Dark Nights Death Metal Possible Plot And Villain

So what can we expect from Dark Knights Death metal? Well the amazing teamup of Scott Snyder and Greg Cappulo made a promise to bring us an epic story in dark nights metal and they not just delivered but back hand slapped us with the dark multiverse concept, brought dream of the endless into the mix, pushed the boundaries of the idea of who created the multiverse with the inclusion of the forger and his pet Barbatos, 7 new evil versions of batman with each one more twisted than another and of course the rise of the most brutal, evil, twisted version of Batman that I have ever read, the Batman who laughs.

What Happened In Dark Nights Metal 2017?

Dark Knights Metal premiered in 2017 where we see Batman exposed to 5 heavy metals that made him a living doorway to the dark multiverse. Electrum, dionesium, promethium, nth metal and batmantium.  

This doorway opened up allowing an entity called Barbatos to release his minions, the drowned, the dawn breaker, the merciless, the devastator, the murder machine, the red death, and of course the batman who laughs.

Each evil version of Batman subjugated a member of the justice league. Superman was used as a living battery while Batman was lost in the dark multiverse. The entire super hero community joined in on the action and Cyborg gets a huge upgrade. He opens a doorway allowing good versions of Batman through to the battleground. This is the ultimate fight to repel Barbatos and the dark multiverse away but behind the scenes, Batman, with the help of his greatest foe, battles it out with the Batman who laughs. Batman finds a way out with the monitor who was a prisoner of the Batman who laughs.

The DC trinity is reunited, and using a primordial metal armor crafted in the world forge saves the multiverse again by returning everything to the status quo. Barbatos is defeated, the dark multiverse doorways are closed and the batman who laughs is last seen fighting the Joker.

Dark Nights Metal Aftermath

Moving farward from this event, Batman opens up the JL and welcomes Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl into the fold. He also started up the hall of justice now conveniently located on earth.  The Martian was then selected as chairman of the Justice League and the team goes on to battle Lex Luthor’s leagion of doom and the god entity Perpetua in year of the villains.

But now DC Comics has announced Dark Nights Death Metal with returning team Scot Snyder and Greg Cappulo, my current favorite writer and artist combo. These two have the hugely successful dark nights metal as a resume even though they don’t need it but with dark knights death metal, this new tale promises to be bigger, louder, faster and Metal’er.

Issue 1 out of 6 will hit bookstores may 13th 2020 so we don’t have to wait too long and of course there will be a few one shots part of their metalverse lines that will expand the concept of the Dark multiverse.

Road To Dark Nights Death Metal

So lets get into what we can expect from Snyder and Cappulo’s Dark Knights Death Metal. Following the events taken place in Batman/Superman, the earth slowly got consumed by dark multiverse energy. The batman who laughs successfully takes on lieutenants and transforms a list of heroes into his own twisted army. We got corrupted versions of Shazam, Donna Troy, Supergirl, Blue beetle, Hawkman and commissioner james Gordon.

Flash and Wonder woman made compromises as they negotiate with presumably the batman who laughs to keep humanity alive in a dystopian like landscape.

Batman Is Not The Main Character In Darn Knights Death Metal

Batman, being the rebel that he is, goes literally underground and forms a resistance in hopes of taking back their city and the world. But superman is an intriguing one – he is imprisoned in the sun and cursed to power the Earth’s sun indefinitely. This reminds me of two stories where Clark ended up in the sun. Superman All star where he leaves for the sun at the end of the series and then there’s superman prime, the DC one million story where he stayed in the sun for I believe millions of years. He came out as basically a god.

But this superman, the fact that he is imprisoned in the sun might hint that he voluntarily went there and with his abilities, he powers the sun in order to keep earth alive. This might be the Batman who laugh’s plans to remove Superman from the board. But that begs the question – Superman, without yellow sun, eventually loses his powers and becomes almost human. How are they going to explain superman powering the sun without draining him to death? Or maybe that is the plan.

Then there’s Batman who’s no stranger to being beaten up and going full rogue like he did during zero year. But this time, we assume he lost his entire tech and rides a bone motorcycle taken right out of Mad Max fury road. His weapon of choice is a sickle much like the weapon of choice for the batman who laughs.

Flash is mentioned but I couldn’t find an image of him so far and no mention of the other justice league members Aquaman, Martian man hunter, a green lantern, and Hawkgirl. Hal is the first green lantern to join the JL but then recruits Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz joined after Hal left. The current green lantern on the JL roster is John Stewart who was a big part in Snyder’s justice league run as the team faces the biggest threat so far, Perpertua, a literal god who creates universes at her will.

Is Perpetua Involved?

Speaking of perpetua, at the time of this video she has not yet been defeated. As a matter of fact, the Justice Leagues lost the war and she is free to shape the multiverse in her image. She already destroyed the steampunk universe earth 44. How will she tie into Dark knights death metal?

Well according to the writers, dark knights death metal spins right out of Snyder’s justice league run along with James tynion’s year of the villain hell arisen story where Lex Luthor, Perpetua’s apex predator battles to the death with another apex predator that Superman and Batman couldn’t take down – the batman who laughs.

Snyder And Cappulo Still Partners After Batman Last Knight On Earth?

So Snyder and Cappulo have said that their last Batman teamup together would be Batman last night on earth. I took it as they wouldn’t collab anymore but Dark nights death metal is their brain child that they were planning since the original source dark nights metal. This was a bit confusing at first but what it means is that Batman is not the main character in dark nights death metal. He is downgraded to a supporting role and a chainsaw wielding Wonder woman takes center stage. She will have help from a mysterious figure that I believe will rock the DCU, whoever he may be.

Whatever it is, I am super excited because the magic these two have together is amazingly surreal. Their dark nights metal was a game changer most notably it extended the multiverse by introducing us to another multiverse within the Omniverse. And of course they introduced an amazing new villain that makes me open my wallet.

But what about superman? The fact that we are teased with how rugged he is must mean that this is his look after escaping the sun prison. This superman looks like he went through hell. He is also a supporting character because dark knights death metal is a wonder woman story. Does that mean that in a few years we will get a part 3 with superman as the main character?

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