DC Comic Characters: Green Lanterns Of Earth

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DC Comic Characters: Green Lanterns Of Earth

The Green Lanterns of Oa are an inter-galactic military policing force created by the guardians of the universe to bring peace and order to the cosmos. The green lantern corps has become one of the most powerful entities in existence. There are currently 7200 lanterns patrolling the 3600 charted sectors of space (planet Oa being in the center). There are 2 lanterns per sector, with more being added as the universe is explored further.

These cosmic policemen enforce peace and order to the universe by wielding a ring of power. The green lantern ring is the most powerful weapon in the universe. Drawing from the strength of the users will, the ring creates hard light constructs in any form the ring bearer can think of. The power ring also gives the user the power of flight, an energy protection shield, and access to records and data while on duty. The ring draws its power from a lantern given to each corps member. These lanterns are stored in a pocket dimension until called upon by its owner. The central power battery located on Oa is the center source for all green lantern power rings.

To access their power source, each green lantern quotes the sacred oath which is as follows.

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night;

No evil shall escape my sight.

Let those who worship evil’s might,

Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!

There are currently 5 green lanterns of earth. Hal Jordon, guy Gardner, john Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and the newly added recruit, Simon Baz.

DC Comic Characters: Green Lantern Hal Jordan

dc comic characters

A test pilot for Ferris Air, Hal Jordon receives his ring after a lantern member, Abin Sur, crash landed and died close to his vicinity. Sent to Oa and trained by his mentor and nemesis Sintestro, Hal Jordon will prove that he is possibly the strongest and most revered lantern in all of the corps.

He has kept a steady on and off relationship with his boss and star sapphire member, carol Ferris. When Coast city was devastated by the cyborg superman, Jordon faded into misery and fear, which attracted an entity known as parallax, the embodiment of fear, to possess Jordon on a murderous rampage throughout the cosmos. Eventually Jordon expelled the parallax entity and heroically saved the sun. For doing so, he took up the mantle of the new spectre for a period of time.

Jordon found himself being a founding member of the justice league after Darsied invaded earth.  He stands guard of not only sector 2814 but his home world of earth along with superman, flash, cyborg, barman, and wonder woman. After frequent miscommunications and arguments, he left the league to focus protecting the universe from threats that expand throughout the cosmos along with the rest of the green lantern corps and the newly re-inducted lantern, Sintestro.

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DC Comic Characters: Green Lantern Guy Gardner

dc comic characters guy gardner

A police officer from Baltimore, guy Gardner was kicked off the force for saving hundreds of lives by sacrificing a few dozen. During a routine patrol, Gardner discovers that a suicide bomber was attempting to blow up an air plane. He made the difficult choice and because of his actions, he became the 1 child out of 3 siblings to be kicked off the force.

During his time off and unarmed, he came to rescue is bother cop from a gang attack.

His ability to show great willpower against fear attracted a green lantern ring. With his new found powers, he rescues his brother from danger and soon after, was brought to Oa for training as part of the green lanterns. Guy Gardner was actually chosen by Abin Sur’s ring along with Hal Jordon. But since Jordon was closer to Abin Sur’s vicinity, the ring chose the flight pilot from coast city first and Gardner became the second green lantern of earth.

Despite possessing an egocentric personality, guy Gardner has proven time and time again to be a prominent member of the green lantern corps. Gardner’s will power and rage are the most prominent emotions that he possesses.

The rage in him at one point attracted the red lanterns and for a short period of time, he revelled in his new powers. He eventually came back to the green lantern corps and went on to join the justice league international for a short period of time.

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DC Comic Characters: Green Lantern John Stewart

dc comic characters john stewart

Formerly an architect, social activist and a member of the US marine corps from Detroit Michigan, john Stewart was selected to become one of the green lanterns from sector 2814. Selected by the guardians after hal Jordon gave up his position and  guy Gardner was injured in a disaster,  John Stewart quickly earned his power ring and has since been a key figure in most, if not all green lantern story arcs. With his extensive architectural and military background, Stewart is capable of creating some of the most powerful weapons in the league.

He can be seen wielding a sniper rifle construct as his weapon of choice. During the first lantern attack, he was a key figurehead in reviving the green lantern planet MOGO. In the new 52, much like Hal Jordon, john Stewart has been keeping a close relationship to a star sapphire member Fatality.

DC Comic Characters: Green Lantern Kyle Rayner

dc comic characters Kyle Rayner

A struggling artist from Los Angeles, Kyle Rayner was handpicked by the guardian ganthet after Hal Jordon possessed by parallax devastated Oa. Jordon, after witnessing the destruction of his town, coast city, went on a murderous rampage destroying the central power battery, the guardians of the universe, and the green lantern corps.  Only one guardian named ganthet survived. He re-forged Jordon’s discarded power ring and traveled to earth to find a savior. The ring leads ganthet to a back ally of a bar where Rayner was found.

Kyle, chosen for not only his strong will power, has the potential to harness the emotional spectrum and would gradually be the white lantern.  The guardian and the earth man would grow to have a strong bond. Rayner have stated that ganthet is like the father he never had. Even when Ganthet was deprived of all emotions and came to kill his creation, Kyle Rayner would sacrifice his life and protect the guardian from a killing blow. This last act of love would show us that Kyle Rayner has mastered all of the emotional spectrum and be revived as the only white lantern. With his artistic background, Rayner can make some of the most creative light constructs ever imagined. And you can often see him befriend other corps members with his ability to harness the entire emotional spectrum.

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DC Comic Characters: Green Lantern Simon Baz

dc comic characters Simon Baz

An automotive engineer from Dearborn Michigan, Simon Baz has had a difficult life growing up.  Because of his Lebanese-American ethnicity, he found himself a scapegoat after the events of 9 11. Simon’s affection for automotives led him to illegal street racing and as an adult, during a street race, Baz found he in a serious car accident that left his brother in law in a coma and his sister, husbandless and supporting a child.

His guilt and responsibility led him to do the one thing he knows best to earn money for his sister and her child. One night, during a car hijacking, Baz discovers a bomb in the back seat. He jumps out right before it blew up a building. Thrown in jail and labeled a terrorist, Simon Baz was chosen by Sintestro and Hal Jordon’s ring to be their replacement. During this time, Jordon and Sintestro had been warped into the dead zone by the Black Hand. Now with the most powerful weapon in the universe at his will, he struggles to gain control and even clashes with the justice league.

Found by b’dg on his search for Jordon, his new squirrel mentor gives him a crash course on training and brings him into space to fight the guardian’s third army whom threatens all emotional free will of sentient life in the universe.  Simon Baz was allowed to keep his green lantern ring after Sintestro traded in his green for yellow and hal Jordon was appointed the leader of the green lantern corps.

Soon after, Baz was offered a membership by Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor to join the justice league of America. During the forever evil story arc, Cyborg had his body maliciously ripped apart by a sentient virus. Simon’s ring was the only thing holding Cyborgs body in tact saving Victor’s life.

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Simon has also been shown to have a unique ability to Green Lanterns, the power to heal. He is able to wake his brother-in-law from a coma through sheer willpower, and very nearly revived Thaal Sintestro’s homeworld of Korugar and all of it’s citizens when in possession of the White Lantern ring.

Besides his Green Lantern ring, Simon utilizes the use of a handgun. Since his ring was unpredictable and unreliable, Simon kept his handgun on him to use for emergencies. It has come in handy on more than one occasion.

Simon Baz will go on to train Jessica Cruz, a human female, who came in possession of a green lantern ring from earth-3 following the forever evil events.


What’s goin on guys, welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and thank you so much for watching my origins and bios for the green lanterns of earth. Now as the title states, this is a new 52 origins and bios. That being said, many aspects of their origins and journey through their lives have been ret-conned.

Because of the new 52, quite a lot of back story has been changed but most stayed relatively the same. Such as Jordon becoming possessed by parallax, John Stewart’s military and architectural and Rayners artistic background stayed the same. But Guy Gardner’s Vuldarian DNA has been retconned and he his now a standard human. Simon Baz is also a totally new character only seen in the new 52.

DC Comic Characters: Green Lantern Allan Scott

dc comic characters allan scott

There is also another lantern that you might have heard about named Allan Scott. Chronologically speaking, Allan scott was the very first green lantern created during the beginning era of comics. But he has been booked into another universe separate from the prime universe lanterns. Now since the new 52 debuted back in 2011, Allan scott has had his origins changed slightly for today’s young comic reading audience.

After the Flashpoint event, Alan Scott is returned as a young media mogul in Earth 2. In this incarnation, Scott is gay and has a boyfriend named Samuel. The two decide to take a break from work by going on a trip to the countryside in Hong Kong. While inside the train, Alan Scott decides to propose to Sam; however, the train explodes before Sam can answer.

As for the ring, Alan wears the engagement ring he was about to produce to Sam, as it was transformed into his power ring because it was something Alan was attached to. Alan Scott possesses powers comparable to a Green Lantern of the Green Lantern Corps, although what fuels his ring is vastly different; he receives power from the magical force called the Starheart.

So, Hal Jordon is often thought of as the main green lantern since he is the first in the prime universe and was recently portrayed in the big screen by Actor Ryan Reynolds.  You can follow his adventures in the new 52 title green lantern where he teams up and often clash heads with his former mentor, nemesis and friend, Sintestro who was recently given back his green lantern ring. Best part of this issue for me is the chemistry between Jordon and Sintestro. The two are forever at war but even Sintestro says it himself. They will always be friends.

Hot head, Guy Gardner can be found with his pal, the calm and collected John Stewart on Oa. You can follow these two in the new 52 title green lantern corps where the theme changes from internal politics to intergalactic policing and much more. In my opinion, Gardner takes center stage and Stewart is benched for a big part of this issue series. I want to see more of Stewart and they can also throw in some more colors since a big chunk of the story takes place on Oa where we see ALOT of green.

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To follow Kyle Rayner, please pick up green lantern new guardians where he journeys to find his calling by mastering the entire emotional spectrum and allying himself with other corps members to form the NEW GUARDIANS. For me, I am definitely a fan of Kyle Rayner. I love the clever dialog and discovering how each lantern and their respective emotional spectrum powers will mingle with each other.

Last but definitely not least, is Simon Baz. I never understood why his lantern uniform makes him wear a full head mask almost like a Mexican wrestler. I Wish he had something more casual. Its too early for me to see where Simon Baz fits in with the green lanterns but im excited to see how he will deal with Jessica cruz and the green lantern ring from earth 3. You can follow him throughout the pages of the three green lantern issue series and also in the pages of justice league of America.

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