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Patreon is a crowd funding tool that allows you to directly support your favorite creators on Youtube. I am honored that you would want to join the Comic Island family. Me and Arden love creating comic book contents around our favorite Superheroes, stories and events.

With your help, we will have the tools to increase production quality and steer our content in the direction that will engage, entertain and educate our audience.

Please consider donating a dollar (or more) and I promise your voice will be heard. Check out our awards down below for special perks only for our patreon.

  • To educate readers on the continuity, history, and other topics related to the comic book industry.
  • To provide critical review of comics both old and new
  • To ENGAGE, ENTERTAIN and EDUCATE our audience in the Comic book world.
  • With our Patreon page, YOU can help achieve these goals.
  • Computer upgrades and other equipment.  We have decent tech but you never know when stuff breaks down.  This will allow us to maintain the smooth ongoing production of videos by having the funds to maintain and upgrade our tech as it becomes necessary.
  • Events, special effects, upgrades, and more.  The sky’s the limit!  Our goal is to improve our production quality and the frequency of our upload – make this channel the best it can be!
  • Thank you for your consideration!  We want to bring the best content possible and both of us (Joey and Arden) think this is the best way to do so.


Patreon Polls – You get a say in what content we make!

You also get access to occasional bonus content! Access to behind the scenes (Images/Videos) on our set and how we make our videos. 

Free hugs in person!! (I’m serious! I want to meet my patrons so if you see me in person, let me know!)

Early access to certain videos.

Connect directly with us. If you dont message me first then I will privately message you to connect and say hi.

You will be added to our end screen rolling credits whom we show our appreciation by listing your name under ‘valued patreons’.

All previous rewards.

Content Ideas. I will reach out to you via Patreon to get an idea of what kind of content you want to see on Comic Island. If your video is selected, you will be personally thanked in the beginning of the video you help inspire.

All previous rewards.

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