Convergence #8 Comic Book Review/Recap

Convergence #8 Review/Recap. Conclusion


Convergence #8 Recap

Parallax stands strong and confident on his decision to obliterate Deimos, but his actions have consequences. With Deimos’s death, the powers of the time keepers have bled into this new 52 universe. The temporal energy found its way into the core of the planet and now, this world is transformed to a ticking time bomb that will obliterate the multiverse. Jay Garrick feels the vibrational frequencies change. Telos emerges and subdues the overly arrogant Parallax. The world incarnate confirms what the heroes fear, the countdown has begun.

Booster gold, his sister gold star, along with the time traveler wave Rider enters the scene. You see, Wave Rider isn’t like any other time traveler. He has merged with the time stream and he has the ability to see many futures, but right now, there is no future, only the ending void of absolute destruction. There is only 1 hope left and Ride makes a bold move to call on and release the villainous Brainiac from his cage. The heroes are shocked but quick to react. They attack Brainiac with everything they got. 4 Supermen pre-emptively blasts the villain but he is un-phased. Brainiac arrogantly threatens to destroy all of them but he is now in the same boat that our heroes are in.

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We discover that Brainiac is not who he was. He now feels pain, he feels loss. He was once designated brainiac from the planet colu and he travelled across the universe seeking to collect knowledge. But when he observed the flashpoint and survived, he sought for something more, to become something more. So he set out upon this new universe. His travels took him beyond the source wall. He saw other Brainiacs. He saw himself, and those reading him, even those starring back at him. He re-emerged with this new body before us, and now, this tyrannical maniac pleads for help.

Hundreds of miles above the planet, superman and supergirl have sent everyone home to their families. The red lanterns have returned home because even they have families whom they love. Supergirl wonders if this is the end in which case her cousin says that they need hope, hope that whoever is fighting the good fight down there, wins.

Meanwhile, back on the planet of telos, brainiac has taken the powers from telos and begun to channel the temoral energy of the planet to return our heroes back to their proper universe. But something is wrong; the first crisis is too strong and could cause the realities to collapse into one.  But luckily, there’s one thing that can be done. He must send supergirl and the flash back to their reality first. But what waits for them is death. Our heroes know too well about the ultimate sacrifice and they will face it on their feet, proud and strong. But before they go at it alone, parallax wants a shot at redemption and joins the pair in the fight for their lives. Superman is not the type to let his friends go at it alone and thus, the man of steel, along with his boy and wife joins our heroes in saving the multiverse.

In an instant, brainiac can tell, they have done it. Reality is resetting, stabilizing. Each world has evolved but they still exist. And now, he can rest. Already, he is being pulled back to his reality. But before he goes, this world must be cleansed. No trace of chrono energy must remain. Telos is powerless to save his earth 2 friends as the world begins to fall into chaos.

Once the dust and destruction clears, our earth 2 friends emerge from the rubble, saved courtesy of Allan Scott the green lantern. He explains that brainiac is gone and the planet is freed. With the world freed from influence, Allan Scott is able to sprout plant life where once was baron wasteland. A lush forest grew around them in mere seconds.  Jay Garrick is the first to realize that this world has moved to somewhere familiar. Telos appears and confirms his believe. This lush green world has been sent back to their universe proper. Green lantern calls upon his powers to send a cosmic flare to locate and transmit a message to everyone on the escape ships who survived the destruction of their earth. Upon the escape ships, a flash of green light brings a warm voice: this is green lantern. Follow the light. We have a world to rebuild.

Convergence #8 Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and omg it’s finally over. Now for those who enjoyed this event, I just want to warn you ahead of time: The conclusion to convergence was very anti-climactic and I have a ton more negative things to say than positive things. So, without further ado, let’s get into sharing my thoughts on why I would suggest to never talk about convergence ever again. Oh btw, I will be comparing this to marvels 2015 secret wars.

Convergence 8 comic book review

So this entire event focuses specifically on the earth 2 heroes. Well, what if you don’t read earth 2? What if you, like the majority of DC fans, follow the members in the justice league, like flash, green lantern, superman, batman and wonder woman? Well we only see new 52 supermen in this as a spectator. Yup, that’s it. Batman, cyborg and wonder woman had a cameo that one time, and that was it. so if you love the earth 2 series then this would be it for you but I never read earth 2, so I am honestly not invested enough to care. But of course me and Arden had plans on covering this entire event so here we are in issue 8. If I was a casual comic book reader, I would probably pick up issue 1, and then maybe issue 2, and then I would donate both issues to my local charity. And finally, I would wait a year to read the notes on Wikipedia and find out what happens. That would be it, and that’s my honest opinion on this entire series.

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So because im a fan of storytelling at heart, let’s get into what rubbed me the wrong way: there are way too many characters in this issue. This leads me to believe that only a fan that’s well educated in the DCU can appreciate it. For instance, who is wave rider? I am not very well educated in the DCU so I had to google him to find out who he is.

There are also so many heroes that deserve some better art. But with so many unique costume designs, it felt like the artist got lazy and rushed everyone’s drawing. Take a look at this page: in most every single comic book, I find that there will always be a page dedicated to an art done so well, it deserves to be on a picture frame and hung on a collectors wall. This would be the 1 image for this comic book which depicts the heroic shot for most of the heroes and the main stars, the earth 2 heroes, in the center spotlight. I’m gunna give you a few seconds to analyze this page. Yup…

And btw, who are these guys in the corner picture? I feel like it’s supposed to mean something to the better versed DC fan. If that is the case then you good sir have just left us casual comic book readers feel very left out. It’s that same feeling I got in high school when I was last to be chosen in every sport.

Wait, that’s a bit too personal. Wave Rider, go back in time and erase their memory.

Alrighty guys so now that we have forgotten that last bit, let’s end it on a good note and I’ll go through what I did like about this comic…..wait I lied, lol I don’t think I like anything in this comic book. If I was invested enough I could probably find things to enjoy. But then I was not lured in at all so I gotta give my honest opinion.

Oh btw, one final thing I want to bring up. So, brainiac conveniently comes back and takes the time travelers temporal energy, and sends all the heroes back to their timeline and conveniently fixes the problem and now the other realities are restored? Seriously? Didn’t this just undermine the whole flashpoint event? So now im reading new 52 characters and I cannot read the pre flashpoint superheroes that I grew to love as a child? Sorry DC, I think marvel’s secret war’s is calling me. I gotta go.

Alrighty guys thank you so much for watching my review of convergence issue 8. I really wanted to enjoy this event but it was so hard. I am sorry if I offended some but this is a brutally honest opinion on the whole event and I hope you guys can appreciate that. If you disagreed with me or found a few things I should have pointed out, please let me know in the comments below. And of course, share your thoughts if you agreed with me.

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