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Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic books online preview of the Spider-Man 2099 on  comic island and today, we are previewing the new marvel series, spiderman 2099 which will debut this coming july. So what do we know so far, after issue 19 of the superior spiderman, Miguel o-hara, got thrusted back in time to 2014 and is now stuck here in our time.


Miguel is now trapped in the present day Marvel Universe, so straight away we have to deal with the fact that in the greatest of Marvel traditions, we have a hero out of time,” artist will Sliney says, referring to Captain America who was frozen in the 1940s and awaked in modern times.

comic books online preview: Spider-Man 2099comic books online - spiderman 2099 preview

With Spider-Man 2099 now living and working in the present day he’s sharing space with his namesake and idol – the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker. With that fact front and center, an obvious question to writer peter David is what would Miguel call himself in modern times; david sarcastically says s-man.

I never even considered this before but there will now be 2 heroes calling themselves spiderman. Pretty confusing for the citizens of New York City. O and of course we got the scarlet spider swinging around somewhere with his new team the new warriors.

Lets get into some of the pictures released for this upcoming issue. btw the art is amazing so far from what i can see. First image shows Miguel battling with a guy clad in armor. The writers have stated that Miguel will start off confronting a group selling spider slayers to foreign countries. I can only assume that this armored guy is an enforcer for this group.

So when Miguel came to twon, he got a job at alchemax, a new company in 2014 but a mega evil company in his time. The man leading the company is Tiberius stone and somehow Miguel has got a job as his personal assistant. This came helpful when alchemax built spider slayers for the mayer of new York to battle the menaces during the goblin nation story arc. Miguel used his ingenuity to gain control but obviously things didn’t go as plan when the green goblin over ride the slayers.

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So this creates an interesting chemistry for spiderman 2099. His main adversary is Alchemax industry ran by his grandfather Tiberius stone. Thats right his grandfather. So this comes convenient for a hero to not kill but it is extra important that Ohara ensure the well being of his nemisis and grandfather or he risk being a paradox and phased out of time.

Alright so are you guys looking forward for this issue series? I can’t wait to see how he ties in with the spider-verse story arc. I highly recommend checking out the final issue of superior spiderman 31 to see how things unraveled for ohara teaming up with the superior spider.

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Comic Books Online Spider-Man 2099 Youtube Preview

So, as promised, below is my review on video format hosted by Youtube. Enjoy!

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