batman says none of these villains hate Superman enough.  Clark has a hard time believing that Lex Luthor doesn’t hate him enough, but Batman points out that whoever did this went after Superman’s friends and a civilian dressed like him just because he wore the same costume.  Luthor and the other villains would have just gone straight after Superman.

Batman says whoever did this is playing games and trying to send a message.  This is not a rational person that Superman or Batman can ever make sense of.  What Superman has… is a Joker of his very own.

Batman says that they will begin to protect those close to Superman, but thinking back on his own time with the Joker, Batman says they won’t be able to think of everything, and that loss is all but inevitable.  Superman does not take this well, and quietly admits that he does not want to be like Batman.

Suddenly the alarm rings, and Batman says that the computer has been comprimised.  A voice begins to laugh, and says the he already knows about all the people closest to Superman.  And he plans to begin his attack immediately.  The villain shows the two heroes three locations for his next attack.  But as Superman races off to save them, he is already too late.

Batman/Superman #16 Recap

batman/superman16 comic review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review of Superman Batman #16!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  They shot Krypto!  And a whale!  You monsters!

So, I picked up this comic because I figured it would be a fun comic to cover.  I mean it’s Superman and Batman, right?  I also really liked the last story arc in this comic, and the writer of this comic Greg Pak always has a fun story planned usually.

And I can’t say that the Nemesis Objective was at all disappointing.  This was a great deal of fun, and it seems like Superman might be getting a new villain with some rather sinister motives and terrifying abilities.

We also have a new artist named join this comic as of this issue and he does a fantastic job.  For example, this scene with the dead whale is as brutal and gruesome as it needs to be and it really hammers home a sense of shocking violence out of nowhere.

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For him or her to be able to hurt someone like Supergirl and move too fast for Superman is a pretty scary prospect, so I’m really excited about what happens next.  Let’s be real, Luthor is still alive and there’s no way he actually just died, but I’m still pretty excited for what happens next in this comic.  I recommend you all check out this comic for yourself.  The general looks to be Lois Lane’s father, and it is actually possible he just died.  And as for the woman, well, I’m not actually too sure who she is.  That’s pretty unusual, but I’m sure somebody in the comments section can let me know who that is.

Thanks for watching my review and recap of Superman Batman #16.  Be sure to check out our website and Facebook page in our video description.  Finally, be sure to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics!

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