Civil War II #7 Comic Book Review/Recap

 Civil War II #7 – The Future.

 Civil War II #7 Comic Book Recap (Script)         

 The Inhumans stand behind Ulysses, worried.  He won’t respond to them.  His powers are changing at an incredible rate, and his visions are becoming… disturbing.  They want to take the young man back to the Ultimates for further testing, but promise to only do so if he consents. Ulysses says nothing.

His mind is elsewhere… in a Wasteland.  He is approached by a Hulk who is quickly taken out by Old Man Logan.  The young man is confused, and doesn’t understand where he is.  He asks what year it is, which puts Logan on guard.  That’s not a normal question.  Ulysses explains that he isn’t supposed to be here… wherever this place may be.

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At the capitol building, Miles Morales stands alone.  Police begin arriving, surrounding the young hero.  A stand-off begins.  

At Logan’s demand, Ulysses explains that he is an Inhuman, which surprises Wolverine.  The Inhumans left Earth a long time ago.  The young man asks what happened, and Logan only answers with Tony Stark.

Civil War II #7 – The Future.

Above New York City, Maria and Carol are not sure what to do.  Hill makes it clear that a fight on the steps of the capitol is unacceptable, as is Spider-Man killing Captain America, especially since, by now, the whole thing is being watched on live television.   Worse still, if Cap dies, SHIELD will have to admit they were warned ahead of time that this might have happened.  Maria agrees to tell the cops to stand down, and Carol promises to get Miles to turn himself in willingly.

As the situation gets tense in DC, the cops get the order and stand down.  Spider-Man isn’t doing anything wrong, so they all leave.  Miles is left to himself, when he is approached by Captain America.

In the future, Logan refuses to elaborate any further on what happens, but he says Stark got pushed too far.  Ulysses asks more questions, but a surge of energy brings him back to the present.  The Inhuman warns his people that Carol has to stop fighting Tony, immediately.

In DC, Miles feels it is important to highlight the fact that he’s not going to kill Captain America.  Steve Rogers knows that.  They’re here for the same reason.  To prove to everyone it’s not going to happen.  It’s a weird situation, even by superhero standards.  Spider-Man admits that he’s pretty confident Cap will get out of this fine – he’s been doing this for the better part of the century – but Miles?  The young man thinks he’s in real trouble.

Carol arrives and begins to talk.  She insists she’s not a bad person, which Cap affirms.  But she can’t just hope things work out.  She asks for the chance to get Miles somewhere safe, and reaches out to him.  A barrier prevents her from doing so, and she realizes Tony is here.

Comic Island Civil War II 2016

 Civil War II #7 Comic Book Review

I wasn’t really looking forward to this one.  I figured the event had run it’s course, and though it had its moments, it really hadn’t delivered what I hoped it would.  So I assumed this and the next issue would have been kind of middle of the road – standard entries with lots of big fights and a huge ending to hit things home, like what these events usually have.

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But I’ve gotta say, this issue was not that and instead I was entertained throughout the whole thing.  At the eleventh hour Bendis is bringing in some pretty cool things.  The vision of the Wasteland, the conversation at DC, and even Tony coming in a big suit I’m going to call the Marvelbuster, it was all pretty compelling stuff.  I’m not sure what to make of it, and though I’d be reluctant to assume that issue number eight is going to somehow pay all of this stuff off, this issue on it’s own, was interesting and I enjoyed reading it.  Say what you will about the rest of the event – and yeah, this issue doesn’t change much about the ongoing problems here – if the rest of the event was as tightly written as this issue was, Civil War II could have been really great.

More than anything else it made me realize there’s a lot of good ideas being floated around this event.  I think if it was structured better and if the conflict was better stretched out to include more of a split in the super hero community, or been a little more emotionally grounded and fleshed out, we could have had something great.  Instead, it’s alright, and suffers from many problems, some of which it shares with with Civil War I.  At this point it seems clear that the first Civil War, flawed as it may be, is simply going to be better remembered for it’s ambition, the depth of the war, and it’s effects on continuity.

If you’ve come this far, you’ll probably want to pick up this comic.  Under those conditions I do recommend this issue.  It impressed me enough, but if you haven’t bothered with Civil War II at all yet, well, I wouldn’t start now.  We’re at the final stage here, and pretty soon it will be clear whether or not this event was worth our time.  Right now, I think no.  Civil War II had a lot of potential but didn’t quite stick the landing.  Will the final issue change things?  Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below!

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