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Convergence #0 Recap

Superman finds himself in a mysterious white void.  The last thing he remembers is taking Brainiac through a black hole during the events of Superman: Doomed.  A disembodied voice explains that Brianiac led Superman here, and a massive version of the villain appears before Clark, saying the hero always demands the villain’s attention.

The giant Brianiac claims that all versions of this villain serve him, and lead Superman to this place as part of a grand experiment, on a scale too large for Clark to even comprehend.  The hero suddenly finds himself imprisoned by a machine, while Brainiac explains that this is where he watches Clark die.  Again and again, under a different circumstance and story, Clark dies over and over.  Brianiac isn’t responsible for these deaths, but he watches them happen to learn, and find a version of Superman that would submit to the villain’s own purposes.

Clark tries to escape, but to no avail.  This version of Brainiac reveals his full form, a massive creature that dwarfs Superman, and the villain claims to have what he wanted out of Superman.  He knows about the world and cities of the mainstream New 52 universe, and seems to have been satisfied by this encounter.  Brainiac vanishes, while Superman is left imprisoned and alone.  In a rage, Clark manages to destroy his restraints, and vows to return home.

He escapes prison, and finds himself on an empty and desolate planet.  Using his superior vision, he can tell that nothing is around for millions of miles, and that there aren’t even stars in the sky.  He sees a figure in the wasteland, and chases after it, but the figure eludes him.  Superman is then abruptly approached by another version of Brainiac.  When Clark demands to speak to the version he encountered earlier, this iteration claims that the true Brainiac has left.  Superman knows that Brianiac is heading to his home of Metropolis, but this version claims to have many different versions of Metropolis and other cities of Earth.  Changing form, this other version of Brainiac is confident he can find Superman a suitable home among his collection, but this isn’t good enough for the hero.

convergence #0 review/recap

As this version of Brainiac shuffles among the many different forms the villain has taken over the years, he explains that they exist outside of the flow of time.  He explains that he is not Brainiac, but rather a sentient representation of the planet they are on.  This planet was placed here and altered by the original Brianiac to serve as a home for cities that were nearly destroyed in their original time line.  Here, the planet would look over the cities, and judge them for their merit.  The sentient being claims to have many cities, and refuses to grant them freedom to them until they prove themselves worthy.

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This sends Superman into a rage, but he is unable to wage battle against the entire planet.  The entity claims that its master, the true Brainiac, left for the New 52 Earth some time ago, and has not returned.  Clark doesn’t belong here, so the planet dismissively expels him.  As Superman leaves, the entity decides that his master made a mistake.  The time for judgement is here, and this being will have to determine which cities are worthy enough to return to their universe, and which shall be destroyed.  Let only the strong survive.

Convergence #0 Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden and this is my recap and review of Convergence #0.

And so it begins… so we’ve got two big events in both Marvel and DC coming up, and it’s time to start things off with Convergence #0.  DC has a lot riding on this one, and with the New 52 sales falling, the company is looking to use this event to show a new change in direction and tone.  Were they successful?

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Well in my eyes, not really.  Oh sure, there were positive aspects to this comic that I’ll get into, but for the $5 cover price I don’t think this comic is worth your money at all.  For those not familiar with the current DC universe, this is bound to be a confusing comic.  You’re apparently supposed to know about Superman’s Doomed storyline, and assuming everybody has read those comics is completely asinine.  Nobody should be expected to read a bunch of online articles to understand what happens in this comic, but I guarantee you that’s the case for most if not all casual readers.  Convergence is hardly going to attract anyone new if you have to know so much about the New 52 and content preceding it.

This was a junk story, one that was distorted and not at all well paced.  The whole experience feels like a mess, with Superman floundering around with various versions of Brainiac and basically throwing a temper tantrum at his situation.  The Clark I know is very out of character in this story and it works against the comic harshly.

This story serves to set-up Convergence, and if this event does centre around Brainiac, it is a decent set-up overall for what could be a fun event.  My favourite aspect of this comic has to be us getting to see all the different versions of Brainiac in action, and they are all really well drawn.  On the whole, the art is a really good selling point of this comic, and is definitely worth being commended.  We also get a lovely guide at the end of this issue going over all the different worlds involved with Convergence, which should prove helpful and is pretty cool to go through.

But some pretty pictures do not make this comic worth your time.  I think everyone will be better off skipping this and hoping for a better comic with issue number one.  Because there isn’t much to issue zero aside from some empty hype.  DC comics increasingly feel like they are all build-up to bigger things that never seem to come, and lack any meaningful substance or tension to them.

This was supposed to be a new direction for the publishing company, but it reeks of being more of the same.  I didn’t realize how disappointing I found this comic until I had time to think about it.  On my first reading of this comic, I did kind of like it and there are still elements of this story I find pretty cool, but it feels like where DC could have shown us a new creative energy and dynamic, they are instead just doing more of the same.  The second I start using my brain, this comic falls apart and it becomes obvious, to me at least, that this isn’t very good.

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I put some hope in the fact that issue #1 might be better, and that this story will give us more value as we get farther into the crossover and the story unfolds a little better, but for now, I do not recommend you check out this comic.  It’s okay, but for $5 it is nothing special and in my eyes not at all worth the price.  This bums me out so much.  I wanted Convergence to be great.  Now I’m not even sure it will be good.  This wasn’t the worst comic in the world, but overall, I really think it is a pretty lame start for this big and epic event.

Convergence #0 Issue Description

Arden recaps and reviews Convergence #0. It’s… ah, whatever. It’s Convergence.

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Convergence #0

by Dan Jurgens (Author), Ethan Van Sciver (Art), and DC Comics (Publisher)

Where do worlds go when they die? The Earthquakes felt round the Multiverse, Superman’s lost days after ‘Doomed,’ the World’s End – all these points will converge as the history of the DCU is spun from a new perspective, the perspective of a mad god and his arrogant child. The biggest story in DC history ties into literally every DC story ever told – and it all begins here. Kingdom Come, Red Son, Wild West Justice League, Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew – all the worlds you remember can still be found on Telos. Everything matters. Every story matters. Don’t miss the start of DC’s April/May 2015 event with this special issue!

Rated T+, Published April 1, 2015; List Price: $4.99


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