Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 Comic Book Recap/Review

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Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 Comic Book Recap

While fighting his way through SHIELD’s reality-bending suburban super prison known as Pleasant Hill, an aged and de-powered Steve Rogers was returned to fighting form by a sentient Cosmic Cube known as Kobik.  Sam Wilson agreed to share the title of Captain America, and with Red Skull, Baron Zemo, and Kobik all at large after the collapse of Pleasant Hill, the world could use these two heroes now more than ever…In the right moment, it only takes one person to change the world forever.  Back in 1926, that person was Elisa Sinclair.  My father… my father was not a good man.  But Elisa protected us.  She gave my mother comfort when she needed it most.  She saw a strength in me none has seen before.  She saw great things in my future.  In the right moment, and of us can be a hero.  Ever since I was a  young boy, I saw this.  These examples inspired me and I followed in their footsteps.

Today’s mission is being monitored by Sharon Carter, SHIELD Commander and Congressional Liason, and also the love of my life.  Rick Jones, my former sidekick, is helping out.  Or trying to, at least.  Resistance is heavy and while I do what I can, Sharon asks if I can see the bomb.  I see him, alright.  His name is Robbie Dean Tomlin.  He didn’t have the best childhood, either.  Robbie dreamed of better things, but poverty kept him from ever going to college.  He opted for a life of crime.   He wasn’t very good at it.  In prison, he fell into a bad crowd of white supremacists out of the need for protection.  By the time he got out of jail, his life was in a downward spiral.  He turned to drugs, and began a life of squalor.  Robbie was only saved through hope, in the form of his old cellmate who had made a powerful connection.  Robbie never stopped believing, but the funny thing about hope is that sometimes, it comes from the strangest of places.

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Under the Red Skull’s influence, Robbie finally found purpose.  This was his chance to be something.  This was his chance to belong.  So Robbie happily took their mark.  He was still innocent though, and lost faith when his comrades beat a man to death for no reason other than the color of his skin.  After that, it was almost a relief when they told him it was time that he gave his life for the cause at well.  Se here Robbie sits at the front of a train with a bomb strapped to his chest.  <SIGH> We’re all heroes.  We’re all just trying to make a difference.  The goons in my way are nothing.  It’s easy to break on through.

Meanwhile, Sharon deploys Jack Flag and Free Spirit into the field to take out the HYDRA staging site.  I don’t like it, nor do I approve.  They’re just kids.  Sharon should have just waited for me to circle back after I was done here.  But she’s stubborn… just like her aunt.  Rick manages to detach the rear cars of the train, getting almost everyone clear of the blast radius.  Only one man left to save… Robbie.  I leap to the car.  I tell him there’s always a better way.  I let him know I understand his pain.  I tell him that his mother misses him and wants to him to come home.  He speaks, then… NO!

I don’t leave the blast unscratched.  It’s taking a while to get used to the new shield… and the body.  I used to look in the mirror and not recognize the old man staring back at me.  Now I don’t recognize this.  Being young and with powers… it’s a lot to handle, all at once.  Sharon asks that next time I encounter a living cosmic cube that can restore youth, I should mention my partner, too.

She what I am thinking.  I tell her this new HYDRA is getting under my skin.  When I looked into that boy’s eyes, I saw nothing.  She tells me people get led astray.  I’m not going to save them all.  Every day this woman amazes me.  Sometimes it is the tiniest things, but sometimes, it’s those little things that go a long way.  Sinclair always understood that.  She was always so kind to me and my mother.  While Jack Flag, Free Spirit, and Rick Jones share stories in the mess hall, Sharon, Maria and I have a meeting together.

When I arrive, the two are already fighting – honestly, I was hoping they would have worn each other out by now, but Maria is otherwise in a good mood.  For once, she has good news – they found Zemo.  After the fiasco in Pleasant Hill, the Baron dropped off the map.  Word was that he kidnapped  the SHIELD scientist Dr. Erik Selvig, and forced the man to help him find Kobik, the sentient cosmic cube.  Beyond that, he’s been impossible to find… until today.  Zemo appeared in Bagalia, a city with no laws and rife with super villain activity.  Announcing the Red Skull is telling lies when he declares himself the head of HYDRA, Zemo has declared himself the ruler of HYDRA by divine right.  He has assembled a handful of heroes, promising them wealth and more numbers soon.

But he shouldn’t worry so much about having to rebuild.  SHIELD is about to save him the effort.  The villains strike out at us, but they are second string criminals for a reason.  Not Zemo, though.  He is able to escape in his personal aircraft.  I order the kids to focus on Zemo’s lackeys while I go after our target.  It isn’t hard to get in <DOOR SOUNDS?> and dispatch Zemo.  But luck isn’t on my side today.  I happen to land on the emergency cargo drop hatch and nearly fall to my death.

Call it luck, call it destiny, it’s amazing how fast our future can change.  But these are the moments that let us be heroes.  Jack sees me in danger and moves in to help.  That’s what makes you a hero.  How much you are committed to doing what is right, in big ways and small.  It took a while for my mom to understand that, but eventually she asked Elisa if there is anything she could do to return the kindness this woman showed us so long ago.  Sinclair only said we should have hope in our hearts.  In a few years, I would be strong enough for both me and my mother.  She was right.

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Moments can change everything in the blink of an eye.  Sinclair did eventually ask for something in return.  She wanted us to come to a meeting of like-minded individuals – a civic league of sorts – intent on making the community a better place.  My mother was reluctant, but took a pamphlet anyway.  Elisa promised my mother she’d like what they would have to say.

In the right moment, one person can change the world forever.  Jack Flag saw a moment just like this.  In that split second, he saw someone in need, and did what was right, without second-guessing himself or worrying about the consequences.  He’s a hero.  He deserved better than this.  But this is the price that must be paid for what must be done.  The road has not been easy.  I have had plenty of doubts along away.  But still, after all this time, I hold true to what I believe.  I follow in the footsteps of those who inspired me.  You see, I dream of something better, too.  Hail, HYDRA.

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Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 Comic Book Review

Hello, and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1.

Some of you may occasionally wonder how I pick what series to review.  The answer is, well, there is no single method I have for doing this.  Sometimes I use sales charts to help inform me what people are interested in broadly.  Other times, another critic’s review about a particular series might get my attention.  Occasionally we do requests, too.  And sometimes I hear about some development in the plot or a scene so cool that I just know I have to review the comic right away.

That happened with this Captain America comic.  This morning Twitter was all over this giant plot twist, and when I heard just what had happened, I knew I just had to see this for myself.  And I’m really glad I did.  As this comic says, sometimes a moment can change your world.   The first bit of news I heard about this was from Batman’s up until recently artist Greg Cappullo, of all people, who said that ever since he heard about this new revelation, he just can’t stop thinking about it.  I can’t either.  It is not only interesting but quite exciting, too.

So… Captain America, the symbol of liberty and freedom all around the world, is a HYDRA double-agent.  And he’s been this way the whole time!  Apparently.  This is all very fresh.  I’m still not sure what to make of all this, if this is permanent, or if this is even real.  If it is, the implications are… astounding really.  You know, when I was reading this comic, I couldn’t help but think that Skull, Zemo, and HYDRA in general have survived an awful lot at Cap’s hands.  So now I find myself looking back on Steve’s entire career with all sorts of questions.  How much of what we know is real?  How many times did Cap just let his supposed enemies go, or secretly aid them?

Or this could all be something a little more complicated.  Remember that Steve was just restored by a sentient cosmic cube.  Perhaps she did something to him as well, rewriting Steve’s history into one where Rogers was a HYDRA agent all along.  That’s well within the powers of a cosmic cube, and we don’t know where Kobik stands on all of this.  She could very well be behind this change.

It’s hard to tell.  The possibilities and implications are rather endless.  Suddenly every conversation and thing Captain America has ever done can be looked back on with suspicion or with a new meaning behind it.  No, Marvel obviously wasn’t planning this all along, as writer Nick Spencer himself has said he only came up with this idea about a year ago, but I still think this was pretty clever.  It’s an interesting choice on their part and one that I am pretty open to, because well, it could change everything.  The entire history of the Marvel Universe suddenly could change and that’s a really big deal to fans like me.

Now, it wasn’t too hard to find the usual internet outrage.  People whining and complaining and spewing whatever usual garbage happens when the comics suddenly have an “issue” they deem worthy of talking about.  Hell, people have been harassing Ed Brubaker even though he hasn’t touched a Captain America book in five years!  I take very little stock in this outrage, for several reasons.  One, this sort of thing has definitely happened before.  Two, it’s probably temporary.  My cosmic cube theory fits a little too well for me to not suspect this change in Steve Rogers is relatively new and probably isn’t going to last forever.  And three, if you really are angry about this, when we don’t even have all the information yet, you are a reactionary child who has never experienced real adversity in your life.  There are too many things in the real world actually worth getting angry about.

Look, I don’t often play this card, but I actually am the descendant of people who were victims of the Nazis.  My grandmother has an old family portrait.  In that photo, one person survived and escaped to Canada.  Everyone else is missing, presumed dead.  The Nazis had a profound impact on my family and millions of others.  But I’ve never really taken much offense to their use in popular culture.  Not only do they make great, easy, and convenient bad guys, but I’d rather us as a culture be willing to discuss history instead of ignore it.

Did you know that back in the 1920s there really were fascist and Nazi groups in most Western countries?  They were somewhat popular too, never enough to gain power, but enough to have a decent swath of followers.  Back then, there wasn’t as much stigma attached to fascism, so it really isn’t that unreasonable that someone like Steve and his mother would get caught up in that sort of thing.  So there is historical precedent, both within and out of the comic.

And yes, I’m sure people will be offended that the living symbol of America is being used like this.  Others will no doubt try and make this somehow about their political agenda.  Some people just need to get over themselves.  For one thing, there’s another Captain America around right now, so the symbolism thing is lost on me and it seems like it is just an excuse for people to complain.  Ask yourself this – why should I, as a descendant to victims of the Nazis, be offended?  And then ask why you should be offended for me.

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So, taking aside the hot bed of nonsense that is the internet, this comic easily deserves a recommendation.  Not because it has a particulazrly good plot twist, but because it executes that twist extremely, profoundly well.  Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz are an excellent creative team, not only producing some solid writing and art but seeding the comic with all sorts of hints about the big surprise while also thematically explaining Cap’s mind set very well.  There’s a reason we spend so much time learning about Robbie in this comic, and why there’s such a focus on people being heroes.  Because everyone is a hero in their own eyes.  Everyone is putting something on the line for what they believe is right.  And for Steve… well, maybe what Steve believes in isn’t what we thought it was all this time.

Part of me is still in shock.  I’m having trouble processing what this news means and what is going to happen.  So, stay tuned for issue two, because I have to look into this further.  Some stories are just too good and too big in their scope and scale to resist.  Thanks for watching this video.  I am very intent on hearing just what our dear viewers think of all this, because I’m still coming to terms with it myself.  Oh, and, as always, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hail, HYDRA.

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