Best Mystery Box Gift? – Geek Fuel

It is the first of the month and I have last month’s Geek Fuel Box to review. This kids subscription mystery box is my very first one so I was super excited to get this in the mail. The fact that I got my first box as a gift made it even more spectacular.

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I knew that I wouldn’t like everything the box had to offer so my expectations weren’t blown out of proportion but there were a few things I knew that had to be in every single mystery box. by the time of this article, I already received  a few other nerd mystery box from other companies such as Marvel’s Collector Corps, Dc Legion Of Collectors, Lootcrate and of course, Geek Fuel. And now it’s time to compare these monthly box subscriptions.

My Geek Fuel Mystery Box Gift


My June Geek Fuel Mystery Box gift was spectacular. As always, I didn’t enjoy every item but the great thing about being a new father means that you can pass on some ‘kiddish’ items to your child and tell them you went out of your way to get it for them. These items include the tattoo and the stamp, items that I would have probably thrown out in the garbage.

comic island mystery box gift

I enjoyed everything else especially the Pokemon Go t-shirt and the Mario planter. A jade plant went in there but I might exchange the jade plant for a venus fly trap soon, just so I can cling on to the nostalgia feel from my childhood. =)

This monthly subscription box for kids has been quite entertaining and starts out at only $17.90 per month. Me being a kid at heart makes this monthly box subscription that much more enjoyable and I am now hooked.

So if you are stuck looking for a gift for a young one or someone young at heart, I recommend picking up this geek fuel mystery box gift for that person. you will not regret it.

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