Convergence #7 Comic Book Recap/Review

Convergence #7 Recap/Review – Showdown!



Convergence #7 Recap

Every clock on Earth just stopped.  Temporal and anti-matter energy radiates from the strange new planet entering New 52 space.  Superman orders everybody to pull back, but the being known as the Oracle refuses.  This entity sees all of the past, present, and future… so why is he now blind?  Clark asks the cosmic being what is going on, and how they can save everyone.  But the Oracle only says that nobody can be saved.

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On the world of Telos, war rages between heroes of many different continuities.  The battle is chaotic until Telos suddenly erupts from the ground.  Deimos sees this, and the two begin a fierce battle over control of this planet.  The power between these two forces is so great, it can be observed from space, and most of the heroes cannot get close enough to the fight.  A version of Hal Jordan tries to stop Deimos, but he is easily pushed back.

In the end, Telos is able to overpower the sorcerer, and imprison all the villains who sided with them.  Deimos is captured, and Telos demands to know his true name.  But the sorcerer is still powerful enough to attempt an escape.  In response, Hal Jordan declares that Deimos is boring him, and the green lantern murders the villain.  Telos is upset at this development, and explains that the sorcerer had absorbed the powers of a group of time travellers.  He had absolute control of past, present, and future.  But now…

The sky becomes saturated in a red lighting that erupts from the planet.  The Oracle finally sees it now.  The future is unknown.  The entity can finally rest.  The Oracle begins to break apart into pieces, as he declares that all of reality is about to collapse.

Convergence #7 Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap and review of Convergence #7.

So the last couple reviews we have done on this series has been… um, a little negative?  And it’s not like we are trying to pick on Convergence.  I do feel a little bad about how harsh I was with my last review for Convergence #5, and it is important to remember I kind of just came up with a funny idea for a review and rolled with it.  But both Joey and I just don’t think this series has been very good.  Therefore, I was quite pleased to find issue number seven has turned around a little bit.  The art is much, much better in this comic and feels a lot more polished on the whole.  The story is much more engaging and the storytelling itself has vastly improved.  Things are finally happening that will likely have an impact on the future of DC comics.  So I actually liked reading this comic… the first time around.

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The problem is that as I’m writing this review, the flaws are all too obvious.  The action is a cluttered mess in this comic and they fail to convey any sense of stakes.  Marvel does this all the time too, where they just cram a bunch of characters into fighting poses on these big splash pages, and it leaves an impression that nothing of consequence happening here.  And yeah, it’s nice that stuff is finally coming to a point in this story where I might even been inclined to call it interesting, but it took so long to get here I am just too burnt out on this story to care any more.

convergence 7 comic book review

So yes, you will likely enjoy Convergence #7 if you have been liking this series so far, and you  just might find this issue a vast improvement like I did.  And you wouldn’t be wrong on either count.  It’s fine to like this series, and I get that not everybody looks at these comics the same way I do or with as much scrutiny.  But in my eyes this is a series far from good and considering how you have to wade through at least three or four pointless issues of Earth 2 heroes fighting drones and Deimos, I just can’t in good conscience say this comic is anything but another cash grab for DC.  If the rest of the series were more like #7, then I’d probably give this comic a recommendation.  It is on the whole a pretty good comic.  But I can’t cheer this issue on knowing all the bad that has come before it.

So… whatever.  I think this is Parallax Hal Jordan, and that’s cool if true.  But I can’t even be bothered to check anymore, nor do I really care.  I don’t necessarily share this nostalgia for older DC heroes that others might have.  And as Jordan so expertly put it in this comic, “you bore me.”  You’re boring Convergence.  I’m bored.

The only other feeling I am left with after reading Convergence #7 is relief.  I am done with this series.  Yayyyyy!  It’s over for me, and that little fact makes me happier than anything that came out of this event.  Joey will review #8, and we can put this hot mess behind us.  The ending might even be kind of good.  It will likely have lasting consequences on the DC Universe, and does look like it is gearing up to be epic and big.  The company can move in a new direction away from New 52, though let’s be real here, it will be the same as the old direction but with a new label on it.  Nothing is changing radically here, and life will go on for DC comics.  And that will be it for Convergence.  Yeah, we are still planning to do a few of the tie-ins, they’re just taking a little longer than expected, but those are much better and I’m actually looking forward to those reviews.  But it’s not like some fun tie-ins can salvage this mess of a core series, and these main stories are generally what matters most when it comes to big events like these.

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So I’m sorry to be pumping out yet another negative review.  I wanted to end my Convergence coverage on a more pleasant note, but I think it’s more important that I be honest about how I feel.  It makes it more meaningful when I am actually pleased with something like Batman: Endgame, because you know I’m not just saying it is good to please our audience.  Let me know what you think of Convergence #7 in the comments section below.  And as always, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.

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