Convergence #2 Comic Review/Recap

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Convergence #2 Comic Recap

Earth 2, hours before its destruction, the world is dying and everybody is making their way to the escape ships to leave their dying world. Dick Grayson and his son franticly race to the front of the line to get passage through. Unfortunately they are denied. Going back to the end of the line is a death sentence and the soldier knows it. But without his Barbara Gordon present, they cannot enter. You see, Barbara Gordon is in law enforcement and she gets safe passage for her and her family through. But Barbara won’t make it. She died protecting her world.

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The crowd behind gets anxious and begins to shove and push. The solider yells a command. STAY BACK, STAY BACK OR WE WILL SHOOT. Grayson’s hope is fading and all he can pray for now is a quick death for him and his son. But fortunately, a woman holding a premium access has given tommy Grayson a chance for survival. The father hands over the son to a woman he had never met. Tommy Grayson will live. A sigh of relief washes over him even though he is covered with chaos and panic. The ship begins to launch. But the unthinkable happens. They never made it to orbit.

The skies open up as apocalypse swallowed earth and begins to feed. Darksieds parademon army poured out until their bodies blocked the sun. batman and flash were making their last stand against kalibak trying to buy the refugee ships some time, while superman and GL went toe to toe with Darkseid himself. Grayson ran. A man without a purpose ran: Towards danger, towards doom:Towards the epicenter of chaos. but then the skies opened up once more. but this time it wasn’t darkseid or apocalips. Tendrils of energy reached out, coated his body with metal liquid and spirited him away. The last thing he remembered was tommy. This isn’t the end. Dick will find his son and he will bring him home.

Present day, on the world of Telos, earth 2 heroes are forced to make a choice: which world will they choose to combat with. Telos opens up two domes for a test of might. After the worlds have destroyed each other, he states, the worked well, what an excellent download. But while the world incarnate is distracted, the bonds that binds the group weakens. Val zod superman manages to break free and gives Telos a much needed sucker punch. Meanwhile, GL Allan Scott attempts to connect to the powers of this world. he got what he wants even though Scott seems possessed. With his new found powers, Allan Scott summons up every last bit of might to blast Telos to ashes. The group found time to recover as they help Allan Scott back to his feet.

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But the relentless Telos returns and states, didn’t I tell you that I was one with the planet? Scott is too weak to be of any help so Val Zod superman takes his place and flies in giving Telos a run for his money.  Superman’s anger poured out of him as if he were a madman. Telos did not stand a chance. But then the world incarnate does something unexpected. He surrenders and disappears back into the ground from which he came.

The group now has time to collect themselves. We discover that after Allan Scott made a connection with this world, he now is partially connected to Telos, which means Allan Scott knows a part of the villain’s plan and potentially how to stop him. The key to defeating Telos isn’t on the surface of the planet, it is beneath it. Now, their journey is to seek answers in a nearby ruined city. Batman gives everyone their tasks. The dark knight from earth 2 and Grayson will seek out the help from friends in a nearby Gotham city.

convergence #2 comic review/recap

Hours later, batman and Grayson through the sewers, enters a batcave, from a Gotham city that is not his own. Batman again commands Grayson to gain Intel from the computers. He commands Grayson as if dick was his sidekick. But the boy wonder from earth 2 approaches the computers, oracle aka Barbara Gordon appears onscreen and demands for the shadowed figure to enter the light and announce himself. Grayson froze in his tracks. What do you say to your dead wife? Seconds felt like minutes. Minutes felt like hours. But this is not his wife, this is a doppelganger from another world. But will she know who he is even if he enters the light?

The moment broke as Alfred approaches and informs oracle that everything is fine. After catching up on what has transpired in the last couple of days, dick informs the butler that Thomas Wayne is out seeking for this world’s batman? Alfred knows all too well how this meeting of batmen would play out. Its best that they stay out of this meeting between dark knights.

You see, Alfred knew what dick could never guess. That what Thomas Wayne would discover at the top of those stairs was a young man whose father’s death propelled him into his present role. that what bruce wayne would discover was a deeply disturbed man at the end of his life, whose son’s death propelled him into his, a wounded father, a wounded son.  Alone, face to face, and with the air so thick, with a pain and loss and things too long unsaid, father and son both felt a little peace.

The meeting of father and son finally ends as they join their comrades in the batcave. Grayson is given batman approved body armour and Thomas is given the keys to the batmobile. But before Thomas departs, he tells Bruce that if his father is anything like he is, Thomas Wayne from this earth would be very proud of his son.

Meanwhile, jay Garrick the flash of earth 2 scouts ahead and witnesses a battle amongst super powered beings wearing insignias that he knows all too well. He regroups with his team and saves a man running from the brainiac androids. After the man is helped to his feet, he tells the group that his name is Deimos and that the arrival of the earth 2 heroes was foretold.  He further states that he can lead them off this planet.

Convergence #2 Comic Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic Island and today we are reviewing and recapping convergence issue 2. Wow this issue series really picked up ever since issue 0. I think it’s safe to say that the earth 2 characters will be the main ones to follow. We got such a good opening as we see what happens when Grayson had to part ways with his son. I never read earth 2 before but the beginning did such a good job making me feel for dick Grayson. And we also get a small glimpse as to how the heroes escape their dieing world and be brought to the world of Telos.

So we got some pretty good action in this issue as well. Green lantern Allan Scott and the superman val zod takes on Telos and they won? That was a bit odd that Telos gave up that easily but earth 2 heroes are an anomaly. They don’t have a city under a dome. They are like free range heroes that get to roam around different worlds. So with the 40 2 issue tie in’s, we get to follow heroes from the past that was forgotten but the earth 2 heroes gets a front row seat to all of this.

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I love this scene where the flash runs through a metropolis with superman, supergirl and lex luthor battling it out. I gotta assume that these heroes are  part of the DCU history. If you guys know, please share your knowledge in the comments below.

I’m assuming the first world battle is between the flashpoint wonder woman and the characters of futures end. Its so cool seeing cyborg wonder woman versus the flashpoint wonder woman. But we didn’t get a conclusion to that battle. Who won? Did the two cities destroyed each other?

Now this is my favourite part of this issue, Thomas wayne from earth 2 meeting bruce wayne from pre flashpoint, or at lease I’m assuming its pre-flashpoint. The first thing I noticed is that bruce is wearing his batman Inc. costume. I read convergence batman and robin which I thought was pre-flashpoint and in that issue that came out last week, batman was wearing a different costume. So are these 2 the same batman? Dang my head hurts lol. But let’s put that convoluted subject to the side. Bruce and Thomas finally meet again and I loved it how dick narrated the whole thing. We never got to be a fly on the wall for that conversation but rather, we got images of them meeting for the first time, and I loved that. The one thing I wanted was to see Bruce and Thomas team up for an issue or 2 but I guess with 6 characters, adding in 1 more might be too much.

So finally the cliff hanger ending we meet a man called Deimos, no not that Deimos, this Deimos. He looks kinda like dr strange. No clue who he is. Ya…I rather have Bruce wayne being added to the group. but we will have to wait and see what new details this new guy brings.

Alrighty guys thank you so much for watching and if you enjoyed this video, please like subscribe and Arden will cover issue 3 so I’ll see you next time in convergence issue 4.

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