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whats goin on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, i wanna share with you my very first top 10 segment. I thought long and hard and finally decided to present to you a top 10 video that has never been done before.

This is my top 10 incarnations of the iconic man of steel himself, superman.

Now the rules are pretty simple, anyone wearing the s sigil on their chest is fair game. Along with any incarnation not just in comics but from pop culture as well. Alright lets begin:

10. Bizzaro

comic island top 10 incarnation of superman bizzaroOur list begins with one of the most popular incarnations of superman. Unfortunately there has been many versions of this popular villain. One version tells the tale of when superman got exposed to a duplicating ray creating an imperfect version of him.

This bizzaro was instantly attracted to lois lane and because of this, Lois used the duplicating ray on herself creating lois bizarro. The two were instantly were attracted to each other and flew off into space determined to find a home where they can be themselves.

Another version of bizarro is created when the joker stole the powers of the 5th dimensional imp mr mixes picalick to be a mockery of the justice league. After regaining his powers, mr, M decides to allow bizarro to remain on earth. Now my favourite version of bizarro is the new 52 incarnation where we see luthor having to take out a clone of superman ahead of schedule to combat a greater threat to the world. This incarnation of bizarro is a gentle soul and has a mind of an infant.

But he is programmed to defend his creator and attack anyone who would bare him harm. This programming puts him face to face with another incarnation of superman named ultraman.


9. Ultraman

comic island top 10 incarnation of superman ultraman

Coming from a parallel world designate earth 3, kal Il crash landed on the kent farm in small Ville. The kents were forced to raise him but when he was 7, they attempted an escape which resulted in their deaths.  From that point on, ultraman did what he was born to do, conquer this world and take revenge on the being that killed his home planet of krypton.

He finds like minded individuals like himself and forms the crime syndicate. This incarnation of superman is the total reverse. He gains power and strength from consuming kryptonite and weakens when in presence of the sun.

His crime syndicate eventually leaves their dieing dimension and arrives on the prime universe where they are met by the justice league. After the events of forever evil, ultraman gets detained and imprisoned only to one day break free and reform his crime syndicate once again.



8. flashpoint superman

comic island top 10 incarnation of superman flashpoint superman

What if the United States government found the alien child instead of ma and pa kent? Well this happens in the flashpoint event where superman grows up in a specially designed prison, deprived of the sun and never learned his morals and never became the greatest hero of planet earth. A few meta humans break him out in the hopes of using his strength to defend earth against two warring kingdoms. But unfortunately, the prisoner never learned the concept of friend or responsibility. With the sun rays giving him super human powers, he flies away to freedom only to return later at a pivotal moment to save the only one person who’s shown him any form of friendship.


7. Super Boy

comic island top 10 incarnation of superman superboy

There are 3 versions to Super-Boy: Superman as a teenager during the golden age of comics. Super-Boy pre new 52 , and the tactile telekinesis clone Super-Boy created by a criminal organization called NOWHERE. The Super-Boy that made my list is the pre new 52 version.  After superman’s apparent death, the United States charged Cadmus with recreating a new superman. Grown from the man of steel’s dna and a human donor revealed to be lex luthor, Super-Boy joins forces with the teen titans and young justice to follow on the same footsteps as his kryptonian donor. During his battle with Super-Boy prime, he is seriously injured and believed to be dead. Fortunately for him, The Legion of Superheroes placed Conner’s body in the same machine that was used to bring Superman back to life after his fight with Doomsday.

Since the machine is calibrated to kryptonian dna, it took a 1000 years before Super-Boy was fully healed. Fortuneately for him, he was brought out of his timeline to heal uninterrupted. After emerging from the machine and returned to his timeline, he finishes the job and takes the fight back to Super-Boy prime.


6. Injustice Superman

comic island top 10 incarnation of superman injustice

After being tricked into killing lois lane and his unborn child by the joker, superman is now unwilling to let crime go unpunished. The justice league will either stand by his side on the war against crime, or stand against him. This total dictatorship rule causes Batman to go underground and plans for the future when superman will stop protecting the earth but instead governs it with an iron will. Jump 5 years into the future and we see a world devoid of crime in fear of a powerful god that would set extreme punishment to whomever that breaks the law.  A clear line is divided within the super hero community. Join the new world order under superman’s vision or join the rebellion under batman’s guidance. Many heroes chose and many lost their lives.

Cyborg superman

comic island top 10 incarnation of superman injustice

This incarnation of the man of steel arrives right after the death of superman. His arrival also brings in 3 other incarnations as well which includes Super-Boy, the man of steel, and superman the eradicator.

Cyborg superman informs the public that he is indeed the real superman reborn. But evidently we discover that this pretender is in fact a man named hank henshaw. Before the death of superman, henshaw along with his wife, while on a trip in space, got exposed to harmful radiation. With his wife dead and his body slowly failing him, he finds a way to transport his consciousness into the birthing matrix of kal el.

While traveling in space, his mind got warped and demented believing that superman was the reason for his wife’s death and his current situation. Arriving back to earth, he finds that superman has been killed. Taken on the hero’s identity, the cyborg sets a goal to deface the reputation of superman. He goes on to destroy coast city, home of the green lantern Hal Jordon,

and eventually does battle with superman who returned from the grave. Cyborg superman has his physical body destroyed many times but always manages to place a fragment of his consciousness into another device in order to stay alive. So until the day that he is totally obliterated, he will be a formidable foe to superman and also will go on to be a villain for the green lanterns where we see him align himself with the sinestro corps.

Kingdom Come Superman

dc comics online

in the not so distant future, earth has become a villain free society. Most iconic heroes have retired and the current day heroes have lost sight of their goals. They choose to fight over bragging rights and turf. But when Things get out of hand and Kansas City is utterly destroyed. Because of this, Superman comes out of retirement and reforms his justice league to unleash punishment to today’s youthful metahumans. He meets much resistance from the current so called super heroes but even more heroes flock to his side.

But kal el fails in convincing Bruce Wayne to re-join his league. Batman, now with his identity publicly revealed, interprets Superman’s plan as an example of the strong exerting their will upon the weak, something which he will not be part of. Being the strategist and tactician that he is, batman gathers his own personal army to combat a coming threat.

Lex luthur is still alive and well in this reality. He also sees a war in the making and decides to gather an organization to protect his personal interest: The mankind liberation front, consisting of cat woman, riddler, king, vandal savage and many more mastermind villains.

During this time, superman imprisons many metahumans in his gulag, but this turns out to be the epicenter for when war breaks out: Hero versus hero, Batman versus wonder woman, superman versus captain marvel.

Clark Kent From Small Ville

dc comics online


This incarnation of superman shows his adventures growing up in small ville and leading him to one day dawn the red and blue. Clark begins his superhero career when he is still in high school by taking out super powered meta humans, most are seemingly empowered by radioactive kryptonian fragments from his destroyed alien home. We explore clark’s high school life along with his childhood friend Pete ross and love interest lana lang.

Similar to our modern day superman, this incarnation goes through the trials and tribulations that every hero goes through but keeping it grounded so that even the average viewer can relate to. Ironically, lex luthor and clark kent starts their epic rivalry as best friends but eventually grow apart when they move out of smallville and into metropolis. After a decade of being on air, this superman has become one of my favorite incarnations due to his relatability and the great acting by tom welling.

Superman Red Sun

dc comics online

in an alternate timeline, Kal-el arrives to earth 12 hours earlier than expected. Because of this, he lands in a small Ukrainian town and is re-imagined as a soviet comrade. He is the pure embodiment of communism and expands his protection of soviet Russia to the rest of the world. Superman goes as far as to even align himself with joseph stalin. But unfortunately, The united states are concerned that one day, superman will expand the soviet influence to the rest of the world and appoints lex luthor to develop weapons and tactics to take out the space man if they were to ever go to war.

Ofcource Luther takes his unlimited wealth and freedom to carry through on his pursuit to destroy the red man of steel. Superman eventually takes stalin’s place of power after his death but luthor, soon after, becomes the president of the united states. With his new discovery of the phantom zone, and the green lantern powers, luther will continue to use his mass resource as president of the united states to battle the soviet leader superman.

Super-Boy prime

dc comics online

Hailing from a universe where superman and all other dc comic heroes are only known in comic books, clark kent was brought to paradise dimension after his world was destroyed by the anti monitor during the crisis on infinite earth event. Over time, his convictions and morals became twisted and warped turning him into a vastly powerful villain with the powers of the man of steel.

After breaking out of the paradise dimension along with superman from earth 2, he tries to find a new home on earth while coping with the loss of everyone he had ever known. He grew vastly jealous of the current Super-Boy konner kent deeming him unworthy of that name. During the battle, he accidentally kills a heroine named pantha, but his superiority complex allows him to blame the other heroes for her death.

Jay garreck, wally west and barry allen imprisons Super-Boy prime into the speed force but he eventually he breaks free with 4 years of built up rage and power. He picks another fight with konner kent which resulted in konner’s apperent death. But the green lantern corps manage to subdue Super-Boy prime and imprisons him in oa. While incarcerated, he carves the “S”-symbol into his chest and vows to escape.

Shortly after, the sinestro corps frees Super-Boy prime and thus he joins their ranks to further pursue his own goals, to kill the monster that destroyed earth prime and to find a way to revive his home. He achieved his goal in killing the anti monitor but made the mistake by attacking a guardian who sacrificed himself by blowing up taking Super-Boy-prime with him.

Prime did not exactly die from this and his chaotic journey continues till he hits the source wall, a border that covers the universe.

So i hope you enjoyed my first top 10 video. The biggest reason why i chose Super-Boy prime as my number 1 incarnation of superman is because of the fact that he came from a world where heroes are only portrayed in comic books. Does this sound familiar? Don’t we live in a world where super heroes are only portrayed in comic books? Well i don’t think superman or any other super hero will be visiting our planet anytime soon, but the fact that the origins of Super-Boy prime gives us something to daydream about makes him my number 1 choice weather he is a villain or a good guy.

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