Convergence #6 Comic Book Review/Recap

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Convergence #6 Comic Book Recap

Deep space, a convergence of iconic heroes and villains gather to witness something that shatters the laws of physics. A half planet that exists outside of this reality is breaching into the universe. This incident is attracting many different groups such as Guy Gardner and his Red Lanterns, Superman and Super girl. Even the being known as the Monitor is paying attention. Darksied is ready for war and the entity known as the Oracle will observe the outcome of this breach in time and space.

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Meanwhile, the planet of Telos, Deimos is surprised at how many incarnations there are of the justice league. He plans on killing them all and in their deaths, a new universe will be born, his universe.

Elsewhere, Jay Garrick and Dick Grayson races through cities and finds the titans losing their battle. But who are the good guys and who are the bad ones? The earth 2 heroes trust their guts and aid the titans but more help is on its way. Superman, batgirl, Arsenal and the flash from pre flashpoint arrives to aid their comrades. The villains are outnumbered and retreats.

The heroes find time to collect themselves. They discover that Telos is not the big bad dog in the yard, but, rather, Deimos is the new threat. The game has changed, it isn’t city versus city no longer. It is whoever that will side with Deimos versus the ones that won’t. Superman orders his new team to disperse and find the aid of whomever that does not see eye to eye with Deimos to enlist their help. But after everyone is gone, Dick Grayson is left with the true man of steel. He tells Grayson that he has been listening to everything on this planet and Grayson may be the most vital piece on this planet size game of chest. Superman has been listening into Grayson’s entire conversation with Telos, and the man from earth 2 may be the only one who can turn Telos against his programming and help them achieve victory.

Hours later, alone, Grayson calls out to the planet incarnate. Telos answers and allows Grayson to plead his case. The two trucks an unlikely deal, Telos will help Grayson and the other heroes defeat Deimos and return home and Grayson will help the planet incarnate find his lost family.

Meanwhile, the heroes have regrouped with additional members and have tracked down Deimos. Superman orders him to surrender, he is drastically outnumbered. But Deimos stands confidently still. With confidence, Deimos announces his new followers and a wave of villains from across the multiverse have chosen to side themselves against the heroes. Deimos declares war by shouting out an order: Kill them all and this world is yours.

Convergence #6 Comic Book Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and we got convergence issue 6. Yup it’s my turn to cover this heaping mess of a story. Now I mean no offence when I say this because I know some of you guys are enjoying it, and you know what? All the power to you. Im glad this story arc does hit a cord with some of us comic book fans. But here in comic island, we will try to cover all of the big events that marvel and DC has lined up every single year. I wasn’t overly excited to begin with but I was expecting something else. For instance, who is Deimos? Normally when I encounter a hero or villain I don’t know, I go straight to google and research the hell out of him. But I don’t have the urge to do any research on this guy and he is supposed to be the big bad villain? We are 6 issues in and he is still there. Where is Brainiac? A statement from Dan Didio says that he will be introducing a new villain to us.

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convergence #6 comic book review

So let’s go over a few things that I DO like about this issue. the art. Yup its gotten to that part where the only thing I can complement on is the art lol. I do enjoy these images of the various heroes from pre flashpoint and we even got a bit of superboy in this. We also got the 3 big flashes, Barry Allen, jay Garrick and Wally west. That was pretty cool. But yup that’s it.

The one thing I was so confused about is why did the new 52 superman looks so young in this image? He is wearing his new 52 armour so I know its him. Did I miss something? And we also got more build up as we see darksied talking about war and this monitor guy that I first saw in grant Morrison’s multiversity. As far as I understand, multiversity does not tie in with convergence. So is this just more build up to something that’s just gunna be unexplained? O and my personal favorite, lazier drawing. Two slides that are exactly alike. Wonder where we saw that last?

Anyway, arden got next convergence and I got 1 more to go before I start pulling out my hair and slamming my head on the end table lol. But I wanna know what you thought about it. Remember guys this is all subjective. There’s no right or wrong answers. If you enjoyed this story so far, let me know why because I truly want to enjoy it as much as you do.

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